I still have to work. Actually, I can skip it but I’m pushing myself instead since I want to make sure the team didn’t mess up tonight. While I’m finding motivation to check on that, here are some things on my mind.

  • Blackpink – I’m happy that they got to perform and represent K-Pop in a huge stage but a part of me is heartbroken and angry. I am a 2NE1 fan and seeing their juniors do so much more annoys me. It’s not in a jealous kind of way because I do believe that despite everything that happened, and if the interview was true, Minzy was in a terrible place mentally and continuing to pursue their careers would’ve been catastrophic for her.
  • Korean music – I’ve been loving some new tunes from Korea’s hip hop/chill music scene. Late night by Loco and Gray have been on repeat lately. I’m really impressed by AOMG. Can we also all agree that these guys have amazing skin? I need their skincare routines!
  • Joan Kim – Here I go again talking about an online personality. I don’t really have anything to say specifically but I found this forum about her. I’ve been reading it a lot (going back a lot of pages) because I was trying to look for people who had the same sentiments I had. Long story short, this forum is mean but honest – maybe too honest that if Joan would read it she’d get offended, angry or even depressed. I thank Joan Kim for introducing me to Korean beauty but I think she’s changed too much and I’m just over her. I still wish her the best, though, and I will still occasionally watch her videos if they look interesting.
  • This blog – I’m still unsure what to do about this space or even continuing it is still worth it!!! Again, I have a million ideas but I’m not sure if it’s something worth pursuing.
  • Vacation – It’s been five months since my last vacation and I’m just dying to book a plane ticket (or even just a hotel room) somewhere. I feel overworked and I really, really, really need a break. The husband and I got massages yesterday but the effect didn’t last long! I just really want to relax. I’m hoping the following holidays will bring about some much needed rest.
  • Brain dumps – This whole post doesn’t really have a purpose or a direction. I just thought I’d write something tonight after listening to this podcast. They say writing down what’s on your mind is healthy. In my case, I much prefer to type it all down. Have an awesome night/day wherever you are. ❤

About the Author Kat

To keep it short and simple: I'm twenty-nine years old. Still plenty young, but not as young as I used to be.


  1. I’ve also been rewatching videos of 2NE1 for the past few days. I just miss them so much! I mean, i love BlackPink, but 2ne1 deserved more — better. TBH, I’ve always had this hope that they’d have a comeback next next year so they’d call it 202NE1 hahah. Aaghh fingerscrossed. They’re the real “revolution”.

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    1. Agree!!!! They deserve more and seeing what BP is doing makes me think they could’ve done that too! 😦 hahahaha id do anything for a reunion. They’re sooooo good. I don’t think any girl group can compare 😢


  2. On your being unsure about continuing this blog,, You know best what works for you. But I wanted to tell you whether you decide to take a break or continue that there wil always be people like me curious and interested to read your blog! Also I notice na I like reading these types of blogs kahit feeling ng writer na walang direction. Parang I just enjoy the ride and going along to where your thoughts take you. Haha personal opinion or maybe I’m so chismosa. Anyway I hope you get to relax and go on that much needed vacation!

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    1. May nabasa din ako na tip sa pagblog, write what you want to read. Kaya ko din naisipan itong ganitong post 😛 Yung plan ko naman sa WordPress, sa November pa mageexpire kaya may six months pa ako to decide. At sana makapagrelax na din talaga ako!!! 🙂 I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far.

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    2. Same! I actually really like it when the author posts whatever they’re in the mood to write about, even when they think they’re just blabbing. I like that there isn’t a big production behind the scenes. It feels much more chill and I get nostalgic. I miss the blogs from the early 2000s (I know, I’m old).

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