Japan 2017: Kodai-ji Temple, Kyoto

By this point of the Kyoto tour, our legs were already turning jello. We walked all the way from Kiyomizu-dera to get to Kodai-ji Temple and we were just about ready to call it quits. 

To be completely honest, Kodai-ji Temple is one of the sights that we decided to visit because it was on the way to Yasaka Shrine. It is formally known as Kodaijusho-zenji Temple. It was established in 1605 by the noblewoman Kita-no-Mandokoro in memory of her late husband, Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Kodai-ji Temple’s construction was extensively financed by Tokugawa Ieyasu, Hideyoshi’s chief vassal and later shogun of Japan; the result was a temple renowned for its beautiful design and exquisite craftsmanship.

We visited this late in the afternoon when it was almost empty. It’s emptiness added to its beauty as we were able to take our time and take a leisurely stroll.

Kodaiji Temple

Kodaiji Temple1

Kodaiji Temple2

Kodaiji Temple3


Kodaiji Temple6

When touring the main hall, you get to see this rock garden (I’m not sure if it is really called a rock garden, lol). We were lucky enough to spend some time and watch these workers. It was very interesting and partly relaxing.

Kodaiji Temple4

Kodaiji Temple5

This temple also has several tea houses and a bamboo grove. It was a little disappointing because we couldn’t speak Japanese and there were people who would explain each part of the temple. 😦


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      1. Oo nakakatuwa kasi parang ang galing ng faith nila. After temple 121233847893473892 dun ko narealize ang galing ng faith nila – kasi diba may sumasamba sa mga animals and even emperors nila. Minsan may nakikita kami na galing work tapos dederetso sa temples to pray. Nakaka-inspire!

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