Tinola is second to adobo as my favorite dish. When I was still living with my family, my uncle made this super tasty tinola almost every week. I was craving for some and here is my attempt at it. Spoiler alert, it didn’t taste like the tinola my uncle cooks. It’s probably because I didn’t add talbos ng sili. It’s hard to find it where I live now what’s worse is I don’t even know where the wet market is!!!! Help me.Β 

Anyway, here’s my version of tinola. It has a lot of room for improvement but it definitely was a good start. I’m sharing this post so all my Filipino readers who have tips for me can share some! Please teach me.

Cooking Diaries 10 (2)
What I did was saute the garlic and onion first.
Cooking Diaries 10 (3)
Then I added the chicken and let it form a broth.
Cooking Diaries 10 (5)
Once the broth was there, I added water.
Cooking Diaries 10 (1)
After letting it boil, I add in my sayote.

I’m honestly not sure if that’s the right way to cook tinola, but it was pretty ok. I still honestly think there is a lot of room for improvement but this version will do for now. How do you cook your tinola?



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  1. Nice post! Though we may have our own preferences when cooking. You could add salt and/or chicken cubes to add flavor to the broth. Adding lemongrass (tanglad) while the broth is being simmered would surely add that kick of freshness to the soup. Also, if you want your soup to be a little sweet, you could add papaya instead of sayote (yung manibΓ’ lang. Midway ng pagkahinog at pagkahilaw). That’s how I cook it anyway. haha. I hope I helped!

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    1. Ooohhh!! Thanks for the tip! Same kayo magluto ni Gerry (comment above or below, lol). I think yung salt/chicken cube nga yung kulang ko. Parang kulang kasi sa wow factor hahaha! I’ll try to incorporate your tips next time I cook this. Mej nacurious ako sa lemongrass sa tinola… first time ko narinig. πŸ™‚

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  2. I put ginger in mine as well, I sautee it first until it’s aromatic then I follow it with onion and garlic. I always tend to burn the garlic kasi kaya what I do now is that I sautee it last na. Then I put the chicken, let it fry a little just so until the water from the chicken comes out. Then I put a little fish sauce/patis, konti lang (I think this helps removes the smell or lansa of the chicken), you won’t even taste it in the broth, actually it’ll make the broth tastier pa nga eh, sometimes if I put in enough amount of it I don’t have to put salt na. I then pour in water just enough to cover the chicken, let it boil then just simmer until the chicken is cooked. Once the chicken is cooked, I add in sayote or papaya, I’m not really picky with that I just use what’s available or what’s cheaper. LOL This is also the time that I like to taste it to add some salt if needed. Once the sayote/papaya is tender, I turn off the heat and put in the greens, I rarely use dahon ng sili but that is yummy not gonna lie. What I usually use is malunggay, that’s the only ‘sneaky’ way I can do to make my brothers eat gulay since they can’t really pick the little leaves out of their plate, yeah?. πŸ˜€ I tried using dahon ng camote pala the other day, it tasted yummy rin. You can also add lemongrass/tanglad pala, whenever I’m sick that’s the flavor I always crave for. SARAP!!! πŸ˜›

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    1. HUYYYY Thanks for the tip!!! Hindi kasi ako fan ng patis talaga dahil sa amoy niya kaya I skip it. I think ang kulang ko is yung sandamakmak na ginger. At yung asin! Hindi ko alam na magaadd ka pa pala kahit na may broth na. Legit thought ok na ung broth! HAHAHAHAHA. Type ko yung add ng malunggay… Yey. gonna try your recipe next time πŸ™‚

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      1. Sure thing. I love reading your cooking diaries, haha sobrang nag-eenjoy ako basahin. Keep it going.

        Ganyan din ako dati sa patis, ayaw na ayaw ko sa amoy pero sanayan na lang din talaga. Once na madalas ka na maexpose, keber na lang yan. Pagkalagay mo sa chicken medyo lalabas talaga ang amoy pero mawawala rin naman agad. Trust me.

        And yes, put a lot of ginger kasi for me that’s what makes tinola a legit tinola, lalo na pag sinamahan mo rin ng tanglad ,, OMG. Yummers. Kanya-kanyang trip lang yan sa seasoning, dati rin chicken broth cubes lang nilalagay ko, pero ngayon madalang na ko gumamit niyan. Keri na siya ng patis at konting asin if needed.

        Please do let me know how it turned out pag natry mo. πŸ™‚

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