Money Diaries: Week #4

They say end things with a bang, right? For the last week of April, I did just that! I know I shouldn’t be proud of it but at this point, when the deed has already been done, you just have to own your actions. 

Day Twenty-Two

Aside from our Grab ride, which Mike paid for, we didn’t spend any money today. We spent the day at home. We almost ordered take out for dinner but luckily I called my mom and she reminded me that I can heat food using a rice cooker. Thank God for moms! ❤

Daily Total: 0 PHP

Day Twenty-Three

6 a.m – Mike was kind enough (also because I didn’t have any change) to pay for my fare going to work. He was even kind enough to treat me to a lugaw breakfast. ❤

12:30 p.m – I had siomai and rice for lunch. It costs 75 PHP. I really wasn’t in the mood to eat but I knew I had to eat. Do you have days like these too?

5 p.m – I leave the office earlier than usual because I’ll be exploring my route home. I wait in line for 45 minutes before riding the jeep. I cannot begin to explain to you how different my new city is compared to home. It’s definitely going to take a lot of getting used to. My total fare was 28 PHP.

8:30 p.m – Mike and I decided to go to the grocery and shop for essentials. We each pitched in 1000 PHP. I bought some ingredients for food in hopes to cook this coming week.

Daily Total: 1103 PHP

Day Twenty-Four

6 a.m – Mike was kind enough to accompany me to work today. He doesn’t really have to but he always goes out of his way for me. He also paid for most of my fare, lol. The only thing I paid for was my jeepney ride and that was only 8 PHP.

8 a.m – I am using my friend’s bin to store my tumbler. She was later than usual which meant I had to buy a drink from 7-11. I got the mango juice worth 26 PHP. It’s not the best but I love mangoes and I need to get my fix.

1 p.m – For lunch, my friends and I decided to eat at KFC. They are having this promo of 8 pieces of chicken worth 399. Of course, I had to buy an extra rice worth 25 PHP. My total for lunch was 124.75 PHP. I also bought some house essentials today (like an extension) which cost me an additional 275 PHP.

5:45 p.m – I line up again at the jeep and the wait this time wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t good either. I don’t know if I can ever get used to this. 😦 My total commute was 28 PHP again.

Daily Total: 461.75 PHP

Day Twenty-Five

6:30 a.m – In all honesty, I think my morning commutes are a lot better compared to the afternoon ones. Call me what you want, but I could never get used to riding the jeep so early in the morning. My total fare was 28 PHP.

12:30 p.m – I was already hungry midday but my friend was late and I couldn’t afford to eat any more food for fear of getting thirsty. By lunchtime, I was so hungry! I had chicken and rice worth 125 PHP.

2 p.m – I was still feeling hungry so I bought mushroom chicharon worth 125 PHP that my friend was selling. It tastes okay. I was hoping for mind-blowing but it only gave me okay.

5:30 p.m – I line up again and to my surprise, I waited for more than hour just to get to ride a jeepney. I swear, I think it would’ve been better if I just walked. Total damage to my wallet was 28 PHP.

Daily Total: 306 PHP

Day Twenty-Six

6:30 a.m – I tried a new route today. It cost me an additional 4 PHP putting my total at 32 PHP. I like this new route more because there’s less walking under the sun. My previous routes required me to walk, maybe, like 6 blocks under the sun. Normally, it would be okay but with the summer heat, the less time I have under the sun, the better.

8:30 a.m – After my call, my friend and I had breakfast at Chowking. I had the usual that was worth 96 PHP. I was going to get a rice meal but I remembered Mike would come over by lunch.

11 a.m – Yes, guys! Three hours after I’m back at it again. I honestly thought Mike was going to pay for lunch but since we’re both trying to save, I offered to pay for my meal. In retrospect, I wish I didn’t buy such an expensive lunch! It was 225 PHP. True, I was full but siomai and rice was also a good choice, lol.

5 p.m – After yesterday’s almost break down, which I’m not going to elaborate further, I decided to get to the line early. The line was moving fast that I was able to go home in an hour. WHOA. My total fare was 28 PHP. I was excited to do a lot of things but I had a report to finish which meant no me-time. I hate that I have to bring work home but staying at the office after working hours is a big no-no for me. 😦

Daily Total: 381 PHP

Day Twenty-Seven

6:30 a.m – I go through my usual commute and it cost me 32 PHP. I’m still not a fan of riding jeeps but I have no other choice. I just have to suck it in until I get a pay increase. It’s never right to live outside your means anyway.

8:30 a.m – After my morning call, my friend and I had breakfast. He said that since it was payday, we should eat at Tim Horton’s. GUYSSSSSS, HOW DO YOU SAY NO???? I was totally fine with eating at 7-11 but this guy, OMG. I had the bacon and egg which cost 100 PHP.

11:30 a.m – I ran into my other friend who was already hungry. I had the chicken fillet with rice and additional siomai. The total was 115 PHP. The lunch was very meh especially since my breakfast wasn’t fully digested yet, lol.

2 p.m – Remember that mushroom chicharon the other day? I kind of ate it all and forgot to share with Mike. I ordered another bag for him. It was 125 PHP.

5:30 p.m – It’s going home time! The line was moving relatively quickly. I was able to ride a jeep after 30 minutes. I honestly can’t believe that I’m happy because I was in line for just 30 minutes. I tried walking from the gate of our village to our home to save 10 PHP. The walk was about 1.5 km. It wasn’t that bad plus it’s a great exercise. 🙂 My total commute was just 18 PHP. Beat that!

Daily Total: 390 PHP

Day Twenty-Eight

Today was supposed to be laundry day. All I can say is, an automatic washing machine is so advance it ate both Mike and me, lol. We had to buy extra groceries and things. I chipped in 1,000 PHP. It was supposed to be my budget for next week. I’m not sure where I’m going to get that now, lol.

Daily Total: 1000 PHP

Day Twenty-Nine

We did the remaining laundry today. It was relatively easy. We just have to figure out the faucet situation. I had a meetup today because I sold some books. I was able to get 710 PHP for 6 books. Not bad at all, right? However, we also did more shopping since we need more stuff for the condo. I ended up using all the money we got after a session at Japan Home Store.

Oh, and I almost forgot, I went skincare shopping. Please don’t judge me. My total was 1,500 PHP. (This is not the exact total but I don’t want to open the online shop because I might just go shopping again.)

Daily Total: 1,500 PHP

Day Thirty

6:30 a.m – I go through my usual route and it cost me 32 PHP. I really can’t get used to riding jeeps. I’m worried once the rainy season starts cause I might have to Grab everywhere.

12:30 p.m – I have no breakfast updates because I finally (after a month of planning) brought my own food!!! I had chaofan worth 85 PHP. My friend also had dinuguan so we shared it.

1 p.m – I spent the rest of my lunch on a website. A few minutes later, there I was on the checkout page and entering my freaking credit card details. Again, I won’t tell you the exact amount (in fears of actually seeing another item I want) but the rough estimate would be 2,600 PHP. Help me.

5:30 p.m – The day flew by so quickly. The next thing I know, it’s going home time. The line for the jeep wasn’t that long. Maybe because it’s a holiday tomorrow. My total commute was 28 PHP.

Daily Total: 2,745 PHP

This marks the end of my April Money Diaries. I will continue to track my expenses but I won’t be posting it online anymore. Posting it weekly was a great way to track it but I honestly feel (and especially after the last two days of April) I am judged for my skincare addiction, lol. It was fun and I hope you guys got inspired to track your expenses and be more financially savvy. 🙂


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    1. Aww. Thanks for liking this series! I honestly never thought anyone would like reading it (especially since I’m doing it mostly for me)! I’ll try and post about it once it arrives 😀

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