I’m at a point where I just want to spend money. I don’t want to save anymore. The end of Week #2 was the beginning of my test. Let’s see how I did the past week.

Day Fifteen

Today was okay. Mike and I decided to stay home and do more errands. We didn’t spend any cash but we did swipe our cards, a lot. I can not begin to tell you how excited I am as I begin a new chapter in my life but the expenses are freaking me out.

After our swiping extravaganza, I immediately worked on our excel tracker. We’re still in the green. We’re just going to suck it in for the next couple of weeks and then we’ll be fine. I hope.

Daily Total: 0 PHP

Day Sixteen

5 a.m – Back to the daily grind, guys! I go through the usual and it costs me 40 PHP.

7:30 a.m – While on the way to work, I feel a sticky and unexpected female visitor. I check it out and decide to buy pantyliners. (TMI, I decided to stop using liners a couple of weeks ago because I read that it’s bad for you. I’m not sure if it’s true but I was trying to save some money, lol, and I just wanted to try living without it.) This unexpected visitor cost me 36 PHP. After this, we grabbed breakfast at McDonald’s. I decided to have the crispy chicken sandwich worth 45 PHP.

11 a.m – Mike and I meet for lunch. I had a larger bill so he decided to pay for it first. Surprise, surprise. We had lunch at Jollibee. I had the 2-Piece Chicken Joy Meal. LOL. I forgot how much it was… I think it was 140 PHP but since I’m not going to add it to the tally, we can skip it.

5:30 p.m – My afternoon was a mess. It was one call after the other. A part of me wanted to break down while another part was feeling proud. I am really enjoying all the learning I am going through at my new project. The commute home cost me 95 PHP. I was annoyed the whole time because I was the fourth person in the UV and I had no space. I was sitting in such an awkward position! I hope tomorrow will be better.

Daily Total: 216 PHP

Day Seventeen

I called in sick today. Since I’m not feeling a 100%, I decided it would be better to rest and recuperate. We ordered Jollibee (YES) again and I paid for it. 8 Piece bucket cost me 522.75 PHP including delivery. It’s expensive but for Jollibee, I’d gladly pay it.

Daily Total: 522.75 PHP

Day Eighteen

6 a.m –  I wake up with a jolt! The sun was already shining when I woke up. I’m supposed to leave before 6AM but there I was, confused why I didn’t hear my damn alarm. I rush through everything and managed to leave the house in one piece. Today’s commute cost me 105 PHP because I paid for Mike’s fare. He didn’t have any change and because I’m a loving and doting wife, I paid for it.

9 a.m – Mike and I grabbed brunch at Chowking. We had a feast. I ordered the Chao Fan with Steamed Siomai with Iced Tea plus an additional Wanton Soup. Total damage was 150 PHP each.

1 p.m – I wasn’t hungry but I knew I had to eat since I am practicing intermittent fasting. I go for Turks this time which cost me 75 PHP. I actually wasn’t hungry but I knew I needed to eat.

6 p.m – I am so annoyed with our client. She is extremely hard to deal with and her English is terrible. I know it isn’t her first language (it isn’t mine either) and I have to be kinder with her but she is just getting on my nerves. I go through the usual and it cost me 95 PHP.

Daily Total: 425 PHP

Day Nineteen

5:45 a.m – TWO DAYS IN A ROW!!!!! I check my phone and see the volume at the lowest setting. No wonder why I didn’t wake up on time! 😦 I rush everything and manage to leave the house by 6:15. Oh, and we don’t have water. Maybe that’s another reason why my bath was quick, lol. Total damage was 40 PHP.

8:30 a.m – As usual, the first thing I do is eat breakfast. My friend and I ate at the cafeteria. I had tapa and it was so good! It was only 60 PHP. A steal!!! ❤

1 p.m – Lunchtime! My officemates ordered Frankies but I’ve been eating too much chicken. I ended up having this Thai Omelette with rice (lol at least it’s a baby chicken, right?) that was worth 125 PHP but the place where I bought it from said they had an additional 6 PHP charge if it’s takeout. I don’t understand!!!!! Anyway, lunch was good and it cost me 131 PHP.

5:45 p.m – I’m leaving the office late because I was late. I hate it but what can I do. I have a lot of work and I don’t want to continue it at home. It gets tiring but everything is new for me! I feel energized just thinking about work (for now). I’ve been working for six years and it’s been a while since I’ve felt this way. I’m pretty happy and satisfied. The usual cost me 95 PHP. Traffic wasn’t so bad and to be honest, I don’t even notice it cause I just watch while in the van.

Daily Total: 326 PHP

Day Twenty

5 a.m – GUYS, I WOKE UP ON TIME!!!!! After two days of being late, I was ecstatic to be early. LOL. The usual everything cost me 40 PHP again. On the commute to work, I was thinking to myself how much I was going to miss this route. As expensive and toxic it might be, I think it’s still a lot better than riding jeeps. The new route I’m going to take would require me to do that. I’M NOT READY!!! T_T

8 a.m – We grabbed breakfast at Chowking. I had the 1 piece chicken meal (so much for not eating chicken today) that cost me 85 PHP. Let me tell you, after the first bite, I felt regret. I just didn’t want chicken today. 😦

2 p.m – After having calls left and right, we finally have lunch. We ate at the cafeteria and it only cost me 60 PHP. The food was okay. It wasn’t good but with only 100 PHP left as my budget for food, it had to suffice. LOL. My friend treated us for drinks which made me feel full. We also walked around the mall. That was when I decided to go into Data Blitz and check if they had Sims 4. They did. I am so tempted (still in present tense because the temptation is so near) to buy it. I might do it but maybe after I pay for all the ongoing expenses I have.

5 p.m – I leave the office. Woohoo… Another week down the drain. The usual commute cost me 95 PHP. I am quite excited to go home and just relax. I wanted to go a face mask but then I realized all my face masks were packed already. 😦

Daily Total: 280 PHP

Day Twenty One

To be honest, this day was a blur. I didn’t spend any money (you know that came from my wallet) but Mike and I spent money. I’m not sure if I should’ve taken that into consideration or I can let it slip. This week, I’m letting it slip! 😛

This week was pretty solid. I only spent 1,769.75 PHP in total. I did manage to spend a little less compared to last week. I think that’s something to be proud of considering I am not preparing my own food. I hope the last week of April will be kind to me. (Read Money Diaries: Week #1 and Week #2)

Did my post inspire you to track your own money? If it did and you wrote about it, comment down below your post and I’d love to compare our spending habits! ❤


About the Author Kat

To keep it short and simple: I'm twenty-nine years old. Still plenty young, but not as young as I used to be.


  1. So happy I found your blog. I semi-regularly read money diaries on Refinery 29 but ph-based diaries are more relatable. Should’ve googled for ph money diaries a long time ago. Ibang level ng pagtitipid ng pinoy.

    I set myself a budget every day pero feeling ko mas may ititipid pa if ililista ko talaga. You inspired me to log my expenses again. I started last saturday para kasama grocery expense for the workweek

    Liked by 2 people

    1. YEEEYY! I agree. Some of my blogger friends actually have a 2000 for 2-weeks na budget. Yun ang next goal ko kasi kakaibang level ang pagtitipid! I hope you also post your version para din makita ko ano pa pwede ko improve sa habits ko 😀


  2. Hindi ko pa rin natatrack ang expenses ko/namin haha! You ordered yung JB bucket kayo lang ni Mike nageat or
    buong fam? Hehe. nag overspend din ako last week dahil sa Hello Kitty toys ng McDo jeske di ko mapigilan haha. At namili ng gagamitin para sa outing sa weekend.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Buong fam naman yun! Favorite talaga kasi ng kids (hahaha joke). Ang hirap talaga magtipid pero nakakatuwa pag sinusulat mo lahat kasi nakikita mo saan napupunta talaga.

      Liked by 1 person


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