Hey, guys! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve last posted something here. After the whole one post a day thing last July, I was too burnt out to try and write anything. Actually, I still am! I don’t think I have it in me yet to write again but I wouldn’t know if I wouldn’t try, right? 

If we were having coffee, I want to do this coffee post differently and instead do a Sunday Currently instead, lol.

Reading: I’d tell you that I finally finished reading Lord of the Flies. It took me more than three months to finish a short book! I will try to post a book review soon. I definitely have mixed emotions about it. I honestly don’t know what to make of it.

Writing: This blog post. After this blog post, I will write down the food we will eat for the week. It helps me a lot when I have a list to follow. I can then easily identify what ingredients I still need to buy.

Listening: To the sound of the electric fan. It’s currently air drying our pillows because we washed it but thanks to the rain, it wasn’t able to dry. 😦

Thinking: I’m thinking of what blog posts to write. I honestly want to write again but it’s so hard. I don’t know if I’m terrible at time management or I really don’t have time! Even if we live an hour away from the office, I still can’t write daily. I still can’t read books. I still can’t watch all my k-dramas. I feel like I’m just wasting away my life at work, commute, and traffic. I hope this coming week will be better.

Smelling: Nothing in particular.

Wishing: For peace and for some sense to come to both my mom and sister. I’m not going to bore you with family drama but believe me when I say life is hard.

Hoping: That I can go shopping. I really want new clothes and shoes but I can’t.

Wearing: My pambahay clothes!!! ❤

Loving: My husband. He just finished ironing some of our clothes. He looks tired, lol, but he still does it since he knows I don’t like doing it. I also loved our dinner. We had baked chicken pesto. It was amazing and very simple to cook and prepare. I will share with you the recipe soon (or you can just use Pinterest). 🙂

Wanting: For the same thing I am wishing for. Honestly, dealing with my mom and sister is so exhausting.

Needing: Money! I just want to buy myself happiness, lol. I feel like I want to spend a little but I know I shouldn’t! My husband and I agreed that his money is my money and my money is his money. Ever since we did this I’ve been more frugal than usual. I don’t have any complaints but I just want to spend a little. Money can’t buy me happiness but it can make me happy.

Feeling: Tired. I just cleaned the bathroom, cooked dinner, washed the dishes, and boy am I tired. I’m also feeling annoyed. I hate Mondays. I hate going back to work. I want to quit work and spend my days blogging, watching TV, and cooking. Can someone pay me to do that?

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that life has been so repetitive lately. It’s the same thing over and over again. Wake up – commute – work – commute – cook – sleep – repeat. It’s been boring as ever! I want to work on my time management this week and somehow insert me time in my schedule. Me time could be blogging, exercising, or just working on my dreams. Whatever it might be, I have to have time for it. As I grow older, I think that life is too short to spend on work. I sometimes worry that I’m already twenty-eight and the only thing I could be proud of is marrying a great guy. The rest of my life has been sub-par. I want to up my game. I want to do something I can be really proud of.

Side note: Of course, I have a lot of things to be proud of. Maybe it’s quarter-life crisis kicking in or jealousy when I unconsciously compare myself to others. Whatever it might be, I just feel like life has been a little lackluster lately and I want to do better.

Whatever you might be going through, take it a day at a time. Life is beautiful. If you find something you don’t like, improve. That’s the only thing to do! Have an amazing week, friends!


About the Author Kat

To keep it short and simple: I'm twenty-nine years old. Still plenty young, but not as young as I used to be.


  1. I want to quit work and spend my days blogging, watching TV, and cooking. Can someone pay me to do that? >>>>> SAME here but a bit different. I want to quit work and spend my days blogging, free diving and lying on the beach! ha ha

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  2. Bakit ba hindi nalang ako naging may ari ng isang building sa BGC na pinaparentahan para hihilata nalang ako araw araw. I don’t like going to work too HAHAHA kung pwedeng sa bahay nalang sana ako huhuhu

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  3. Kat, I guess me, you and those first 2 lovely girls who commented have one thing common – quit work at mag stay na lang sa bahay. Hahah.. I guess lahat naman yata gusto yun. How I wish talaga. But for now, harapin muna natin ang pagiging mandirigma. 😊

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  4. Hi Kat!
    Wow, I can’t believe that August is over, Just like that! I really enjoyed the format of this post it engaged all the senses and made me feel like I was right there with you chatting. I can totally understand feeling burnt out after blogging every single day in July. July was a long month and it is impressive that you wrote every day! I know that I often struggle with writing content and sometimes I write my most popular content when I am sad. Lol.
    I hope your Mom and sister reach a point of peace. I have family drama too. I spent most of my time thinking that I was a Leo (I am not actually that big on astrology). My Grandma, Mom, and Sister all have summer birthdays and are Leos. In the past 2 years I found out that I am a virgo and that explains everything. Haha.
    It sounds like you have a long commute to and from work and that does make it hard to sit and read books and blog. Have you tried listening to podcasts and audiobooks? It might help pass some time.
    You are doing great, Kat! And I know you have accomplished more than just marrying a great guy. We are just getting started! Life is going to get more exciting we just need to keep doing out thing!

    ❤ Alana

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