I’m sharing with you some of the meals we’ve had since my last update. It’s not a lot and not all the meals were worth it but I hope you still enjoy my little food collection.

Ramen Santouka

Of course, we had to eat at our favorite. This is by far my favorite ramen place in Manila. I love how flavorful the broth really is! (But I feel you already know this if you’ve been following me for a long time, lol.)

Yummy set meal. *drools*

Scout’s Honor

We had our team lunch here. The food wasn’t worth it! It was very average and it’s not worth your money. Sorry! My friend and I split our lunch so I had the chance to taste their buttermilk chicken and tapa. I had high expectations for it (especially the chicken) but I was disappointed. It was very forgettable.

Persia Grill

We were hanging around Makati when I saw this classic place. I genuinely love their kebabs. I recommend this for your middle eastern cravings. (We only have one picture because the husband was too excited to eat and he didn’t let me take a nice photo.)


My friend introduced me to this online cookie shop. They have a variety of cookie flavors and types. I decided to buy their soft-baked cookies in a can. Two words: mind blown. Remember that time when I said I wanted to bake cookies and sell it? Well, if this shop was my competition, I don’t stand a chance. Their cookies are amazing. The flavors are also unique! The only downside this shop has for me is the long wait before delivery and the 200 orders per week limit they have. Visit their Instagram page: instagram.com/twobakers.ph

I have an Instagram page where I share what I eat and cook. If you’re interested to see what I’m up to, you can follow me there! Instagram: instagram.com/katrineats

What have you been eating lately? πŸ˜›


About the Author Kat

To keep it short and simple: I'm twenty-nine years old. Still plenty young, but not as young as I used to be.


  1. Mmm mmm everything looks so yummy!! Too bad the Scout’s Honor place wasn’t the best though. 😭 I gotta check out those cookies. Are they all stuck together? Huh? Gimmmmeee lol.

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