Cooking Diaries | Vol. 18 – November Series

Back in November, I cooked Chicken Curry and Pork Salpicao. I only saw the pictures again recently. I’m too lazy to write a full in-depth recipe (and honestly I can’t remember how I made these or how it tasted). Here are the photos and a version of the recipe.

Chicken Curry

By the looks of it, I sauteed some onions and garlic, threw in the chicken and waited for it to form a stock. After which, I added water and the curry mix and let it boil. I cut some bell pepper, potatoes, and carrots. Added the vegetables once the chicken was cooked.

I honestly can’t remember if this was good or bad. I’m guessing it was average and not worth repeating since I haven’t cooked it since. (oops)

Pork Salpicao

For this one, here’s the recipe I followed. I love making this because the taste is very unique (for me, at least). It’s also very easy to make.

Yum, right? These series of photos are actually the last photos I have of my cooking diaries. Lately, I do not feel motivated to document my cooking adventures because 1) cooking/trying new recipes is hard and 2) documenting all these while cooking is hard. For anybody following this series, it’s going on a hiatus for now or until I can figure out a new system for it.


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