Five Things To Do Less Often

We are all guilty of doing things that don’t add value to our life. Sometimes we do these things out of habit while sometimes, we do these things because society dictates us to. We do these things because it has become the norm when in reality we could stop doing it and nobody would even notice.

Less social media

We are living our lives more for the digital screens and less for actual living. We are all so guilty of doing things for social media (and in turn sharing a curated and fake feed) that sometimes we don’t even know who we really are without sharing it on social media. Take the time to turn off your phones and live in the moment.

Less comparing

When we live our lives less for us and more for the feed, we end up comparing what we have done or accomplished with others. Sometimes, it doesn’t even need to be on the feed, sometimes we just feel unhappy when we start seeing someone go further than us. We need to stop comparing our own races. We need to run our own race at our own pace.

Less overthinking

A lot of us are so guilty of this, we always tend to overthink. We always think that we deserve more, that we should be doing already be doing this (or that), that we should have our lives figured out, that we should have everything under control. The most important moment is now. Overthinking about tomorrow’s battles doesn’t help. Letting go and accepting that there are things beyond our control is the key.

Less staying in your comfort zone

Staying in the comfort zone is comforting but it stops us from growing. It stops us from experiencing things and seeing what the world has to offer. Scary and daunting as it may seem, life is better lived with the downs. Getting out of our comfort zone and experiencing things teaches us to be stronger and wiser. It teaches us that life is best lived when you actually live.

Less procrastinating

There’s always tomorrow is the kind of mentality that we should all stop having. Well, what if we don’t have tomorrow? Stop procrastinating and do the things that you actually want to do. Whether it’s as simple as starting a new hobby or as complex as taking that next step in your life, the time is now. The most important moment is the one we have now. Stop living for tomorrow.

Doing less of these things helps us focus on the things that actually matter. It can help us live a more intended and optimized life. I highly encourage you to try doing less of these things and see an improved life.

Do you have any things that you want to do less of? Let’s help each other out! Comment down below.

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash



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