Cooking Diaries | Vol. 11 – Date Night

Get ready to feast on the biggest and baddest date night meal I ever prepared. There wasn’t any occasion. I just wanted to go the extra mile and prepare something out of the ordinary for my husband and me.Β The food I prepared is asparagus wrapped in bacon, baked salmon, my attempt at aglio olio with sausage, and refrigerated cake.

Photo 09-08-2018, 21 38 17 (5)

Photo 09-08-2018, 21 39 06

Photo 09-08-2018, 21 38 18

Photo 09-08-2018, 21 38 18 (1)

Photo 09-08-2018, 21 38 17 (1)

This has got to be my favorite meal I’ve ever shared with my husband. It was a good meal and he really enjoyed the baked salmon. The recipe is super simple too. All I had to do was rub the salmon with salt, pepper, butter, and lemon juice. I then baked it for twenty minutes. Simple, fast, and easy.

The pasta was also good. I just cooked the sausage in olive oil and garlic. I then added the pasta once that was done. For the asparagus wrapped in bacon, well it’s pretty straightforward. All I had to do was wrap the asparagus and give it a fry! For the refrigerated cake, here’s a cute time-lapse I did. The angle and lightning are all awkward. It’s my first attempt at videoing myself so please forgive me.

I hope this simple date night meal will inspire you to go into your kitchen and prepare something for your loved one! And if you did, let me know what you cooked and how it went! ❀


11 thoughts on “Cooking Diaries | Vol. 11 – Date Night”

      1. Try mo, steam. Natry ko na din yun before. Masarap din naman… difference with baked, yun medyo…saucy… pero masarap pa din πŸ™‚

        Oo natry ko na, and so far yun pa lang yung curry ko na ok. Kasi fool proof. -_- Pagluluto mo si Kyx?

        Liked by 1 person

    1. HAHAHAHHAHAH girl kailangan kumain!!!! Food is life! Madami din akong food na fail sympre yung mga pinopost ko yung mga ok lang! πŸ˜›



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