Formula One Singapore 2013

My dad used to watch Formula One religiously. Thanks to him, I have a fondness for this sport. Back in 2013, I was lucky enough to watch my first Grand Prix. In fact, I was extremely lucky because I won a pair of passes for the Thursday Pit Lane experience. During the pit lane experience, we were able to see the cars, wheels, the track, and the garage up close. Here are my favorite pictures. 

F1 2013 (21)

F1 2013 (22)

F1 2013 (38)

F1 2013 (50)

F1 2013 (47)
Good stuff, right?
F1 2013 (55)
One of my faves from 2013

F1 2013 (54)

Photos were taken with an iPhone 4s and a video cam


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  1. Oh wow!! I’ve been to Singapore a few times but I had no idea they had this car racing!! I’m going to tell my dad he would love this so much haha how did you win the passes for the Thursday pit? What an awesome experience! Do you know how fast they go?

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    1. It happens every September! 🙂 we joined a contest. We had to enter our tickets to a raffle. We were super lucky!!! Fastest would be around 340 kph. The cars literally zoom past you.

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