In The News | Vol. 3

I basically get all my news from Twitter. There were a lot of issues the past couple of weeks that have made me go hmmmmm. I’ve selected a few that I want to share my opinions on. 

SONA 2018

I honestly didn’t even bother watching the SONA. I voted for Duterte (not ashamed of saying this) because I was hoping that he was going to be the change the country needs. I’m wrong. 

Do I think that he should resign or be impeached? I’m not sure either. If you plan to change my mind, please give me a better person for the job. I honestly think that politics is too dirty and Filipinos, in general, are too forgetful and forgiving. I don’t understand why we have convicted politicians in office.

The whole situation in the Philippines is too messed up. We have a beautiful country but we have the worst people.

The UST Uniform Thing

I find this issue hilarious. I didn’t even bother finding the root of the issue.

My opinion: UST has always had uniforms. If you don’t like their system, go find a different school. I think uniforms establish uniformity and respect. Does it affect performance? Absolutely not!

We shouldn’t be judged by what we wear. However, if the institution you work/study for believes that it is better to be properly dressed, then so be it. That’s why there are rules and laws in place.


Demi Lovato

I’m not a Demi fan. The whole situation is sad.

To anyone who is actually experiencing the same thing, don’t be afraid to get help. I don’t know what’s the right thing to say or what the right advice is. I’m just thinking that people need to look out for other people. Stop being negative influences in other people’s lives. If you want to influence people, make sure it is always for the better. Come on guys, it’s 2018, let’s be better.


What, we’re back again talking about influencers? My last post about it basically sums it up. There are just some days when you want to give all these influencers a good beating. I’m so tired of all the fakeness. Stop it with the lies and be real. Oh, and let’s start influencing people to be better versions of themselves!

Okay, I think that’s enough news for you guys. Share your thoughts if you find any of the news mentioned above tickles your fancy.

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16 thoughts on “In The News | Vol. 3”

  1. I really enjoyed this post! We share similar views on Demi; I’m not a fan, but it is really sad and I hope she recovers. It was nice to see how supportive everyone generally seemed to be too. And ugh god influencers do my absolute head in to be honest! x

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  2. You are my influencer! ❤
    ayoko nung puro nalang products and places, gusto ko may something personal or baka ako lang yun? hahaha
    so anyway, nakakairita yung may mga politicians na naconvict na tapos nasa office pa din. Di ko alam if iiyak ako or tatawa ahahha

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    1. Actually yun din gusto ko yung may personal keme din and yung nakikita talaga yung personality nung tao. Feel ko kasi talaga yung mga sikat dito alam mo na. Hay. Old news 😛 and there’s nothing wrong with being famous ah I just don’t feel the connection! 😂

      True diba parang ano na. Iiyak ba ako?


  3. Now, I just consider “influencer” to be a term to refer to aspirational lifestyle v/bloggers/personalities. I no longer expect their content to be beyond superficial. For deeper/useful topics, I go to candid blogs like yours.

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    1. Honestly, ang sad no. Kasi sila yung sikat pero yung mga content nila superficial na lang talaga. 😦 Sila yung may mga platform to educate and properly inspire/influence others pero mygahd yung iba…. 😦



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