Awards + more | Vol. 2

It has been a long time since anyone has nominated me for an award. Maybe it’s because I’m a boring person or maybe they know I don’t participate in such. Today, I’m dedicating this post to share some nonsense things about me to say thank you to everyone who remembered me when they won their awards. 

Space – One Lovely Blog Award

First of all, thank you so much kay Space kasi kahit hindi ako part ng TFIOB FB group eh pinadalan pa din niya ako ng card kahit na nagiinarte lang ako, lol.

7 Things About Me:

  1. I love Formula One. I first started watching Formula One when I was a kid. My dad was a fan and since we only had one TV then, my brother and I ended up becoming fans too. As I write this down, I’m actually watching the qualifying session. I really love this sport – maybe because it reminds me of my dad.
  2. A dream I currently have is to get an autograph and a picture with my favorite driver, Fernando Alonso. I hope it comes true this time because we plan to go to another country this year just to watch it live.
  3. I have another blog, lol. It’s like my journal and I write there the deepest thoughts I have. Sometimes when a Twitter/blog post affects me, I write my thoughts there. I do this because the internet is a little crazy. When you get your thoughts and opinions out there and other people disagree with it, you get judged. You get sidelined. You get labeled. If freedom of speech is freeing, why do I have to hide my thoughts?
  4. My favorite pizza place is Yellowcab. I love love love their wings and chicken alfredo. Their pizza is okay, a lot better than Pizza Hut or Shakey’s.
  5. I’m scared of having kids. My sister has three kids already and our family was there every step of the way. Having my nephews and niece grow up in front of my eyes is very frightening. I’m worried about the responsibility. I don’t think I’m ready to be responsible for another human being.
  6. The past year I was so engrossed with YouTube. I loved watching makeup tutorials, vlogs, and other lifestyle-related contents. Nowadays, the only video I religiously watch are those from Pewdiepie (and I only started watching his channel this year). Is it just me or is every other blog/YT channel/IG page only encouraging us to consume?
  7. I have a love-hate relationship with driving. I love driving thanks to my love for Formula One but driving in Manila is scary. There are so many reckless drivers not to mention those senseless enforcers who would flag you down and accuse you of breaking the law. I wish someday in the future, people would realize that the cause of traffic is volume – the volume of cars and people in the metro – and try to help alleviate it even if just a little.

Bored Sensei – One Lovely Blog Award

7 More Things About Me:

  1. Now that I’m at a more comfortable and regular weight, maintaining this weight is such a problem. I’m still doing intermittent fasting but sometimes (and because I know I have a few pounds to spare) I cheat. I cheat and then when I weigh myself, I regret it. It’s such a vicious cycle and I really want to stop it.
  2. I lack fiber in my life. It helped when I ate oatmeal for breakfast but nowadays I find myself preferring to buy food from 7-11, McDonald’s or Jollibee.
  3. I’m stressed at work which might be the reason for #2. I just want comfort food and oatmeal is the exact opposite of that. I guess you can call me a stress eater. It sucks and I wish I had a better outlet during the weekdays.
  4. I love that it’s getting hotter. I don’t love summer but it’s so much easier to take a bath at 5AM when the water isn’t cold. During the colder months, I would jump just so I wouldn’t feel cold while taking a bath.
  5. I am the queen of canceling plans. My friends hate me for it but I just really prefer staying at home and doing nothing.
  6. With vlogs and YouTube being the new it thing, I have tons of videos pretending to do makeup tutorials and other things. It’s never going to see the light of day but rewatching it makes me cringe so much, lol. WHY DO I EVEN DO IT?
  7. I’m thinking of showing my face here more on my blog but I just can’t get myself to do it. I’m too scared of being famous and stop living a simple life, lellllzzz.

Carina – The Versatile Blogger Award

Okay, here’s 7 more:

  1. I only have three pants. I’m taking this minimalist thing to the max and I don’t know if having only three is an overkill. Truth is, I don’t even notice that I only have three. I wear one for a week and it doesn’t really bother me.
  2. I stopped using deodorant. I don’t know why. I just stopped. I don’t know if it’s because of my minimalist thing or maybe I’m trying to save a few pesos? I honestly don’t remember but I just stopped and I haven’t looked back ever since.
  3. For everyday use, I wear a pair of shoes that are super close to being called beyond repair. I don’t really know why I don’t just buy a new pair. I can definitely afford one but something is holding me back!!!
  4. I have a carousell page where I try and sell some of my things. All are in great condition, might I add. Take a look and help me find some of my things find a new home.
  5. I’m trying to live a purpose-filled life. A life centered on me and on what makes me happy. Some might call it selfish but man does it just let go of all the stress a normal life would have. For example, social media drama. I filter all of those and skip it. You might call me part of the problem but I don’t care. I’m not hurting anyone by my choice but instead putting more happiness in my life.
  6. I’m 28 and I still don’t know where my life is going. This might be the reason for fact #5. I’m just trying to get to know me. I’m letting myself experience things.
  7. I hate writing about myself. I feel like I’m still a work in progress and typing things down makes it seem like I’m setting it on stone. Truth is, whatever I write here might not be true two-three months down the road.

That’s it! Bye!


19 thoughts on “Awards + more | Vol. 2”

  1. “If freedom of speech is freeing, why do I have to hide my thoughts?” freedom is faux, ate 🙂 Thoughts to hide better be in a notebook or journal than in the web, tbh.

    Favorite ko din chicken alfredo sa YellowCab! Mukang may place na tayo when we meet. Hehehe

    I only have two pants. Hahahaha! Only because I am more comfortable in shorts or skirts.

    “Truth is, whatever I write here might not be true two-three months down the road.” Cliche but the only constant thing is change. Hahahaha We can’t fully be this and that because we keep on changing, anw. Maybe that’s what it means to live – to change. Ah nah, screw change. Grow should be the term 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 1) It’s safer to write in a journal but if you only knew my sched, you’d understand why posting it in a “secret” blog is easier lol.

      2) Game, dun tayo kita kapag pwede-pwede ka na 😀 Marami naman branch

      3) Ako as in 3 pants lang. I don’t like wearing shorts or skirts din. As in pants kind of girl lang ako. Soooo please don’t judge me hahaha!!

      4) I agree, we’re always changing and growing. It’s beautiful diba. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. hahaha either way, it consumes time. typing is faster, though.

        yes. nagkalat na sila hehe

        lol not judging i used to be that pants kind of girl

        as long as we’re growing, yes 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Kat! 3 pants lang din ang meron ako haha! Uy ang astog ng F1. I understand na nakakatakot talagang magkaanak dahil sa responsibility. Ayoko pa rin ng baby number 3 kasi ang daming dapat isipin. Saka na kapag housewife na ako hehe. Patingin ako ng carousel account mo haha baka may mabetan ako hehe. Kaso wala akong carousel account. Need ba? Pm na lang kita or email haha. Show your pretty face hihi.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wahahaha sign ba ‘tong 3 pants na to ng pagiging matanda na? Bakit second person ka na nagsabi na 3 pants lang din sila 😛

      Pero ang sarap magkababy ha. Nakakatakot lang yung responsibility. Mahirap diba?

      Check mo tapos message mo lang ako pag may type ka lol. Konti lang din nilagay ko for now. Pero sana may magustuhan ka!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oo masarap pero
        Mahirap magkababy. Pero ang daming nagbago sakin nung naging magulang nako (bukod sa pagtaba ko) haha! Positive na pagbabago naman yan hehe. Sige tignan ko. Baka may mga dress or skirt ka bet ko yon hehe.

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  3. Kat!!! Ayiiieee! Natanggap mo na! Di ba natupi ung harap ng card? Kaya ko binubble envelop dahil sa art kyeme sa harap ng card hahahahaha! Uy kahit hindi TFIOBcdefg binibigyan ko ng card hahahahaha!

    Naku ang bilis mo siguro mag drive hahaha Dito ka watch ng F1 race sa Sep! Sa gilid gilid lang kami nanunuod masabi lang na nakanuod hahahahaha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HUYYY HINDI KO PA NAKUKUHA T_T sobrang busy sa work mag SL pa ako next week para lang kunin kasi weekday lang bukas yung post office diba???? T_T pero nag tthank you lang ako in advance kasi kinilig ako wahahahahahahahahahha

      Huy sakto lang ako magdrive kasi nga nakakatakot yung mga MMDA/law enforcement na surprise!!! @_@ Diyan talaga kami nanunuod kasi mas mura compared sa ibang place ahahahaha message kita pag malapit na !!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Grabe mag SL ka pa! Hahahahahaha! Oo Kaloka mga MMDA nakatago sa poste tapos gulatan na lang andyan na sa harap mo may violation na! Yung last year na uwi ko naganyan kami.. sabi namin sige ticketan mo na lang kami wala kaming pera hahahhahaaha! Ayun pinalagpas kami hahahahahaha!

        Yes sa September!!!!! Uu mas mura ticket ng F1 dito.. lalo yung sa mga gilid gilid hahahhaha! Yung last na F1 naka-libre ako kasi nag invest ako sa friends hahahahaha alam mo yan! Basta message mo ko ha.. gusto mo isama kita sa F1 IG story ko? Wahahahahaha! Kung gusto mo lang hahahaahahaha!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oo mga kumag na yun, last time pinara ako kasi daw mali ginawa ko eh dere-deretso lang ako. Muntik ko na bigay yung license ko sa sobrang kaba buti yung kapatid ko matapang tapos sabi nga na wala naman kaming ginagawang mali. Mga loko na yun, porket lunch na nung time na yun! Huhuhu.

        Wag mo na ako isama pero kita tayo once na andyan ako. Message kita wahahahaha nang makita ko in person yang kabaliwan mo. 😀


  4. hahahaha I can imagine yung mga self-made tutorials that make you cringe. Nung bata-bata pa’ko, kumakanta ako sa audio recorder ng anime songs WTF!!!! hahaha

    I also stopped using deodorant, almost a decade na. But I cheat by using Eskinol Toner on my pits.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lakas lang din ng trip hahaha nakakaaliw kasi. Akala lang madali mag gawa ng video pero hindi talaga!

      Eskinol toner everyday yan? Ako powder lang, lol. Not sure bakit hindi na talaga ako nag deo pero di ko na din kasi makita yung purpose niya ngayon. Weird ba yun?


  5. “I have another blog, lol. It’s like my journal and I write there the deepest thoughts I have.” – I used to have another blog, too. But now, I just write all these down sa journal ko. Mas fulfilling. Hahahaha

    “I am the queen of canceling plans. My friends hate me for it but I just really prefer staying at home and doing nothing.” – SAME

    “For everyday use, I wear a pair of shoes that are super close to being called beyond repair. I don’t really know why I don’t just buy a new pair. I can definitely afford one but something is holding me back!!!” – OMG SAME NA SAME. Ilang months na kong kinukulit ng girlfriend ko na bumili ng bago but I just don’t want to hahahaha

    “I’m 28 and I still don’t know where my life is going.” – AGAIN, SAME SAME SAME. I’m 26 and I don’t know where my life’s going, too.


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