I previously had this long draft post about influencers. The whole point of the blog post was there are some who just live their lives, influencing others, even if they aren’t really influencing others for the better. There they are just influencing people, the youth to be specific, about curating perfect lives and throwing everything we’ve ever known out the window. That was my blog post, a half rant on the influencer situation on the internet and how it is affecting our society.

I was about to publish it when my favorite blogger Tricia Gosingtian wrote a personal piece on quitting blogging for work on her blog. I had a lightbulb moment. The influencers are not the problem, it’s the system. 

I’d say 80-90% of bloggers start out with only one thing in mind – to document and share their lives. They want to join a community where you can say and share whatever you want. However, there is a booming business and profession of influencing other people nowadays. There is no real qualification, only that you look good and have a decent following. This is the problem.

I think that companies and brands look at the numbers and how the person looks without looking any deeper. They get stuck looking at the superficial and put front and center people who look the part but can’t play it. In the end, it’s a numbers game for these brands and with influencers left and right who make it look all too easy, no wonder people are trying to do the same (myself included).

Which brings me to the whole point of this post.

We can’t stop the trend when it comes to influencers nowadays but we can control and be wiser about the people who influence us and the people around us. We have to be more critical of who they are and look beyond what they offer besides their looks and aesthetic feeds. We can’t stop the system. We can’t stop these influencers and brands from posting their perfectly curated posts and shots but what we can do is to be wiser about it. We can demand better ads. We can demand better influencers. We can look at far more than what meets the eyes.

We can’t control what goes up on the internet but we can control how we let it affects us. The next time you see that influencer who looks cute with her sponsored everything, think twice about letting her influence the way you dress and where you buy it. Think about your principles. Do you believe in consumerism? Do you really need to go shopping? Is she making you feel jealous? Do you want to be like her? What is she really selling and should you buy it?

We have to remember to think for ourselves. The world nowadays is filled with too much information. It is up to us to learn how to filter through the noise and find what really counts (this post included).

Photo by Elijah Macleod on Unsplash


About the Author Kat

To keep it short and simple: I'm twenty-nine years old. Still plenty young, but not as young as I used to be.


  1. To be fair – this topic has been well tacked. You, Aysa, and I have done posts about blogging influencers some time ago – with all of them good reads. Now that this topic came up again, let me share something I’ve realized back when I was a marketing writer.

    Most influencers and bloggers, especially the ones na may significant following, tend to have a rather elitist attitude when dealing with other people who barely give two shits about who they are. I usually get assigned to help out the PR people noon pag may event sa dati kong pinasukan, and nakaka-interact ko rin yung mga blogger. Mga inglisero’t inglisera, tapos pakiramdam nila na nakaka-angat sila sa iba pag nasa event. Tried doing small talk to them, kaso dedma lang. Karamihan ng offenders ay babaeng may itsura – pwedeng “Salamat po, Dok” or nalahian ng banyaga. Yung iba naman, sa unang tingin pa lang alam mong nagba-blog lang para sa freebies.

    At the end of the day – looks fade, money disappears with the wind, and everything turns to dust. It’s what you leave to the world that will matter. Will it be positive or negative?

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    1. Exactly. I think I’ll continue to write about this kasi ang dami natin (oo kasama ako) na minsan nalilinlang diyan sa mga influencer na yan. This is my attempt at reminding myself that even if “they have it all” at the end of the day, who are they really and is it who I want to be? Generally speaking though, ang sad na ganyan sila porket “sikat”

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      1. We may not have the following, but we know that these people rely on smoke and mirrors. People only see the external – madali ito, madali iyan. Pero hindi; may kaukulang hirap din.

        Nakakabwisit yung mga influencer na iyan, especially sa IG. Follow-unfollow yung peg tapos generic basura comment yung mga nilalagay sa pic ng iba.

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      2. Sana mas maging wise yung mga Pinoy na mamili ng mga influencers nila minsan din kasi ineexploit ng mga influencer yung kababawan ng mga Pinoy kaya nagkakaroon ng following. Kainis!

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      3. Exactly! Not to mention na they take advantage of the Filipinos’ colonial mentality – na pag banyaga, mas maganda. Pag maputi ang balat, dapat i-follow. Kaya nga kahit ako, medyo nabu-buwisit sa mga nagfa-follow na ganiyan.

        Which reminds me of something that happened earlier today: I received a request from one of those foreigner EDM DJs. Nagpapa-follow ang ate mo, pero sa katulad ko pang hindi mahilig magpunta sa club at mag-party. Worse, nag-follow na iyan sa akin noon pero +1 lang pala ang peg ko sa kaniya.

        Kaya ayun, ni-reject ko at sinabihan ko na mali ka nang fina-follow; hindi ako partygoer at mas lalong hindi ako naga-add ng mga taong hindi magi-interact sa akin sa IG.

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  2. Wow, Tricia is also the first fashion blogger that inspired me. I really like her. And this blog post is just in time because I read an article about influencers just before I found this blog.

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    1. Nga pala about your question sa SonyA6000, it’s an old Sony camera na raw. Iyong pinagtanungan ko, nag avise na newer version na lang daw. Be wary din daw kasi Sony is well known for overheating. Two of my friends told me this.

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      1. Yun lang kasi swak sa budget ko na Sony cam, kaya kebs lang kahit old model. Biased kasi ako sa brand, dahil tried and tested ko na before (although hindi mirrorless). IDK I’m so torn na din lol.


  3. Minsan naiinggit ako ng very light sa mga established mommy bloggers na pinafollow ko kasi lagi silang may free products and gifts from PR agencies. Pero naisip ko instead mabitter e I’ll learn from them na lang and in the future e kakaririn ko magblog hehe. I agree na sa number of followers nagtitingin ang company pero may mga nakikita ko di naman marami followers pero may mga pa product review. Balasilajan hehe.

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    1. Nakakainggit talaga diba Meg! Minsan kasi siguro dahil sa hirap na din ng buhay ngayon nakakainggit kasi parang “ang dali” ng work nila tapos ang pinapakita pa sayo is perfectly curated lives…sino ba naman hindi maaapektuhan! I think, normal naman siya, in a way. Pero yun nga, need lang natin talaga ng reminder na tao lang din sila. Oo naman tignan mo ako review lang ng review lol kahit ako na bumili review ko pa din!!!!! HAHAHHA

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  4. I have been rereading Tricia’s blog post for a few days already. She’s also my favorite blogger because well she’s different from the others. Anyway, it is true though. Nasa sa atin naman po kung ano yung pipiliin nating makita on our feeds. Ang dami nga lang talagang bandwagonerssss sa tabi-tabi kaya minsan lumilitaw pa din yung hindi ko naman nais makita. Haha.

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  5. I never planned to do the influencer thing when I started blogging. I just wanted to write. But I fell into it once companies started contacting me, and then I found I really enjoyed it. But you do have to be careful. I had to learn to say no and not just promote everything they throw at me because I enjoy free stuff. Once I realized people were actually paying attention to what I was posting, I got a little more careful about what campaigns I accepted.

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    1. That’s exactly the kind of influencer I’d trust and believe! There are just some out there who do it for the money and free stuff. Those are the kind of people who I’m concerned about. Thanks for visiting my humble blog! 😊

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  6. What I loved about Tricia’s post was that everything she said can be adapted to anything you decide to do in life. Hindi lang sa blogging. Sobrang naka relate din ako, kaya sobrang hirap din minsan ng constantly nasa social media kasi nagiging toxic na sya. 😀

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    1. That’s my problem too! I always get too affected by the things they are showing. 🙂 I always take time off just to remind myself it’s not real!!!! Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

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  7. Hi, i really adore your blog. I agree na marami talagang self-claimed influencers out there na wala namang maayos na content. I admit i’m new to blogging but i have read lots of blogs already and just by looking at its content and structure, kokonti na lang talaga yung mga careful and pinag iisipan yung ipopost. I decided to start blogging when i want to not just share my life and opinions (confidently) to the world but also to develop my writing skills. Every post i publish is pinag iisipan at nirerephrase ko pa, double check and all. Pero shame to those “influencers” na parang ang dali-dali lang nilang gawin. Sila pa yung ang daming opportunities sa PR companies na in fact yung mga content nila, wala namang mapupulot na moral. Tapos tayong matitino at careful sa pinagsusulat, tayo pa yung napag iwanan. I sometimes care about the numbers kasi yun na nga ang basehan sa system ngayon at minsan nakaka inggit yung mga nakakatanggap ng free products. Parang di nila deserve yun eh. Though i admit, kahit isang follower wala talaga ako pero i just keep on writing cause aside sa i want companies na makipag collab, writing is my passion kahit walang interested sa blog ko. I even published a story na i should quit writing but little did i know, may mga lowkey readers pala ako na nagmotivate sakin and nag comment sa pinublish ko na story. It’s not about drawing attention but minsan pag alam mo may nag a-apreciate sa works mo, nakaka gana right?

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    1. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog. Sobrang agree ako sa lahat ng sinabi mo. Nakuha mo lahat ng points ko. Asar na asar ako dun sa mga influencer na may platform na pero yung mga shinashare nila na content napaka (sorry for the term) walang kwenta. May maipost lang talaga. 😦 So minsan di maiwasan na yung mga newbie bloggers ganon din ginagawa. Yung formula kasi na yun nagwwork para sa kanila kaya baka magwork din sa mga bago. Hay. Anyway, ako din nagstart ako magsulat para lang din maging mas magaling magenglish at sympre madocument yung life ko. I try my best na lahat ng post ko may end goal. May gustong maishare sa mga readers. Sana meron nga 😛 Merong group sa FB and dito sa WordPress ng mga Pinoy bloggers. Baka gusto mo sumali! 🙂

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      1. Omg akala ko ako lang yun naka feel ng ganun na parang ang unfair lang talaga ng mundo. Yung mas marami pang opportunities yung mga walang kwentang posts kesa doon sa nag eeffort gawin ang isang blogpost na may aral na mapupulot. Di pala ako nag iisa. 😂 Yes please i want to join. Ano po name ng group? 😊

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