It’s the end of the month! First, the numbers. I started the month at 136.6. I’m ending it at 138.8. Well, this month went well.

I honestly don’t know what to say. I feel like I’ve done a good job but it’s either my PCOS is making it hard for me to lose weight OR I’m not trying hard enough. The only ups I have for this month is gaining discipline. I finally met my 10,000 weekday step goal! I was also able to exercise thrice a week. ❤

I feel pretty triumphant despite the fact that I’ve gained weight. I’ll continue trying and this time I’ll bring food to work. I’ve realized that that’s really my downfall. If I don’t prep my own meal, I end up overeating and eating junk food. There’s more to do and the biggest chunk is figuring out how to lose weight while working and getting stressed.

This update isn’t a lot, I know. I don’t have pictures of my food because I’m too busy to prepare my own food for work. I’ve basically eaten out everyday since my last update. I’m going to continue trying to lose weight next month. Hopefully, I have better updates then and hopefully, I’ve prepared more food.

Overall, I’m still looking at this on the positive side. They say it takes you three weeks to form new habits (or restart old habits) and I’m claiming March as my habit forming month. I’ll work harder and continue focusing on myself and my health again.

Any tips for me?


About the Author Kat

To keep it short and simple: I'm twenty-nine years old. Still plenty young, but not as young as I used to be.


  1. Hi Kat!
    Great job on week #3 I see so many positives here. I can totally relate because the scale has barely moved for me either and I have been working my butt off and have changed so much about my lifestyle. It could be that you are gaining muscle?
    Keep up the great work. Reaching your step goal is amazing and realizing that food prepping sets you up for success with your crazy busy lifestyle is wonderful! I have been focusing on reaching my protein goal and I have noticed that it helps me feel less cravings later in the day.

    ❤ Alana

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    1. That’s what I was thinking too but hahaha I don’t know I don’t want to think that it’s muscle cause what it it’s not??? I hope the numbers start moving soon 😬 what’s your protein goal and how do you meet it? I’d love to improve my eating habits next month

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      1. I have been trying to focus on how my clothes feel more than the number on the scale which continues to be discouraging. LOL. I have seen recommendations to eat 1 gram of protein per bodyweight. I currently weight 162 lbs so I try to get 162 grams of protein. For breakfast I like to eat 1/2 of gluten free eats with a scoop of whey protein. I also eat eggs with added egg whites and meat and veggies with meals. I know I am still heavy scale wise, but a year ago and even last June I was almost 200 lbs! I think you are on a good track, Kat! Keep going! ❤

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      2. That’s what I do too! So far my clothes fit me is better! I’m also not out of breath too often. I feel better but the numbers aren’t improving… 😐 It’s interesting how you do it. I’m going to read more about because I think if you I can control cravings, I can stay away from all the bad food I love. 😛 You’ve done so well, Alana. I’m actually inspired by you and all your workout of the day posts. 🙂

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      3. Those are all great signs of progress Kat! Also, I have read that when you start a new workout program sometimes for the first month the number on the scale does not change because your body composition is changing.
        My friend Joe who is a physiotherapist wrote this article that has really helped me a lot mentally. I used to be client A and now I am client C.

        Keep going! You will reach your goals. I can definitely understand the frustration. My hormones are all wacky from pcos too. Thank you for your encouragement, Kat!

        ❤ Alana

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  2. I can relate to this so much. It’s so inconvenient to eat healthier. It’s more than just fighting cravings, I had to change so many things in my daily routine to accommodate for planning what to eat, grocery shopping, and cooking.

    Sometimes I stumble upon ‘lifestyle change’ posts by celebrities or A-List bloggers, and then somewhere in the post they mention they give their house help instructions on how and what to cook ~ I couldn’t close the tab any quicker.

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    1. It’s very, very inconvenient! You really have to change a lot of things just to prepare food. What’s worse, sometimes I just get lazy to prepare my own food becuase it’s too hard to find new recipes. 😦



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