Formula One Singapore 2018

Here are my favorite photos from F1 2018. But before the boring car pictures, here’s the best picture I have of The Killers who performed during the F1 weekend. We didn’t realize how close we were to the stage until I looked at this photo (I literally snaked my way in, thank you MRT for teaching me skills).

Okay, back to the cars. I didn’t realize how difficult it would still be to take pictures even if I had a mirrorless camera with a kit lens with me. I obviously know nothing about photography. Here are the best photos we’ve taken that weekend.

I watched Formula One 2018 for this guy – Fernando Alonso.

We also stayed by the Paddock Entrance to get some autographs and 2018’s mission was a success. We got a lot of autographs from our favorite drivers! I loved it. ❤

Photos were taken with a Sony A6000


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