Japan 2017: Dotonbori, Osaka

After spending about two hours at Osaka Castle, we went to Dotonburi for some dinner. Since we had JR Passes, it was a bit difficult to go to Dotonburi. To get to Dotonburi from Osaka Castle, we had to ride the train from Osakajokoen Station to JR Namba Station. Once you get down at JR Namba Station, its a long (and quite confusing walk) to Dotonburi. There weren’t a lot of signs to get there plus the underground walkway was a little too complex for day one! We persevered and we finally got there. What we didn’t expect was the extremely long walk to Dotonburi proper.




After the long walk and the overwhelmingly large number of restaurants up and down the street, we were just about to settle for about anything. We sat down in one of the benches drained and hungry when we Googled for the number one place to eat in Dotonburi. Lo and behold, the restaurant was right in front of us! Since it was day one, the whole process of ordering food scared us! The serves all spoke in Japanese and showed no intention of speaking in English. We resorted to pointing food and just praying what we ordered arrived correctly. It did, and it was so good!





The food and atmosphere were definitely one for the books. I’d love to go back again and explore more of the area!

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  1. Haha! Isa yan sa mga scary part when traveling in a foreign country. Buti nalang it went well. 🙂 food looks delish!! Enjoy your travel Kat! Looking forward to more upcoming posts from Osaka. 🙂

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  2. Kat! Download the Google Translate app and then download the language for the country you’re in. It helps with ordering and asking for directions, they can speak on the mic thing and it will get translated to English. Translation is not super exact but you get the idea of what they’re trying to say haha

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    1. May Google Translate app kami nun pero ginagawa namin yung pipicture-an hahaha. Medyo fail. Pero buti na lang very tourist friendly dun! Sa travels niyo ba ginagawa niyo talaga to? Mahiyain din kasi kami ni Mike kaya parang….hahahaha…no….. 😛


  3. Kat, one thing I learned is that Kansai people (especially Osaka and Kyoto) are totally different from other people in Japan, they have this strong, scary and I-don’t-care attitude, they wouldn’t care if you’re a tourist or anything (some Japanese told me – one from Osaka and Kyoto), we also had experience it when we visited Kyoto and Osaka last June and December, my Japanese friends from Tokyo were scared of them too (parang sa pinas lang Ilocano or Bikolano or Ilonngo has different attitudes)

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    1. Alam mo totoo yan! Kasi nung nasa Tokyo na kami yung tao sa restaurant nag English bigla nung nakita na hindi kami nag Japanese! Ang interesting sana nabasa ko ito before pa kami pumunta para nakapagprepare kami ng todo! Gusto ko na talaga bumalik diyan for vacation ulit haha!

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      1. lol sa Tokyo walang problema maligaw, they would help you get tickets and sasamahan ka hanggang sa destination mo (even here sa lugar ko) pero so Osaka naligaw na kami lahat lahat pero walang tumulong 😂 naexperience ko pa yung siniko ako ng matandang babae kasi nagkasalubong kami 😂 which is far different from my place na iikot talaga sila wag lang kayo maabala 😂

        Anyways, sana makabalik kayo. Try nyo sa Shirakawago this winter it sa Hokkaido (snow festival on Feb)

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      2. OMG naaalala ko yung matandang hinampas yung legs ko ng payong habang naglalakad kami sa Tokyo. Hahahaha until now hindi ko alam ano ginawa kong mali! Baka dahil magktabi kami ng jowa ko and then magiging makitid na yung daan? Ewan ko hahaha.

        Saan ka banda? Pwede ka ba kuning tour guide next time? Hahahaha

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      1. yeah it is! I learned one from my Kyoto friend “nandiyanen” and I used it at school with our counselor to learn that the meaning is “what the hell” or you’ve got to be kidding me” lol, I wasn’t scolded tho, they laughed and told me it was too Kyotoish 😂

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