Cooking Diaries | Vol 1 – Trying Tasty Recipes

I’ve always loved cooking. I’m not the best cook nor do I know a lot of recipes but I do love cooking and learning about it. Now that I’m married and living away from my mom, I have no other choice but to put my cooking skills to the test. When the Facebook Page Tasty was at its peak, I’ve always loved seeing their recipes. Most, if not all of their recipes, look delicious and easy to make. I’ve been putting that theory to the test by trying out the ones that intrigued me.

Parmesan Crusted Salmon

Trying tasty vol1-6

Trying tasty vol1-7

My husband and I love to eat fish. When we were at the grocery, we decided to buy cream dory (we wanted salmon but that was out of our weekly budget). I found this recipe and thought that maybe we should try it with cream dory instead.

To bake the fish, we used an oven toaster. Doing so took longer. We also didn’t have fresh parsley. Overall, the recipe was okay. The crust tasted good but the fish itself lacked seasoning. Maybe we should have salted the fish first?

Paprika Chicken and Rice Bake

Trying tasty vol1-1

Trying tasty vol1-2

Trying tasty vol1-3

Trying tasty vol1-5

This has got to be one of the best recipes we’ve tried. The chicken tasted great and the rice was amazing. We didn’t use our oven and instead cooked the rice via stove. We ended up burning the rice at the bottom of the pan (aka tutong). We also didn’t have chicken stock so I substituted it with chicken cube, lol.

The flavors were amazing! I loved the taste of the chicken and the rice. One thing I’d change the next time I cook this is I’d add more toppings to the rice. Maybe add in more veggies? I’d definitely like that. The rice also resembled paella which made me think to add seafood too.

These two recipes were easy to follow. I did a lot of guestimation which might have caused some flavor issues (especially with the fish) but I think, generally speaking, these two recipes were okay. I loved that I was able to make these two dishes and add it to my repertoire!

Have you tried other Tasty dishes? What’s your favorite?

ps. I’m sorry for the lack of amazing food photos. We currently have yellow light and I took most of it while cooking and/or while we were eating. I’m still shy around my husband over taking my blog photos, lol. 

pps. The title of the recipe links back to Tasty so go have fun looking at their site!


16 thoughts on “Cooking Diaries | Vol 1 – Trying Tasty Recipes”

  1. I can totally relate when you said you’re not the best cook but you just love cooking. That’s me too. I love it. I find cooking very therapeutic except for when I have to battle and endure the ‘fIying oils’ as I call it. They’re basically a pain.

    Whenever I cook cream dory I always put a little bit of salt and pepper into it ’cause I know it can be a bit bland especially for my brothers already callused taste buds who so prefers salty foods. But that chicken though, I think that might actually work with the fam. 😊

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    1. OMG me too. Lately I’ve been frying dun sa lutuan na pangsabaw para lang walang flying oils tapos with cover pa. Masakit na nga, makalat pa! Hahaha

      Ganon ba dapat for cream dory? My worry is yung crust kasi medyo malasa na. Hindi ba maging maalat?


      1. Naku oo ang messy talaga, nagkalat ang mantika sa lutuan at sa sahig kahit sa dingding pa nga. 😂

        Hindi ko na tinitimplahan ang batter pag sa fish ko mismo nilalagay yung salt and pepper. Alalay lang din talaga kasi yun nga pag napasobra ang alat din talaga. Ilang beses ko ng nagawa yan hahaha.

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  2. Lol don’t be shy when taking photos around your husband! Anyway, marami din akong Tasty videos na ginagamit as basis ng recipes. Although madalas, mas mahirap sya than it looks, kaya sobrang gusto ko din pinapanood ngayon yung series ng buzzfeed na Eating Your Feed kasi inaattempt gawin ng mga hindi chef yung mga food videos. Haha! (so random)

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