Trying to Bake

I was going through my Bucketlist last week and I realized a few things. The first and most important one was there were some things I listed before that I knew I didn’t want to do now. It’s amazing how time changes us. One day, you think you want to do something and the next day you realize you don’t.Β The other important realization I had was, there are a few items there that I could easily tick off but still didn’t do.When I wrote I wanted to bake something on my bucket list, I had this amazing picture in my head that I would be kneading flour and making everything from scratch. I also thought we’d have a working oven by then.

What we had was an oven toaster. I thought to myself why not try to use the oven toaster for cookies. If it works out, maybe I can make everything from scratch next time. So, off to the market I went in search of something to bake.Β I found this Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix that had the words oven toaster ready written on the box. I knew I hit jackpot.

how to bake (2)

The instructions say you only need to add an egg and melted butter, foolproof. I don’t know if what I did would count as a mistake but instead of one egg, I used two because the mix looked dry. Anyway, I turn my head for a second and then my mom swoops in from nowhere and begins mixing. She ended up melting the chocolate chips. My batter looked like poop.

how to bake (3)

how to bake (4)

how to bake (5)

I got frustrated a bit but really didn’t mind just as long as it would taste okay in the end, right? I go to the toaster and start baking.

how to bake (6)

The first batch was almost a failure. I obviously didn’t consider the space and how the cookies would expand/melt once it gets cooked. I was scared it was going to end up as a giant piece!

how to bake (7)

After a few tries, I finally got the hang of it. I ended up with a good amount of cookies which not only tasted good but also boosted my confidence to try again.

how to bake (1)

The lesson of this story, just because you think you don’t have the means doesn’t mean you can’t. You just have to try and you’ll be surprised with the results. What’s your favorite cookie recipe? I’m on the hunt for beginner level cookies that I could bake with our toaster!


18 thoughts on “Trying to Bake”

    1. Pero gusto ko yung mga food na post mo. πŸ˜€ Gagayahin ko din yun. Nakakatuwa yung add egg lang tapos oven toaster. Tumaas confidence ko ng ever so slight πŸ™‚


  1. This has been on my bucketlist din! I did try baking with my ninang before but she was a pro so it turned out good. I should probably do it on my own one time. Link up some good beginner recipes that you’ll try hahaha

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