Cooking Diaries | Vol. 3 – Kimchi Rice

This week was a funny one. I started the whole cooking thing on a high. I successfully made Nilagang Baboy (tasted super good and no MSG or whatever too) and then went on a downward spiral no thanks to my husband’s insensitivity. It wasn’t supposed to be a big deal but I was having PMS and I was so annoyed with him.Β 

Nilagang Baboy

This has got to be one of my proudest moments. I was able to cook this and it tasted good! My previous nilaga viands lacked that oomph factor. But man, this one was good! I only used onion, garlic, salt, pepper, and of course pork for this one but it still exceeded my expectations. It was natural and a perfect Filipino meal. A bonus was it had cabbage too. More veggies daily!

Cooking diaries set 3-01

Cooking diaries set 3-02

Porkchop with this weird sauce I made

THIS IS WHERE WE STARTED GOING DOWNHILL. It wasn’t the cooking that was bad, it was how I handled criticism for it. The inspiration for this meal was the Chicken with Garlic recipe I tried before. I was excited to try it with pork. It tasted good. The only problem is it was too oily. You see, I cooked it in olive oil and butter. When I made the sauce, it didn’t mix well with it and I ended up with a layer of oil. I wasn’t worried about eating oily food especially since it was olive oil and butter BUT the mister was. He asked me, “Is this safe?” And that my friends, is how you don’t ask your wife if what she cooked is edible. But honestly, and I’m not defending myself here, it was good. It was just too oily. I ended up scooping the layer of oil and throwing it (at his face, lol jk).

Cooking diaries set 3-03

Cooking diaries set 3-04

Kimchi Rice

The weekend after I made the oily porkchop, I wanted to have Kimchi rice at Kyochon. But the mister and I were fighting so I ended up making my own version. The inspiration for my Kimchi Rice is Aimee Song’s recipe. In comparison to her recipe,Β I forgot to add garlic and added squid just cause I wanted to. I also fried some chicken for the whole Kyochon feel. My first attempt at Kimchi rice wasn’t that good. It lacked that kimchi-ness.

Some things I’ve learned while making Kimchi rice is 1) Add garlic. I have garlic powder which makes everything easier. I just add it and it instantly makes the rice better. I have yet to try the real garlic though. 2) Use at least a day old rice. It’s always better for any fried rice dish. 3) ADD KIMCHI. LOTS OF IT. The first time I cooked it, I was unsure how much Kimchi I would add which made the whole Kimchi rice a bit meh but after a few tries I’ve found that you could never go wrong with adding tons of Kimchi, lol.

Cooking diaries set 3-05

Cooking diaries set 3-06

Cooking diaries set 3-07

Cooking diaries set 3-08

Cooking diaries set 3-10

Cooking diaries set 3-09

Proudest moment of my life so far is when I was able to make Kimchi rice, lol. I want to cook legit Korean dishes but I’m scared. I need easy recipes. If you have Korean recipes you’ve actually tried and matches my Filipino tastebuds, please share them! I’m a Korean enthusiast but since I can’t set foot in their beloved country anytime soon, I’m satisfying myself with trying to make Korean dishes!


18 thoughts on “Cooking Diaries | Vol. 3 – Kimchi Rice”

  1. Ooo! I totally would’ve been mad about that comment your husband made too! Hope you two have made up by now though! β™‘ I freakin’ love Kimchi fried rice & I wanna gobble up that whole plate! I’ve not tried too many Philippino dishes but I just discovered a restaurant super close to my house that I have to try soon!! The food looks amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We’re ok now but not without me telling him that what he did totally hurt my feelings! There’s still a lot of things we have to work out now that we’re living together. πŸ˜€ Oooohhhh you should definitely try eating there. A safe meal to start with would be adobo. πŸ˜› Let me know if you like it!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Glad to hear you’re okay now. πŸ™‚ Men are a little clueless, huh? They don’t pick up on anything unless you tell ’em straight up LOL. I will def let you know how the restaurant is when I go! ❀


  2. omg! every single thing looks amazing here – i’m glad so many people love kimchi. as a korean, it really makes me proud! i discovered your blog while I was trawling around somewhere, and boy oh boy, am I lucky. I’ve just followed, and it would be great if you could return the favour and connect! I can’t wait for more of your awesome content xxx


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    1. Waaahhh ang hirap ng ganyan. And very conscious ako sa mga kinakain at binibili ko lalong lalo na dalawang buhay nakasalalay. Goal ko talaga kumain ng mas madaming veggies so far madalas fail lol. Ano pinagagawa sa diet mo para maiwasan yung fatty liver?


  3. Everything looks so good! I wish I can buy the ingredients here as easily as one can in Asia. I’ve been wanting to cook nilaga or sinigang but I get scared it will taste weird haha. How long did it take to cook the nilaga?


    1. I cooked the nilaga in an hour maybe? And also I didn’t use any special ingredients for it just salt and pepper (which really surprised me cause I thought there’d be more)! So yes, the nilaga was great!! The sinigang you really have to have the Knorr special seasoning! Else, wala. Talo yung sinigang mo hahaha!!

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  4. Gusto ko yung nagaway kayo so nagluto ka na lang haha! Alam mo I forgot where I heard this tip, but what I do was mince garlic and then put it in oil then store. Garlic oil! Mas malasa yung garlic (I love garlic).

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