Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2019

My husband and I went to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale which was recently held here in Manila. The real reason I wanted to go was because of cookbooks. Since I started watching Epicurious videos on YouTube, I wanted to improve my cooking skills and broaden my knowledge about it.

Just look at this video. Don’t you want to improve after watching?

Here is our little haul.

frame>by>frame Italian

Reason for buying: This is the type of book I really wanted especially since the cuisine I would like to learn and improve more on is Italian.

This book is like having one-to-one lessons with an experienced chef in your very own kitchen. Step-by-step photographs and easy-to-follow instructions will guide you through each recipe, from assembling the ingredients to the final flourish of the finished dish. Following the recipes frame by fram makes cooking effortless, successful, and a genuine pleausre. Even the novice cook can confidently prepare any of the dishes, whether savory or sweet, in a matter of minutes. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced in teh kitchen, you are sure to find this uniquely beautiful book and inspirateion and a joy to use. –Amazon

Crazy Good Italian by Mike Isabella

Reason for buying: I just wanted a different take on Italian food. This book has stories too which adds some personality to the dishes.

Whether you know Mike Isabella as the tough-talking Top Chef competitor or as the chef behind hot DC restaurants Graffiato and Bandolero, you’ll now be able to recreate his recipes: one part old-world inspired Italian, one part old-school Jersey, one part modern Mediterranean—all parts delicious.

Inspired by the food his Italian-American grandmother prepared, Isabella serves up 200 recipes for everyday meals that appeal to the heart and the appetite, with a modern twist. These “small plates” versions of Mediterranean classics are food that’s original and accessible, authentic without being fussy. –Goodreads

The Daughter by Jane Shemilt

Reason for buying: I think I have mother issues and the title was so apt. I’m hoping after reading this book I’d love or appreciate my mom more.

Jenny is a successful family doctor, the mother of three great teenagers, married to a celebrated neurosurgeon. But when her youngest child, fifteen-year-old Naomi, doesn’t come home after her school play, Jenny’s seemingly ideal life begins to crumble. The authorities launch a nationwide search with no success. Naomi has vanished, and her family is broken. –Goodreads

The Late Show by Michael Connelly

Reason for buying: I wanted to buy a crime related book – preferably a real one – but they didn’t have any when I visited so I ended up with this one.

Renée Ballard works the night shift in Hollywood, beginning many investigations but finishing none as each morning she turns her cases over to day shift detectives. A once up-and-coming detective, she’s been given this beat as punishment after filing a sexual harassment complaint against a supervisor.

But one night she catches two cases she doesn’t want to part with: the brutal beating of a prostitute left for dead in a parking lot and the killing of a young woman in a nightclub shooting. Ballard is determined not to give up at dawn. Against orders and her own partner’s wishes, she works both cases by day while maintaining her shift by night. As the cases entwine they pull her closer to her own demons and the reason she won’t give up her job no matter what the department throws at her. –Goodreads

The Nature of Sex by Dr. Carin Bondar

Reason for buying: This book is not sexual at all. I read a snippet of it and walked away but then I realized how interesting it would be to read about how animals have sex, right?

Thought about sex today? Of course you have! It’s about the most natural thing any animal can do. But have you ever wondered how human sex compares to that of other beasts? It’s far from merely inserting part A into slot B. The sex lives of our animal cousins are fiendishly difficult, infinitely varied and often violent. They involve razor-sharp penises, murderous cannibals and chemical warfare in an epic battle between the sexes. Like us, animals must first find the perfect partner. You think we have it tough? Try having to do it while being hunted down by predators, against a backdrop of unpredictable or life-threatening conditions. Then, sperm and egg must successfully meet. Can you imagine doing this when your partner is intent on killing you or when other disgruntled singles are determined to throw you off your game? The next task is to ensure that the resultant offspring reaches sexual maturity in order to keep the cycle going. The myriad ways in which this is accomplished are ingenious. –Amazon

Husband’s Picks:

  • The Other Hand by Chris Cleave
  • The Gods Themselves by Isaac Asimov
  • The Shape of Things to Come by H.G. Wells
  • The City and the Stars by Arthur C. Clarke
  • Second Foundation by Isaac Asimov
  • The Rest of the Robots by Isaac Asimov

The overall feel of the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is similar to how you would feel if you’d visit the Booksale stores. It not a terrible experience but do set your expectations that the more famous books probably won’t be there. I’d definitely go back next year, if they come back. It’s a nice experience and it definitely challenged me to go out of my comfort zone and read something from a different author!

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    1. I also want to switch to Kindle or ebook reading BUT I must admit, iba ang feeling pag hawak mo yung libro. 😦 I do have to weigh it again because after reading some of the books I bought here, I just plan to resell it on carousell (nagaksaya nanaman ako ng pera)


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