There was this expo we attended where they gave away tons of the powdered version of gata (coconut milk). I happily brought those with me when we moved. This cooking diary features two recipes made with it. I wouldn’t recommend the product to you since it has MSG. (I’m not a firm believer of this product even if it makes your food go from good to wow.) Here’s another collection of my attempts at cooking.Β 

Ginataang Tilapia

The mister and I were craving for fish but didn’t want it fried. I said why don’t we use the powdered coconut milk and add tilapia. He said, okay. I wanted some veggies (personal goal is to have veggies at every meal) but didn’t know what to add. He said we should add mustasa (sorry guys don’t know what’s this in English). I didn’t like how the veggies tasted cause it was too veggie flavored? But overall the fish was good. I gave him most of the veggies.

Cooking diaries set 2-1

Ginataang Gulay

Of course, we had to try and cook this. After all, this was on the display of the packet! I used pork, squash, and string beans for this one. It was okay. I wouldn’t say it was the best. My mom usually adds shrimp when cooking this so maybe that was what I was missing flavor-wise? How do you cook yours?

Cooking diaries set 2-2

Cabbage in Oyster Sauce

I told you, I really want to add more veggies into my life! This next meal is a testament to my goal! I love cabbage and how its a vegetable but it doesn’t really feel like one. For this one, I just added pork and oyster sauce and et voila, a meal! (ps. Oyster sauce is the real deal. I love adding it to everything!)

Cooking diaries set 2-3

Cooking diaries set 2-4

Cooking diaries set 2-5

Cooking diaries set 2-6

Cooking diaries set 2-7

I obviously need a lot of practice in taking photos while cooking. Hopefully, the future entries of this series would be better and would only feature one recipe per post. Until then, I’ll gladly share my adventures, both good and bad, with you guys. If you do have recipes that you think I should try, post links at the comments. (ps. I prefer fish recipes. Please tell me other ways you cook cream dory cause that’s one of my faves and I have limited recipes for it!)


About the Author Kat

To keep it short and simple: I'm twenty-nine years old. Still plenty young, but not as young as I used to be.


  1. I think you can never go wrong with oyster sauce. My mom even puts in nilaga haha. Whenever I cook veggies and don’t know or couldn’t decide how to season it, I’ll just put oyster sauce and that’s it. Veggies done. 😊 When I cook naman the ginataang kalabasa with sitaw, I love using hibe as sahog. For me I find it flavorful amd aromatic. Shrimp costs you many pesos but with hibe you can buy it for 5 or 10 pesos. O diba … πŸ˜‚

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ano yung hibe???? Agree with the oyster sauce I put it on everything! Works well with meat too! Hahaha! But nilaga and oyster sauce I haven’t tried! Nilagang ano yun? And gaano karaming oyster sauce and dagdag?



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