There’s always some hot tea being served on the interwebs every single day. From your local influencers to the Kardashians or Jenners, to your YouTube beauty gurus or even from your politicians. Everywhere you look, it’s always there…tea. I am a fan of tea, I live for it. I love it. But lately, a thought has occurred to me that I want to know your opinion on. How much is too much tea?

I honestly think tea is cute and all but only up to a certain extent and only if there is a better reason for the tea. If let’s say you want to educate people or warn people with your experience, then let there be tea. But if you are already going the extra mile and end up bullying, shaming, or even humiliating someone just for it, then you’ve done enough.

That statement alone contradicts tea, right? I know. That’s my dilemma too. Where do you draw the line? How much is acceptable tea?

These thoughts were brought about by two major incidents on my Twitter feed. The first one is when an influencer tweeted three words about a new brand that implies that it’s the same as Glossier. She spilled some tea and got a lot of hate for it. Did I think it was hate? Yes because why would you want to bring down a brand just because it was obviously inspired by another brand? Why can’t we just let everyone enjoy what they can afford? Not everyone is lucky to try Glossier so maybe this dupe brand is their form of fitting in? I mean, I don’t know. I just think that that tea was unnecessary. But was the hate she received acceptable? Just because she was hateful, are we allowed to respond in the same way too?

The next one is a lot juicier. It’s about this influencer who got called out by Jeffree Star for copying his apparently trademarked “Jeffree Star Approved” tagline. After this started, stuff happened and let’s just say this influencer’s career is slowly spiraling down the drain. Accounts were created to shame and call her out. Tea was being spilled about who she really is when the camera is off.  Videos were circulating of how she would eye her peers and receipts were provided by her fans that show how much she really didn’t care about them. It is a mess! Do I think all of this is necessary? I don’t know! Obviously, this girl is problematic. She did something wrong. She really needs to be brought back to Earth because she has gone up to space with how big her head has inflated. She definitely needs to learn a lesson on humility. But don’t you think this is shaming? Why isn’t she allowed or given a chance to defend herself? People are so quick to enjoy the scalding hot tea that people are forgetting that she is a person too. And maybe what people are doing to her might cause her emotional damage.

In today’s day and age, it’s so easy to share your opinions. It’s so easy to share a version of ourselves on the internet. it’s so easy to be fake. I think that’s the reason why there is tea. It’s for us to go back to reality, to let people reel us back in when we’re too far off. But I’ve just been thinking, what kind of tea is acceptable? How much tea is okay to be spilled? How are we supposed to classify what kind of tea we are supposed to take part in? What if the tea we spilled will cause more harm than good?

There’s a lot of tea’s in this post but the real question is, social media is getting crazier by the minute. How do we learn to classify what’s worth fighting for? What’s worth our time? Maybe we should all just log off.


About the Author Kat

To keep it short and simple: I'm twenty-nine years old. Still plenty young, but not as young as I used to be.


      1. Uhm. That’s a tough question. Well, speaking up is very important to me. Comments are all welcome, negative or positive.

        I agree with your thoughts on “shaming” and “not shaming”. And I totally agree that you don’t have to push people or things down just to climb your way up.

        But personally speaking, I like critiques. I like arguments. I like hearing what people think is not good about me so I can work on it. Not because it’s challenging, or whatever, but I want to learn more about what I apparently “don’t” know.

        Sadly people doesn’t feel the same way as we do. There are sensitive ones, there are colder ones that they just don’t care at all, etc. It always depends on how do we react on stuff that are thrown to us. I may be saying this because I haven’t been there with a famous name, but as for the moment, that’s how I feel about it.


  1. Hey Kat! I love how you use tea as a symbol for the social media criticism. I strongly believe in one thing: Avoid sharing any opinion on social media. I hardly partake in commenting on controversial topics, not because I don’t have an opinion on it, but because I believe that you can’t really convert a person by saying something on their social media. If we truly wish for people to change – and change takes a long, long time – we should focus on the people who we spend time 24/7 and are a part of their lives, rather than some handle on Twitter whose attention I can only get for 3 seconds. It’s just not worth it.

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    1. Hey, Arpita! I agree!! I rarely share my opinions on social media and just share it here on my blog. I also try my best to understand something rather than try to change other people’s minds. You can’t really do much on social media sites… but that does mean, we should just let it go, when for example, the tea that has been spilled was too much?


      1. Hey Kat, I could definitely understand the conflict there. But personally for me, I find it much easier to let it go, because I know for a fact that everything that comes and goes around in the media or social media is very short-lived, and I just do not wish to invest my energy into something that is like a bubble. But that’s just me! 🙂

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