K-Beauty: Thank You Farmer’s True Water Deep Cream

Hello, guys! I’m back with another K-beauty review and this time I’ll be reviewing Thank You Farmer’s True Water Deep Cream. I got this product as a part of the Deluxe Signature Special Set that was on StyleKorean. Aside from the True Water Deep Cream, the set includes Sun Protect Shimmer Sun Essence and the True Water Deep Serum (both of which will be reviewed separately, please watch out). I used the deep cream first because the colder temperature the past months was making my skin a bit too dry. 

Thank You Farmer is a new brand in the market. A simple Google search would show you that their brand is all-natural which only utilizes farm-grown ingredients to maintain skin’s health and help delay the cell-aging process. Think simple, ‘does what it says’ skincare for modern, low-maintenance women. The brand’s philosophy is promising. Simple, and all-natural skincare.

Thank you farmer gel cream-1

Since I got a deluxe set, I wasn’t sure if there is a bigger version available. The one I got was a 15mL one and it lasted me a good two months. Once you open the product, you’ll be greeted by a strong but fragrant smell. If you’re not into skincare with scents, it’s best that you stay away from this. The product is a gel cream which is quite new to me since I’ve never tried any gel moisturizers. Upon application, you could really feel the product on your skin.

Thank you farmer gel cream-2

I have a normal/combination skin. I also don’t apply my skincare while the AC is on. With all that said, I really disliked this product. It is moisturizing, in fact, it was very moisturizing. But since I live in a hot, humid, tropical country, it didn’t absorb very well into my skin. It honestly feels like it sits on top of my skin rather than it being absorbed by my skin. It also takes time for it to fully dry. I would often go to bed with it still being wet. This could easily be solved by applying this product while in a room with an AC (tried it while we were in a hotel and it was great) but not a lot of people have the luxury of having an AC (and this was this product’s downfall for me).

Thank you farmer gel cream-3

I used this product for my PM routine. When I wake up in the morning, my face does feel moisturized but it leaves on this glow which I don’t like (but I can live with since I wash my face before going out). If you’re not about that life, I highly recommend you to use this is for your nighttime routine.

Thank you farmer gel cream-4
Can you see the “glow” I was talking about?

Overall, I dislike this product BUT I still have high regards for it. It does what it claims which is to moisturize but I think it’s a product for colder countries. Definitely disappointed me when it would take forever to seep into my skin just because I wasn’t in a room with an AC.

Thank You Farmer - True Water Deep Cream on StyleKorean
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You don't have to use it, but if you do, thank you! ❤
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      1. marble patungan literally parang ano lang siya placemat wahhahahahaha gusto ko yung white marble pero yan lang ang nakita ko kaya tyaga tyaga muna!

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      2. huy gusto ko din ng ganung sticker! ang tagal ko naghahanap nun tapos wala ako makita kaya nagsettle na lang ako diyan sa grey-brown na yan

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      1. Niceee!! Aassahan ko yan. Alam mo na ba ano dapat mong bilin na products? (Hahahaha super enthusiast na ako gusto ko mag recommend sayo ng mga products huhu)

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  1. Ugh, nope. I think this would not work on my EXTREMELY oily skin. The heat of this country is already unforgivable as it is, I don’t think I would need to add anything to my skin that would make it much worse.

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