Singapore 2018

Singapore will always be one of those places I dislike. Dislike because I’m jealous of it. It’s such a small country but there’s so much to do, discover and enjoy. Every part of that country is brimmed with beauty. I am so envious of this country because it is so close to home but it is so different.

Oops, that is not the way I wanted to start this post but I want to be as real as possible. And the truth is, I just can’t help but compare the Philippines and Singapore. Visiting Singapore always makes me feel this way. It makes me feel jealous yet hopeful that one day the Philippines can also be like that. I’m not sure when that’ll be but this girl will dream.

Marina Bay Area

The place we stayed at the most was the Marina Bay area, to be specific, The Shoppes at Marina Bay. Mostly because it was airconditioned and there was an F1 gate close by. I wonder when I could visit and have a shopping spree?

The Gardens by the Bay is connected to Marina Bay Sands via a series of walkways and escalators. I always enjoy walking towards the Gardens because you can never get bored. You can also stop by the hotel and people watch!

Love this view! I always take a photo here when in Singapore.

The Singapore Flyer gives you the best view of the business district. We rode it as the sun was setting and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

The Helix Bridge also gives you a magnificent view of the business district and the bay. I honestly love this view of Singapore. You cannot imagine how many photos of this view I have.

River Cruise

One thing we did differently this time was to enjoy a river cruise. I highly recommend going on a cruise as it was very informative and the boatmen were all so engaging! You also get to have a different perspective of the views since you’re on a boat.


You can’t visit Singapore and not visit Sentosa island. Personally, I think that the place is catered for kids – aquariums and theme parks – but adults can still enjoy the place. You can see my SEA Aquarium post here.

I will always have a love-hate relationship with Singapore. I can only dream that one day the Philippines can be as lovely and progressive as this beautiful country. I mean even everyday Singapore is 100 times better than the Philippines.

Photos were taken with a Sony A6000

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  1. This is what you get when you have leaders that focus on action and continuity. The People’s Action Party under LKY has been the dominant party in Singapore ever since its independence in 1965, but look at the amount of progress the Little Red Dot has exhibited.

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    1. Hi Prei!! This was last year pa – September. 🙂 SG is so nice but so expensive kahit vacation haha!! Pero it’s all worth it kasi ang ganda.

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