Cooking Diaries | Vol. 12 – Adobo sa Asin

I was going to cook my favorite adobo when a thought occurred to me that there are a million ways to cook adobo. I went to Pinterest typed in adobo and a whole new adobo world was opened to me. My husband and I decided to try the adobo sa asin first because the picture looked yummy. 

Here’s the recipe I followed. Here’s what I did to cook it.

Cooking diaries 12-1
Boil the pork in garlic and salt.
Cooking diaries 12-2
Once all the water dries up, add in more garlic and let it “fry”,
Cooking diaries 12-3
Okay, just keep on “frying” it.
Cooking diaries 12-5
This is the final product. I honestly want it to be a little more fried but my pan was getting burnt.

Overall, the dish was okay. There was absolutely nothing special about it. It was good but it wasn’t good enough for me. I probably won’t cook this again. The next adobo version I’ll try is adobo sa suka which weirdly enough has the same recipe as this version of adobo sa asin.



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