The husband and I are both introverts. Ever since we moved into our own place, we seldom go out on dates. I know how boring that sounds but we just enjoy staying at home and not having to deal with other people. That’s why when we crave for certain meals we’ve eaten before, we just try to recreate it at home. Most of the time, the recipes fail but once in a while, we come up with recipes that we always go back to. I’ll be sharing with you some of our at home date night meals. ❀

Korean Night

We both love eating Korean food. For this date night, we made some Kimchi rice, and samgyupsal or our attempt at samgyupsal. To make our version of samgyupsal, we just bought gochujang and marinated some pork with it. We opted to fry it but it would be ideal to grill it. We also added ramen.

Cooking Diaries 9 (1)
Our version of samgyupsal.
Cooking Diaries 9 (11)
Carbs overload, I know. T_T

Inihaw na Bangus

The husband isn’t a fan of grilled food. I am on a journey to convert him from being a grilled food eater to a grilled food lover. This is one of the recipes he really likes. I basically stuff the milkfish with onion, garlic, and tomatoes.

Cooking Diaries 9 (9)

Cooking Diaries 9 (10)

Mashed Potatoes

On one of our date nights, we had some leftover potatoes. I was going to make french fries but the husband didn’t believe me when I said mashed potatoes are super easy to make.

Cooking Diaries 9 (3)
You basically boil the potatoes.
Cooking Diaries 9 (5)
Mash it and then add some milk, butter, salt, and pepper.
Cooking Diaries 9 (6)
There you have it. Easy, right?

In all honesty, I do miss eating out but being able to cook food for my husband is my way of showing him I love him. I also really like it when he gets so shocked that the food we eat tastes good given I’m only a passionate cook. I honestly can’t wait for the time when I can confidently feed people and not just my husband. πŸ™‚


About the Author Kat

To keep it short and simple: I'm twenty-nine years old. Still plenty young, but not as young as I used to be.


  1. Ooh this literally made my mouth water it all looks so delicious! My bf and I are the same way too. We’re definitely both introverts as well and we’ve gotten more into cooking this past year and it’s such a good way to spend time together!

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  2. Hey Kat, this post just made me hungry hahahaha!
    BTW, I didn’t know you already got married, OMG! Congratulations!!! kahit late na. Oh… this made me feel so awful. Palagi kasi akong MIA sa blogging world 😒


  3. Waaah, that bangus though … tulo laway na si ako. I have been craving this for ages, nahihiya na kasi ako mag-ihaw dito samin dahil feeling ko nasusuffocate yung kapitbahay naming matanda dahil sa usok. πŸ˜€ That’s also how I do mine though naglalagay pa ako ng ibang seasonings kasi nga yung mga tao dito sa bahay may kalyo na ang mga taste buds, hindi sila kuntento sa natural na lasa ng mga ingredients. I season yung onion, tomatoes with salt and pepper or ginisa mix saka ko sila nilalagay sa bangus. Nilalagyan ko rin ng either salt or ginisa mix yung bangus bago ko siya iwrap ng foil. Hehe lalo ako nagkicrave.

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      1. Eh mapipigilan ko ba namang hindi siya umusok ng husto, lalo na pag nagkatas na talaga yung isda tapos tutulo dun sa coal haha lalong naghihimagsik ang usok. Nakakaguilty lang na makikikita ko na lang yung matanda, nasa labas ng bahay nila tapos ang lalim ng paghinga tapos inuubo-ubo pa. O diba … πŸ˜€

        Oo try mo yun eh kung okay lang sayo na magconsume ng konting msg. HAHA

        Liked by 1 person


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