Money Diaries: Week #2

After last week’s pretty average expenses, I had high expectations for week #2. I was hoping to save money by preparing my own meals and choosing wiser meals if I eat out. Let’s see what week #2 was like. 

Day Eight

10:30 p.m – Mike and I decided to stay home today. We only went out for dinner. He paid for it using the leftover money we had yesterday. I’m not sure how much our dinner cost us, lol. This is definitely one of the things I have to get used to. I have to know how much our meals costs so we can make wiser decisions when we eat out.

Daily Total: 0 PHP

Day Nine

8:04 a.m – I have work today, surprise! I decided to work from home to save some money. I hope we don’t get to spend any money because I was reading the comments from yesterday’s post and a lot of my Filipino friends only spend 2,000 for two weeks. I am challenged to try this out for myself but I know it’s going to be hard since my commute costs a lot. I also realized that I miscalculated my morning commutes. I shouldn’t have added my BGC bus fare since my beep load should’ve covered that. I have edited last week’s post which you can read here.

1:30 p.m – I posted an ad on OLX. Minutes after, I get a message from this guy who wants to buy it. I set a meet-up later in the afternoon after my shift ends.

5 p.m – I’m at the meet-up place and this guy buys my game for 500 PHP! WOOOT. That means I have extra money for the week. I was asking Mike if he wanted to spend the money on food or drinks but he said we should just save it! Anyway, we headed home after that. Just like that, my Monday was over.

Daily Total: +500 PHP for selling an item

Day Ten

5:30 a.m –  I wake up later than usual. Mike took a long bath and it annoyed me. I was already late and I didn’t appreciate it. Traffic was already bad once we got on the road. It cost me 28 PHP for today’s commute since Mike paid for my other bus ride.

8:30 a.m – I finally arrived at the office. That’s an hour and a half late. I hate myself (and a little of Mike) for being this late. After reading my emails and pretending to work (my manager was already there when I arrived), I go and grab breakfast at 7-11. I had Bacon Clubhouse sandwich worth 39 PHP. I know I said I would prepare my own meals but I haven’t bought bread yet.

1 p.m – Lunchtime! We ate at KFC. I wanted something greasy T_T for today and KFC does just that. I had the one piece chicken meal with mashed potatoes and a drink. It costs 106 PHP.

5 p.m – I’m so out of it today. I decided to go home early. The usual commute cost me 95PHP.

8:30 p.m – It took me forever to get home. The line at the UV and traffic was bad. On the way home I bought some snacks – the same spicy crackers I had last time. I bought three which cost me an additional 32 PHP.

Daily Total: 300 PHP

Day Eleven

5:25 a.m – The same thing that happened yesterday happened again. I wake up and go to work. Everything is a cycle during the weekdays. I hate it sometimes but the lack of routine drives me crazier. The usual commute costs me 40 PHP.

8:30 a.m – My friend and I head down for breakfast. He wanted some soup so we headed to Chowking. I had a Meaty Wanton Mami and Pineapple Juice worth 96 PHP. I honestly was going to go for Chao fan but my friend (a man) was not having it for breakfast and I felt ashamed for wanting it, lol.

1 p.m – Mike and I met up for lunch. He doesn’t have cash so I chip in 200 PHP for our 295 PHP meal. It’s no biggie but I was hoping since he would come over I could save some money. We had this platter at Binondo Wok. It was fried porkchop and dumplings. I wish I took a picture because for 295 it’s a steal.

2:30 p.m – An envelope was being passed around at the office. I put 100 PHP. There are a lot of times when envelopes get passed around at the office. Every time this happens, I feel sad. I remember when my dad died and I was just lost. Money doesn’t really solve anything but it helps. It’s one less thing to think of. I might not know him personally but I know how it feels to lose a loved one. It hurts.

5:45 p.m – After a long and exhausting day at work, I go home. Again, it cost me 95 PHP. There are cheaper routes out there (BGC bus) but the traffic inside BGC is not worth it. I’d rather spend a few more pesos and get out of that area ASAP.

Daily Total: 531 PHP

Day Twelve

5:30 a.m – I swear it’s getting harder for me to wake up early. I rush out the door and head to the office. That’s another 40 PHP for the daily tally.

9:00 a.m – I have breakfast in the cafeteria. I had tocino and rice for 60 PHP. Kuya was extremely generous that he gave me a lot of tocino (good for two). Initially, I thought Kuya was being kind but when I tasted it, it was salty. LOL. I hate throwing food so I still ate half, gave some to my friend, and threw the rest.

11 a.m – My officemate’s birthday is today so I give 50 PHP for a cake. To be honest, I didn’t want to give money but I had no choice. Everybody had to chip in.

1 p.m – I was so out of it by lunch. Work was really hectic! The reason why my daily money diaries only have morning commute – breakfast – lunch – afternoon commute is because I don’t stand once I sit in my office chair. It’s just work, work, and more work. Of course, I take time to go to the toilet but that’s about it. It takes me less than 500 steps (I know, I counted) to go back and forth. I force myself to have siomai and rice (the cheapest and healthiest I could find at our office). It was 75 PHP.

5:30 p.m – I’m out!!!!!!!!!! 95 PHP for the daily commute and I head home. Traffic has been really bad lately. I watched the Minimalism documentary on the way home. It has definitely reminded me of who I want to be. I’ll post about it soon. I need to collect my heart and thoughts first.

Daily Total: 320 PHP

Day Thirteen

5 a.m – This is the earliest I’ve ever waken up this week. I ruin this moment by getting out of bed at 5:30. I end up rushing again. Before heading out, I give my uncle 200 PHP for him to be able to get Space’s card for me at the post office. I go through the usual commute which cost me 40 PHP.

8:30 a.m – I wanted some soup so I have the same breakfast I had the other day. I had the Wanton Mami and Pineapple Juice worth 96 PHP. I wanted to order it ala carte but I was scared I’d get thirsty, lol. The office is right beside Chowking so I know this was just a lame ass excuse from me!

1 p.m – My friends wanted to eat at Jollibee (yay). It was going to be a long walk, three blocks, to get there. I was excited about the chicken joy but the heat was scaring me. It’s already the start of the summer season here and you can already feel the shift in the weather. It’s so hot guys! I’m scared of what the upcoming months have to offer. T_T Anyway, back to my lunch. I had the C3 meal and an additional peach mango pie. It cost me 144 PHP. Expensive, I know, but Jollibee is everything.

5:45 p.m – That’s another week of pushing my boundaries and skill set. I am honestly overworked but weirdly enough, I’m enjoying it. Maybe because I am learning a new skill! I happily leave the office and go through the usual. That’s 95 PHP to get home.

Daily Total: 575 PHP

Day Fourteen

11:30 a.m – Mike and I were supposed to meet up earlier but due to his amazing time management skills (I swear this is one thing I will request him to work on) we changed our plans last minute. I work on my blog when I realize that I have no more money for today’s shenanigans. I only have 200 PHP left.

5 p.m – I give Mike my remaining 150 PHP for today’s date/errands. I know it wasn’t enough to cover our meals so we’re going to have to save next week. The day went by quickly. I can’t wait for the time when we just stop going out every Saturday. I love going to the malls but staying at home sounds a whole lot better.

Daily Total: 150 PHP

This week was a little all over the place. There were a lot of unexpected expenses that I didn’t factor in. I spent a total of 1,876 PHP. It’s less than last week’s total but I also spend a day home this week. I seriously need to stop buying two meals. I must prepare at least one to save some money. I don’t know if I can prepare for my own food next week but I will try. I’ll keep you updated!

Did my post inspire you to track your own money? If it did and you wrote about it, comment down below your post and I’d love to compare our spending habits! ❤


18 thoughts on “Money Diaries: Week #2”

    1. Hahaha!! You can always track your allowance! 😉 Sana nga nagstart ako mag track sooner. Akala ko kasi talaga matipid na ako pero may mas ititipid pa pala! 😀

      Liked by 2 people

    2. I agree with Kat. Ok lang mag-track kahit allowance. Makikita mo talaga yung mga hidden expense na di mo alam na cause kung bakit “biglang nawala” yung pera.

      Also, training na din kapag independent ka na.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. If I’m going to factor in my fare expenses when going home to Pangasinan every weekend, my weekly budget would go up to 2k+ too. Plus, the unexpected expenses when I’m with my daughter. I almost pulled my hair out of frustration over my yaya asking for salary advance 4x this week. Sarap manakal, teh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ay grabe si yaya todo advance! Ang hirap maging masinop sa pera pero ito talaga need natin diba! Kaya natin yan. Tipid tipid lang din talaga 😀


      1. Andami kong stress this week. Soooooo. Alam mo na naging way ko para magde-stress na mas ikaka-stress ko later on kapag nagcheck and balance na ako ng budget vs expected vs expenses ko for this month. HAHAHAHA.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. omg. I remember when I had to chip in for an officemate’s birthday cake!! A couple of times too. I didn’t even want the cake and I was also doing this money diaries at the time. But it’s more of a hassle to explain all of it so I just gave 50 pesos hahaha.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Jollibee is everything, HAHA!! If there was Jollibee here, that’s where most of my money would go, lol. Anyway, I really am surprised at the food and fare prices in the Philippines now. It’s about the same as in Singapore. But you really did great in spending less than 2k! I already track my money and most of it goes to, no surprise here, food. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jollibee is everything!!!! ❤ I could eat it every day (speaking of, I just had it for lunch two days in a row). Everything is really expensive here. 😦 A lot of the prices went up because of the new taxation system. I just hope things will get better!


  4. […] This week was pretty solid. I only spent 1,769.75 PHP in total. I did manage to spend a little less compared to last week. I think that’s something to be proud of considering I am not preparing my own food. I hope the last week of April will be kind to me. (Read Money Diaries: Week #1 and Week #2) […]



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