Japan 2017: Kinkaku-ji / The Golden Pavilion, Kyoto

Kinkaku is a shariden, a Buddhist Hall containing relics of Buddha. The pavilion is part of a temple that is formally named Rokuon-ji Temple but commonly called Kinkaku-ji Temple or Temple of the Golden Pavilion.

Let me get it out of the way, it’s not real gold but rather gold foil. We went here around ten in the morning and there were a lot of people. However, since the whole place was quite big, it wasn’t as cramped. We were still able to take amazing pictures of the temple and its surroundings.








When you are near the exit, you will see the Fudo-do. This is a temple whose main image is a stone statue of the Buddhist deity Fudo-myo-o. This statue is thought to have been made in the 9th century by Kodo-daishi, founder of the Shingon sect of Buddhism. Since this was the first temple that I’ve been to, I was very much intrigued by everything. I wanted to try everything. However, the Catholic in me was having an internal struggle! If I participate in Buddhist rituals, am I breaking the first commandment?





This place goes into my top places to visit in Japan. The temple itself was a sight to see. It’s gold color perfectly contrasts the green of nature. It looks amazing from afar and especially when near.


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