Review: Between You And Me by Lisa Hall

It has only been minutes since I have finished reading the book, Between You and Me by Lisa Hall. I have just left a comment on Victoria’s review singing praises about it and the only thing I want to do right now is to write my own review about it.

They say every marriage has its secrets. But no one sees what happens behind closed doors. And sometimes those doors should never be opened …

Sal and Charlie are married. They love each other. But they aren’t happy. Sal cannot leave, no matter what Charlie does – no matter how much it hurts. –Goodreads

This book is about a married couple, Sal and Charlie. In it’s most basic form, it is about abuse – verbal and physical. We get thrown into a story about a couple who seemingly has a perfect life but behind closed doors, they have a deep dark secret.

The book is written showcasing both the perspectives of Sal and Charlie. It was such a clever play from Lisa to write both sides of the story and to give a deeper look at how the characters minds worked. We get to read why the abused was always so willing to receive the punishment and at the same time get to read what goes on in the abuser’s mind. It was definitely quite a ride going through the same moment twice but with a different perspective. This is definitely one part of the book that I loved. Abuse is such a heavy topic and Lisa has done a great job (this is her first book) making abuse much more relatable. (Not that it needs any relating to!)

Between You And Me

I didn’t read any reviews for this. I mainly trusted Victoria and her amazing skills in finding true gems when she rated this book five stars. I didn’t know about the whirlwind of emotions that I was going to go through as I devoured this book in less than three days. I didn’t know I had it within me to get so angry at both the protagonist and at the antagonist of a story at the same time! Needless to say, I am filled with emotion after reading this book. And that alone should be a reason why you should read it, right?

This book was such a pleasure to read. It made me feel emotions I thought I never had. It made me want to protect Sal and at the same time shake some sense into Charlie. I don’t like reading about abuse, it is such a scary thing to read about, but the way this was written gave me a glimpse into why abuse happens and what we can do to try and stop it.


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