15 Ways to Cut Down Your Daily Expenses

After analyzing my April Money Diaries, I have come to the conclusion that 80% of the time, I’m pretty financially savvy. I can cut back here and there but I also have that tendency to splurge on myself when I want to. I wouldn’t say I’m at the peak of my money game. But I do want to give credit to myself and say that I’m pretty good at managing my finances.

Which brings me to today’s post. I know there’s a lot of finance tips out there and most likely all my tips would be included there as well. But the main difference here is that I actually live through these tips. These are tips that an actual person uses which I hope you’ll end up using too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Learn to say NO

There will always be pressure and temptation around us. Whether it’s as simple as getting coffee from Starbucks versus 7-11, temptation never seems to let us go. It’s during these times that we must learn to stand our ground and say no. Sure a Starbucks coffee might be better than 7-11 coffee but at the end of the day, it’s just coffee, right?

Bring your own food

Don’t rely on food at stores. Chances are we can prepare own food, we’re just lazy. If we actually give in the effort and start packing our own food, we can save a lot of money easily. Convenience is our biggest competition here and the moment we learn to stop being dependent on convenience is the time we start to take control back.

Live within your means

This my friends is one thing I’m sure we’re all guilty of. We all know how much we really are allowed to spend, or how much we really have for something. However, sometimes, we can’t help but succumb to our humanness and say, fuck it. This is really something we should practice and improve on. We don’t always have to have top of the line things – think function and purpose first.

Write everything down

Ever since I completed my money diaries, I’ve been writing down all my expenses. Through it, I am able to analyze my spending habits and create trends for when I am most prone to spend money. I also know exactly where my money goes. It is tiring and tedious but it’s definitely worth it especially if you’re the kind that doesn’t know where their money goes.

Use loose change

We all have loose change. We have them hidden in all kinds of places and pockets. I always practice hiding money somewhere (like in a secret compartment of my bag) for certain emergencies but I am trying to spend all the other loose change I have. Let’s not be afraid to use our coins instead of storing them for later use.

Stick to your budget

We’ve all been there. We make budgets but then we end up losing track of where the money went and just end up getting more money. The cycle needs to stop and it starts with discipline.

Make your savings automatic

This has got to be my favorite tip of all time. I’ve made it a point to automatically deduct a certain percent of my salary for savings. I don’t even know how much is getting saved per payday making it a great way for me to save without deciding if I could use that money elsewhere.

Sell your old things

Another favorite tip of mine! I am a big fan of selling my preloved items. I have accounts at OLX and Carousell for this. One of the biggest problems I see when people decide to start selling their things is they tend to overprice it. When selling, always decide if you want more money or you just want to get rid of it. As for me, it’s usually the latter. If I decide to sell something, usually I have gotten what I want from that item and it has no more use for me. With this mindset, I always get to sell my things quickly because I price it reasonably. Maybe this tip wouldn’t work for you but it’s definitely something to think about.

Create lists and stick to it

This is definitely one tip I’m having a hard time with. I always make lists (especially for grocery day) but then I end up not following it and going overboard. It’s definitely something I’d like to improve on eventually. If you do have tips, please share them with me!!

Avoid convenience food and fast foods

Help me. I am very guilty of this (you can see all the proof in my Money Diaries) and it’s really something I plan to work on consistently.

Stop using your credit card

We always get the shock of our lives once a month. When the monthly credit card bill arrives and you see all these small transactions that have become a large amount. It’s a terrible thing and the best way to fight it is to stop it. Of course, credit cards can still be used for bigger purchases but the best practice is to use cash for smaller ones.

Bring your own when you can

When we can bring our own, don’t buy. Besides food, some other things we can bring ourselves are drinks, eco bags, straws, or Tupperware. Some shops are more eco-friendly nowadays that they even provide discounts when you provide your own containers. Be knowledgeable about these things to score simple discounts.

Don’t fear leftovers

Just don’t. Everything deserves a second chance in life, even your leftover food. A simple example is old rice. You can make fried rice with it and have a whole meal based on it. It’s always about being creative and widening our perspectives.

Pare down

In connection with the tip above, once we start to pare down, we can start selling our old things. It goes hand in hand.

Take public transportation

Why go for Grab when you can ride a jeep? It’s probably for convenience but if we’re always trying to be comfortable, we’ll never be able to save. Convenience is expensive. That’s what companies live for, our laziness.

Prioritize and focus

The last and probably most important tip there is is to always prioritize and focus. One thing I’ve noticed about myself is by the end of April, when I had only one more post for Money Diaries, I went online shopping. I slipped and it cost me. We should always remember why we are saving and what our main purpose is. Once we truly know it, hopefully, it becomes easy.

There you go, fifteen actual tips that I am trying to live by. Some are simple and quite common, but we all need that little reminder sometimes. I hope this postย inspires you somehow and I hope you find something useful here. If you have other tips, feel free to share it with me.


21 thoughts on “15 Ways to Cut Down Your Daily Expenses”

  1. What I usually do is save all the 20 peso bills that I have. As in pag nakarating na sa bahay yung 20, di na siya pwedeng gastusin (pag nasa labas pa, keri lang). I usually end up saving about 2-4k a month at yun yung ginagamit ko if I want to buy myself something (like makeup or stationery items, etc) na di naman as in need. It works kasi di masyadong napapansin ang 20 pesos unlike if I save 50 or 100 peso bills. Ramdam na ramdam agad

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Huy type ko yan. Let me try. Pero baliktad ako lately, mas gamit ko kasi ang mga 20 ngayon. Nakakahiya naman sa jeepney driver pag bigyan ko ng 100 tapos 8 lang pamasahe ko kasi hahahaha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. True. So ginagawa ko pag ganyan, pinapabarya ko yung 50 or 100 pag labas ko na ng bahay para di pa rin ako nandaya. Hahahaha

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  2. Love your tips, Kat! Big fan ako ng bring your own baon talaga although minsan wala pero good thing sa workplace ko paglabas may mga lutong bahay na kainan na mura lang ๐Ÿ™‚ Naglilist na rin ako ng gastos namin sinusubukan kong gawin everyday at oo nakikita ko don na omg ang daming unnecessary expenses haha! I remind my agents lalo na yung millenials na kailangan magsave. Keri lang mag YOLO basta kaya ng budget pero una sa lahat magtabi muna. I learned it the hard way kasi nung halos mawalan kami ng pera tapos wlaa ring ipon kaya nadala na ko.


  3. Love your tips, Kat! Big fan ako ng bring your own baon talaga although minsan wala pero good thing sa workplace ko paglabas may mga lutong bahay na kainan na mura lang ๐Ÿ™‚ Naglilist na rin ako ng gastos namin sinusubukan kong gawin everyday at oo nakikita ko don na omg ang daming unnecessary expenses haha! I remind my agents lalo na yung millenials na kailangan magsave. Keri lang mag YOLO basta kaya ng budget pero una sa lahat magtabi muna. I learned it the hard way kasi nung halos mawalan kami ng pera tapos wlaa ring ipon kaya nadala na ko.

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    1. Alam mo mommy meg hindi ako mahilig magbaon pero since naglista ako ng expenses and nagsstart magtipid, dun ko naaappreciate yung pagbaon. Laking tulong pala niya!

      So true. Lagi ko tinuturuan yung mga mas bata sa akin sa office na maginvest sa stocks or kung hindi nila keri pa yun, utilize yung mga pakeme ni company (may mga stocks and savings program din kasi kami). Nakakatuwa kasi may isa ako officemate na super investor na ngayon dahil naturuan ko.

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  4. Write everything down — Very effective ‘to sakin kase by doing this makikita mo talaga kung saan napupunta yung pera mo. Meron akong notes sa phone ko for my daily expenses. Tipong kahit 2 piraso ng candy nililista ko. ๐Ÿ˜„ Parang nakakatamad gawin, pero effective sya sakin.

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  5. I agree on everything and the most effective one for me is bringing your baon, especially living in Japan. Most people here bring lunch boxes or bento to work because eating out everyday is hella expensive.

    Dun sa pagsusulat ng gastusin, I downloaded an app wherein I can input all my gastos and budget/savings everyday, BUT I stopped last month after ng golden week kasi nakakaiyak makita yung gastos T_T everytime na gumagastos ako ng malaki nadidiscourage ako magsulat ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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    1. Super agree sa baon. Nakakachallenge din siya kaya nakakatuwa magimbento ng ulam (lalo na sa akin na hilig lang magluto pero wala talagang alam)

      What app did u try? Totoo yan bes kaya din nung last week ng April (nung nagshopping ako) mej naiyak ako ng ever so slight hahaha

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  6. Kat! These are some great tips. I want to get better with my finances. I definitely spend most of my money on food and conveniences and want to start cleaning up my act. I think it is time for me to start writing a finance diary. Thanks for inspiring me to be smarter with my money!

    โค Alana

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  7. These are very good tips! There’s also one which I learned when I was younger. It’s that Filipino thing where a group of people keep contributing money until they all receive their saved payouts. Have you heard of this before? I forgot the Tagalog term, LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeaaahhh I know this. I also forgot the term!!! That doesn’t work for me though. I prefer it kapag nasa akin mismo? I feel like it’s better in the bank kasi or in another form of investment instead of with other people? (Trust issues :P)

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  8. I disagree with not using your credit card lol. I like using my credit card (I mostly live cashless and usually only pay in cash for transpo). What I do is every single time I use my credit card, I list it down so I know how much I’ve spent already and then pay it on time. Ang dami ko ng cash rebate (so parang nagkadiscount pa ako), and sobrang dami kong miles for flights hahaha!

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    1. Ganyan din ako dati!! But since may asawa na ako, naninibago pa ako and yung cashless life ko naging cash filled. Naninibago pa kami pareho and since more than 1 na cc namin minsan mas mahirap i-control. Paano balak niyo sa pera ni C? I suggest pag usapan niyo na (mahirap and wala ako suggestion) hahahha kaya help ๐Ÿ˜›


  9. Hi! First time on your blog and I’m already learning a lot on how to be more disciplined with money. I’m also a minimalist wannabe but I know I still have a lot of things to do before I could truly say that I’m leading in that direction. ๐Ÿ™‚

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