Gab Mejia is a part of the WWF Youth Council. He is also aiming to be the youngest Filipino to climb the 7 summits. He is all sorts of amazing! As I was scrolling through his Twitter feed, I saw a tweet that piqued my interest. I want to share with you my opinion on it in hopes to have a discussion about it. 

Don’t get me wrong, I do agree that using metal straws doesn’t help the environment too much but it does help because we are opting for a more sustainable option compared to single-use straws. The cost of producing one might (and I have no proof for this whatsoever) be equal to just using a plastic straw but if you use it consistently enough, won’t it still help?

I hated the way it was put across. It’s like saying “Nice try. But is that all you can do?” I felt belittled because I opted to buy a metal straw rather than not using one completely. Buying a metal straw was my small way of helping the environment. I’m not yet at a point of my life where I could completely cut off straws. I hope to get there someday but saying things like YOU JUST CONTRIBUTE TO THE PROBLEM doesn’t inspire me to be better. In fact, reading it discourages me to even try.

I love that there are people out there who are 100% committed to helping the environment. I love that they are extremely passionate about it. It’s just sad that amidst the good that they are trying to share with the world, things get lost in translation just because how I tried to help isn’t up to par with what they believe in.

For me, the bigger picture is this, saving the environment goes far beyond changing our habits and opting for greener alternatives. If we really want to save the environment, we have to put everything under a microscope and change the way we look and do things. It’s not just simply saying no to plastic straws, it’s completely stopping from buying food from establishments. Why? Because we don’t control the whole process of how they manufacture their food. We don’t know if the establishment we are buying from is even practicing anything green. We don’t know and what we don’t know is something we can’t control. Are we ready for that?

Metal straws won’t help if you don’t use it continuously and if you only look at it as current it thing. Metal straws won’t save the world if you still throw your trash everywhere. But using metal straws consistently does help the environment compared to flying across the world to climb seven mountains (Hello, CO2 emissions), right? 😉

The moral of this story, if you did buy a metal straw, please, and I beg you, please use it. Use that small step to challenge yourself to be a better and greener consumer. Use it as a tool to educate and inform the people around you that using single-use plastics isn’t the way to go. Take it upon yourself to inspire others to be more eco-friendly even if the only step you can do for now is replacing your plastic straw with a metal one.

In no way is this post trying to humiliate or embarrass Gab Mejia. We are all different. His level of ecofriendliness is probably higher than mine hence the difference in opinions with the metal straws. I just thought it would be apt to share a different take on metal straws and remind everyone that it’s alright to buy it just make sure you’re using it.

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash


About the Author Kat

To keep it short and simple: I'm twenty-nine years old. Still plenty young, but not as young as I used to be.


  1. While I do appreciate the use of metal straws as a replacement for plastic ones (or doing away with plastic straws altogether), this is no way to convince people to shift. You don’t win people to a cause by condemning them, you win them by using a lighter approach. (Oh well, there are environmentalist vegans who condemn meat eaters like they were heathens who deserve to be burned at the stake…)

    In hindsight, that approach might be one reason why Donald Trump – as the President of the United States – pulled out of the Paris Agreement for Climate Change.

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    1. Diba! If anything, using this approach actually makes people not want to do anything. Making theses changes for the environment should be inclusive. Ewan sobrang triggered lang ako gusto ko sabihan ng ayaw ko na mag try tuloy 😛 do you have metal straws too? Or you don’t use straws na?

      Isa pa yang Paris Agreement for eklavu na yan. I also have some thoughts about it! Hay nako.

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      1. I don’t use straws altogether. Besides, it’s not like abandoning plastic straws immediately can save the environment. Parang Earth Hour lang iyan – masyadong malaki yung carbon footprint na malilikha para sa isang event na naglalayong magpaliit ng carbon footprint.

        Tsaka kung tutuusin, there are a lot of ways to help save the environment than just using metal straws. Meron yung pag-iwas sa plastic utensils, pagdadala ng baunan at cutlery, paggamit ng washable mugs, clothes alterations, etc.

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      2. True! Ako naman kasi, I want to have the metal straw option kasi hindi naman lahat ng drinks pwede mo inumin as is…like milk tea or slushies diba. I’d rather have the metal straw option if needed compared to using a plastic straw…and yes may carbon footprint pa din…pero the point for me is meron akong reusable option. Just like you said. Hindi lang metal straws ‘to. Pero if you want everyone to contribute in saving the planet, let’s be inclusive din and not dismissive sa efforts ng iba. Sobrang na butthurt kasi ako dun sa way ng pagsabi ng message hahaha!!!

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  2. Metal straws might not do much, but it’s counterproductive to word tweets like that. I make ecobricks, and I also think that in the grand scheme of things, what I’m doing might not be helping significantly, but whenever someone sees the bottle on my desk, it opens a conversation, and it gets more people aware and involved.

    A few people I know who started from metal straws are now incorporating more zero-waste practices in their lifestyle. It’s like the ‘gradeway drug’ of eco-friendly practices.

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    1. I’m also doing ecobrick!! One concern I have is I don’t know where to donate it exactly haha!! I agree that doing small things like these actually pique the interest of others and in turn they also look into it. That’s why this tweet definitely bothered me. I started out with a metal straw but since then I’ve been trying to live more eco-friendly. What’s amazing about it is when your friends also get inspired to be ecofriendlier dahil may straw ka lang or dahil humindi ka sa plastic utensils dahil may sarili ka ng baon. 🙂


      1. Some Origins stores are accepting ecobricks, but it’s been a few months since I turned in bottles.

        Anyway, for a time naturn-off din ako sa zerowaste subreddit, it became like yung sa minimalism na merong policing. We’re in different stages of this journey and it’s not a competition. People will eventually get into it deeper as they go along.

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      2. Hindi na sila tumatanggap. Napanuod ko sa vlog ni Winnie (Penelope Pop on YT). Dun ko pa naman sana iddonate. I think Robinson’s meron pero hindi ako sure saang branch pwede…. okay lang din naman kasi di pa puno 😛



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