Reusable Cotton Pads

I am trying my best to help the environment in any way I can. Being a skincare enthusiast, I need cotton pads. After realizing that I go through a whole bag quickly (2-3 pads a day), I made a life and skin changing decision to stop using it. There are drawbacks of not using cotton pads – like not being sure if there is residual dirt on your skin or skincare products being absorbed by your hands rather than your face – but being more sustainable ranks higher in my list than having nice skin.

So I went online and found myself reusable cotton pads at BeautyMNL. It’s from the brand called Mimi and Me Greentools. When I bought it, it only had one review and it raved about it. Being the logical person that I am, I bought it and hoped that it is actually good.

The set that I got had two types of reusable cotton pads. One had a smoother side (it’s not silky but had a similar finish) while the other had a typical cotton finish (think bimpo/hand towel).

I started using the rougher pads first. I used it with my toner and micellar water but as soon as I swiped it on my face, I immediately regretted it. It was too rough on my skin and definitely not like your regular cotton pad. After a couple of adjustments on how to use it (patting instead of swiping), I still couldn’t get a hang of it and decided to try the pad with the smoother side. My problem with this was the product (neither my toner or micellar water) actually got absorbed! It sat on top of the pad and I had to press the pad together for it to get absorbed. Another downside was that I had to use a lot of product so I can use the product correctly.

Another problem I encountered was cleaning it. When I use it to remove my makeup, there are days when using a handsoap to wash it isn’t enough. I had to use laundry detergent or bleach just to remove the makeup stain. I also had to use a decent amount of water to rinse and clean it properly. (Is reusable cotton pads > water?)

If I had to be extremely critical of this product, I’d honestly say that this product didn’t pass my standards. It’s supposed to double as a cotton pad and a cotton pad should be smooth. This product wasn’t smooth enough. Using it made me wince a little because I was worried that I might be scarring my face due to its roughness. We’re supposed to be gentle with our skin and this product wasn’t gentle enough.

If I wasn’t extremely critical, I’d say that it’s an OK product and a good alternative to cotton pads. I’d recommend you to use this pad for putting on toners or essences but not for removing makeup. Just remember to always be gentle with your face when using it. I wouldn’t recommend you to use it with micellar water to remove makeup. Personally, it’s just too rough and you really need to soak it up for it to work.

I don’t know if I was the only one who has these thoughts about this product. The last time I checked on BeautyMNL, it had six reviews and all were five stars. Are my standards too high or did I get a different product?

ps. I used the reusable cotton pads with Simple Micellar Water. It’s my first time using it and would like to say that for its price, I wasn’t very happy about it. It had a weird smell and didn’t remove heavy/waterproof makeup very well. It is extremely basic and lives up to its name, simple. Repurchase? Definitely, not. Too pricey for what it offers, I can get more bang for my buck from other brands.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I always use cotton pads but I haven’t bought a new bag of them since last year and dont plan on buying more. I’m thinking of just using a cute cloth, but im still searching for the right brand lol
    thanks for sharing!

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  2. I was going to buy some reusable make up pads but decided I had a few really soft, old face cloths that I now use instead. I wash them out between uses with hand soap and leave them to dry on the radiator or hang up and air dry (I use 2-3 a week) then wash them with my bath towels on a high temp wash and that seems to work well xxx

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    1. You know I honestly wish I didn’t buy this and just made one myself. If I really want to help the environment, I need to start thinking like how you think! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by, Suzi.

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  3. I was thinking of buying one after I finished my supply – I am following a vlogger on youtube and she uses the same one. One of my goals this year is to try my best to help the environment as well, so far I already stopped using disposable chopsticks, always bring my reusable bag when grocery shopping and and say no to plastic bags (Japan will still give you plastic bag even though you won’t need it), empty my supplies before buying a new one, ohh and I already stopped buying fast fashion clothes (it has been 5 months now!). Andami ko na sinabi, haha, gusto ko lang naman magpasalamat sa review na to lol.

    P.S I watched a youtuber, she doesn’t use cotton when she apply toner – I’ve tried an rin para bawas gamit 🙂

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    1. Yung connection pala ng fast fashion – magabawas ng gamit/damit na seldom ko lang magagamit. I’m starting or planning to stop hoarding clothes and buy good quality clothes that will last a century and hindi mawawala sa uso.

      P.s ulit, hindi ko alam kung ikaw ba yung nagsabi sakin to watch a documentary about Fast Fashion pero tumatak talaga siya sakin, hindi ko lang pwede alisin ang Uniqlo kasi sa heat tech nila 😦

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    2. Sinong vlogger ‘to? Mapanuod nga! 🙂 Baby steps lang tayo, sa tingin ko, mahirap maging zero waste talaga pero at least nagttry tayo mag help sa environment diba. Nung andyan ako, sabi ko dun sa hapon, wag na ako bigyan ng plastic, nag make face siya sa akin tapos nilagay pa din niya sa plastic yung binili ko lol.

      Hmmm, baka ako nga nagsabi sayo tungkol dun sa fast fashion. 😛 Nakakatuwa naman na kahit papano eh “nainspire” kita. Sana this 2019 mapanindigan natin ito 🙂

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  4. Same experience with reusable cotton rounds I found. Definitely not for toner and Micellar water application. Maybe the reviewers were using it for something else or their expectations are really low and are only looking for something na ‘pwede na’. I just use it now for spot brush cleaning and for wiping makeup smudges off makeup packaging.

    While looking for reusable alternatives, Im currently using those peelable cotton squares from muji. I think there are 4 peelable layers per pad (not synthetic). I end up using just half a pad each day.

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    1. Until now, I’m still using it but I’m trying different ways to apply products para at least gentle sa skin. Sayang din naman kasi, diba 😛 I’ll check those out. I’ve been looking for tose peelable ones din, para at least tipid diba!


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