K-Review: CosRX’s One Step Moisture Up Pad

This is one of those products where these YouTuber’s use advertise it so much your curiosity gets the best of you and you end up wanting to try it. Yup, you heard me right, thanks to Joan Kim, I got this product because she swears by it.Moisture up pad-2

Moisture up pad-1

Formulated with hyaluronic acid, propolis, and natural BHA, the One Step Moisture Up Pad increases the absorptivity of the skin for maximized hydration that lasts all day while replenishing the natural balance and removing irritants and dead cells from the skin for a happy, healthy skin. Perfect for sensitive, easily irritated skin, the One Step Moisture Up Pad is the perfect little solution for a simpler, more effective skin care routine. –Wishtrend

Technically speaking, this is just a soaked moisturizing pad. It is gentle enough to use daily and has benefits like moisturization, brightening, and a bit of exfoliation. It has a lot of good ingredients (hyaluronic acid and propolis extract ) that helps revive our skin.

Moisture up pad-3

This pad has two sides – the embossed and smooth side. The embossed side is supposed to be used first as a sort of exfoliating step while the smooth side seals in all the goodness from the pad.

I personally use this nightly and can swear by its moisturizing claims. Using this pad does moisturize your face. Your face becomes supple and full of life after using it. I’ve never used it in the morning because I feel like this pad also cleans my skin. It does a spectacular job removing any residual makeup I had.

To be honest, it’s one of those Korean beauty products that you don’t really know what it’s for. It can be used in a number of ways and cannot be limited to one purpose alone. It has that all-in-one vibe that is perfect for girls on the go or in a rush. It definitely mixes up a couple of steps into one!

It retails at $20 at StyleKorean and for that amount, I wouldn’t recommend this product. If you’re in it for the moisture, you can get a decent and cheaper product for less! It’s disappointing to not recommend a CosRX product but let’s be real here, the price is pretty steep for something so average. Yes, it did moisturize my face and yes, it did simplify my skincare routine but personally, the price just isn’t right.

If you still want to try out the product, you can purchase it at StyleKorean using my link.

CosRX One Step Moisture Up Pad
The link above is an affiliate link. 
You don't have to use it, but if you do, thank you! ❤
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  1. I really thought that this was a moisturizer for the pits. Like gurl, bakit mo imo-moisturize kili-kili mo??? Hahahaha nakakaasar yung packaging! Anyway, no thanks for its price. Di ko kinaya ah. Mas mura pa dito yung moisturizer ko and I’ve had that for almost a year now.

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    1. Tinignan ko pa ulit yung packaging para malaman ano sinasabi mo!!!! 😛 Overpriced siya for what it does. Maganda naman siya kung maganda pero yun nga… mahal and ang daming cheaper alternatives. Itong YouTube talaga ang dahilan kung bakit ako nalulugmok sa kahirapan eh.

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    1. WAAAHHH at least di lang ako yung naiimpluwensiyahan hahaha!! Patingin ako ng stash mo. I’m trying na once a quarter na lang bumili ng products, so far, ok naman pero umaabot ako ng mga 4k pag namili. Help me.


      1. Hahahaha sendan kita ng photo over twitter. Bumili ako nung nasa Korea kami nung January.. inabot ako ng 12k HAHAHAHAHAH pero after nun, wala na akong binili na skincare uli. Ubusin ko muna lahat! So mga next year na ako uli bibili hahahaha haaaaayyyyyyyy

        Liked by 1 person

      2. OMGGGG Yan ang sinasabi ko kaya ayaw ko mag Korea. Yan ang takot ko!!!!! Hahahaaha. Feel ko mag hoard din ako pag andun ako. At ang dami pang brands na wala sa mga online shop dito kaya nako nakakatempt talaga!!!


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