Hi, guys! Today I want to share with you my personal story on how I lost weight. I know every one of us has this goal but only some of us actually push through and commit to it. I am hoping that by sharing my story you will get inspired and believe that it is doable.


If you’re new to the blog, I actually started blogging to motivate myself to lose weight. I used to post recipes and tips to help me lose weight. That didn’t help my weight loss but instead motivated me to blog, lol. Early 2017, I had an appointment with my doctor regarding my missing visitor. I had PCOS and my OB-GYNE told me that it was because I was fat. (READ Weight Goals)

My weight never really bothered me. In fact, I didn’t really care. I was confident enough. Weight was just a number on the scale. However, after reading more about PCOS and how it can cause cancer (my dad died of cancer) or infertility, I knew I had to step up my game. This was the one greatest motivation for me. I had to do this for myself. 

At first, it was very difficult to lose weight because I wasn’t used to limiting my food intake. It was also a long time since I had any physical exercise. But surprisingly, I found myself registering for a 5k run. This decision motivated me to run daily and make sure that I would be able to finish 5k in under an hour. This was the start of my road to exercise.

After finding the motivation to exercise, I turned my attention to food. I knew I had to limit my food intake because no amount of exercise can ever cancel out all the bad food I knew I would eventually eat. At first, I started with the less diet. It was basically the same diet I had but with controlled portions. I just ate less! This worked great especially with all the rice I was eating. I found myself losing weight easily after going on this diet!

But all good things come to an end. I hit a plateau. No matter what I did, I wasn’t losing weight. I was disappointed especially since I still needed to lose ten pounds at this point. I tried everything – stepped up my exercise routine, cut down on my food, ate more veggies – and still, nothing happened.

My friend who was also trying to lose weight shared her diet tips with me. She was following Dr. Berg on YouTube for her diet. To be honest, I don’t understand Dr. Berg’s tips and diet. I think it’s basically keto but some of his concepts were just too different from what I know that it was hard to accept it. (One concept I found too baffling was eating fatty foods. If you’re on a diet why eat fatty food, right?)

One thing Dr. Berg was advocating for was intermittent fasting. You basically eat only during a certain period of the day. He says I should fast for 16 hours and only eat during the 8-hour window. It’s quite daunting at first but when I tried and stuck to it, it did help me lose some weight. Would I recommend intermittent fasting? Yes, but only if you’re the kind that doesn’t faint or get headaches from fasting. As for me, I honestly switched it up and just followed the concept. Instead of doing the 16:8, I do 12:12. What matters most to me is I fast. (WATCH How to do Intermittent Fasting for Serious Weight Loss)

Another concept Dr. Berg was advocating for was eating more greens (there’s also a deeper explanation on what kind of food you’re supposed to eat based on your body type but I won’t be going in detail for that because I honestly think Dr. Berg’s advice should always be taken with a pinch of salt). I tried it as well by adding a portion of greens to my normal food. I consider this one of my biggest victories because I honestly and passionately dislike vegetables!

After trying all these things, I was surprised to find myself at my weight goal! The whole process took me a year. This isn’t something I was able to do overnight because I was more focused on creating a better lifestyle for me rather than just losing weight. I tried different diets and physical activities to find one that I could add to my lifestyle with the less amount of effort.


Starting weight: 150 pounds

End weight: 125 pounds (sometimes I go up to 126 but I’m aiming for 120)

Inches lost in Uniqlo pants: 1.5 inches (27″ waist feels a little loose but 26″ is tight)

T-shirt sizes lost in Giordano: 1 (Now back to an L)

Holes moved in watch: 1

Holes moved in belt: 2 (I actually need a new one cause my old pants are falling when I use my old belt)

ps. I honestly wish I took more before photos to share with you guys but looking back at the start of last year, I was confident this couldn’t happen. I didn’t believe that I could lose all that weight. 11 months later here I am in shock but definitely proud of myself.

Featured Image by Rachel Park on Unsplash

About the Author Kat

To keep it short and simple: I'm twenty-nine years old. Still plenty young, but not as young as I used to be.


  1. That’s wonderful Kat! I’m a week into my ‘healthier, happier’ me routine and so far it’s been working out (slowly but surely) ! It’s so inspiring to read on your experience and know that I’m not alone out there. Good luck getting off that last few pounds (they’re always the most stubborn to come off lol).

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  2. Hi Kat! Thank you for sharing this. I can seriously relate. You see, I have also diagnosed with PCOS a long time ago. My visitor won’t come when I reach a certain weight. 😦 As of now, I am 4 months delayed. I too have tried so many types of diet method and exercise. I did keto, intermittent fasting, no carb diet and also that “eat less” diet. And they all work wonders. Especially when you accompany it with exercise. Unfortunately, life is just unfair for women with PCOS. Weight gain is recurring. No matter how strictly you discipline yourself. I found myself on this unending journey of losing and gaining and losing and gaining weight again and again. I checked with my doctor about this and she said, that’s just how PCOS is. We are more prone to weight gain compared to normal women. She advised me to do yoga and meditation to help me focus and stay on my goal path as long as possible. As of the moment, I am in 16:8 intermittent fasting and jogging as exercise. Also, planking before going to bed. Hoping to get back on track soon. Goodluck to us! 🙂

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    1. It’s a little disheartening that it is a constant battle when it comes to PCOS. 😦 But this is also the reason why instead of focusing on going on a diet, I made lifestyle changes instead.

      May I know if you have a normal weight? It’s going to be my first month of the pill and I’m worried that my visitor still won’t come even if I have a normal BMI.

      Also, tell me more about your 16:8 intermittent fasting. What do you eat? I always end up starving when I do this!! I’m glad to know I’m not alone in fighting PCOS! 🙂


      1. Yes, it is sad. 😦 On a brighter side, the effect of PCOS is different to every woman. Yes, that’s good to know. That way you will not wear out yourself on a constant diet. Goodluck and I pray you’ll keep a healthy lifestyle as long as you can.

        I am overweight. Constantly going back and forth between being overweight and normal. When I reach my normal weight, that’s when my visitor arrives. When I again become overweight, I’ll miss it. If you’re on the pill, it’s guaranteed that your visitor will come monthly. My OB put me on it too for 6 months. However, I stopped because I felt awful physically. The moment I stopped, haven’t had my visitor for at least 3 months. I undergo an ultrasound and found out that my little cysts (so many of them) in both ovaries increases along with some lumps on my left breast. That’s when I lost it. I decided to stop every medical sh*t I’m having before I lose my mind and just live a healthy lifestyle since I originally know that I only need to be of the normal weight to be regular. So, I did. And that’s when the struggle of back and forth starts up to the present. I never again see a doctor after that.

        The 16:8 IF is not a struggle for me because I patterned it on my daily schedule. I am in a BPO company and my schedule is mid-shift. I woke up around 9:30 am and will be at the office at 11 am. I am used to not having breakfast. When I woke up, I automatically prepare for work and just have a glass of water before going out. I buy coffee to go along the way and have it in the office. I usually consume other beverages during 11am up to 2pm (this will be like my breakfast hours) then I will have my lunch at 2 pm. Within the 2pm – 10 pm time bracket, I eat whatever I want. Literally anything. But of course in moderation and I only divide it into two big meals. For example, I had rice and adobo and some veggies for lunch (2pm), the hours after that, I will keep on snacking on anything, like nuts, bread (may it be wheat or not), sweet potato, fruits, anything you like. (the key is to never let yourself feel hungry) Then I will have my dinner at 10 pm. I made sure that I already ate before the clock strikes 10. 🙂 After 10, I can only have water and other liquid beverages again until 2pm the next day. Before going to bed, (my sleeping time is usually 1am) I do 1 min planking. This combination works wonders. 🙂 I don’t have to do some running and heavy exercise and I am losing weight fast. The 1 min planking really help a lot. I sometimes push it to more than 1 min when I feel like it but I never go under 1 min. Try this combination as your everyday routine. 🙂 I hope this helps you like how it’s helping me now. It’s normal that 16:8 IF is not easy for a few days because your body is adjusting. The mornings is the toughest. This is when you will really feel the fasting effect. I suggest that if you’re not used to not having breakfast, make some soup. Remember that we can take any liquid within the 16 hours fasting, so having some soup can trick your brain that you’re having something aside from just coffee or other beverages. It will surely help you make it until the end of the 16 hours. 🙂

        I hope this helps! 🙂 good luck kat! I will try to make a blog post about this. Maybe there are more other women out there with the same struggles like us.

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      2. WOW. Siguro kung tnry ko yung IF nung mid ako baka magawa ko! Naka day kasi ako ngayon kaya medyo mas tricky. Thank you for sharing ah! Talagang medyo nabuhayan ako na makarinign ng kwento ng ibang tao. 🙂

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      3. Sure Kat, anytime. 🙂 you can personally pm me kung may mga tanong ka pa. I’ll be glad to answer anything na alam ko. 🙂 goodluck ha? kayang kaya mo yan. and don’t get frustrated kung ma stuck ka or hindi consistent yung weightloss mo. Sobrang common yan saten na may PCOS. Basta sige lang ng sige. What matter is, don’t give up. 🙂

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      4. Thankssss!!! Alam mo after ko post yun tapos nabasa ko yung mga comments niyo na parang lifetime na talaga siya, medyo nadiscourage ako kasi parang oh no I love to eat T_T pero ayun, all in moderation lang talaga. Kaya natin ‘to!!! 😀

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      5. I feel you. actually, I am struggling so hard at the moment. My hormones seem to like me to eat and eat and eat so much lately. Sobrang hirap icontrol. T___T i am honestly at lost right now, Sorry for this depressing comment. Hopefully I’ll recover from this soon. haaaay thank you Kath. Opo, walang susuko. Kaya naten toh. 😀


    1. Hi Jassie! Naku, sa sobrang dami kong sinabing diet sa post na ‘to, hindi ko alam ano tinutukoy mo. Pero ang diet ko talaga na ginagawa is eat less lang. Effective naman basta may disiplina. Mas madali naman akong humindi sa mga “bad food”. Hindi ko pa din gusto veggies, hahaha, pero may mga veggies ako na nagustuhan and hinahanap ng mas madalas! 🙂 Naka diet ka din ba or may PCOS?

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      1. Hahaha oo nga pala, sorry! Yung 16:8 chuchu, kung effective ba sayo? Dati kasi ako kapag magbabawas ng timbang e nagaapple cider ako, super effective saken pero ngayon LAMON is LIFE ang peg. hahaha. Wala naman akong PCOS ate, (or dahil di naman ako nagpapacheckup kaya dko alam) Pero gusto ko magbawas ng timbang ngayon di nga lang pwede sa apple cider muna.

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      2. Ginawa ko kasi yung 16:8 ng one week lang hahaha kasi di ko kaya ng hindi kumakain din ng matagal. Di ko din kaya yung maraming kinakain sa one seating. Pero nung ginawa ko siya, effective naman! As in nakita ko kagad yung difference. 🙂

        Lately, mas type ko lang yung 12:12 kasi mas hindi ako gutom. Effective pa din naman pero di mabilis. Try mo yung 16:8 kasi mas maraming kwento na effective yun, hindi ko lang talaga kaya!

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  3. Good for you! I firmly believe “dieting” is not a word that should be used- lifestyle change is the way to go. Once a person changes their eating habits to smaller portions and healthy choices it becomes a way of life and maintaining weight happens. Upping exercise is also key when hitting a plateau. As one ages the challenge becomes greater-the things you always ate you no longer can and new adjustments must be made. Fruit and vegetables are always good choices and cutting red meat out or eating less is also a good way to go. No salt, use spices to flavor your food. That’s my 2 cents- hope you don’t mind. I have always been small and watched my weight but last year my cholesterol was up, so I changed up what I was eating, starting running 2 miles a day and lost 14 lbs- and the cholesterol went from 204 to 150! Keep at it!

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    1. I totally agree with what you said! I also share with my friends that they shouldn’t diet but rather change their lifestyles and eating habits. Most of them don’t believe me though! It’s a definitely a better way of maintaining weight! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.

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      1. hindi ako Muslim ha ha ha gusto ko lang sumabay sa kanila magfasting kasi mas madali pag nakikita kong marami ring nagfafasting. Mahirap talaga sa unang mga araw pero pag nasanay ka na ok na

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  4. Ang galing, Kat! Clap clap! I don’t understand the ‘IF’ thing, though. I work on the night shift and I’m more prone to eating. Ang bad pa, I don’t eat because I’m hungry; I eat because I’m bored or sleepy. Tsk tsk! Literally the only times I don’t eat is when I’m asleep, which is between 1pm to 8pm Mon to Fri. I wish I can also find the discipline to establish an exercise routine and eating lifestyle like you did. Also I don’t eat veggies haha so any diet with more greens automatically discourages me. 😦 Dami kong arte shet

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    1. HUY ANO KA BA. Galing ako nightshift at feel ko mas babagay sayo yung IF. Kain ka lang pag dating mo sa office (as your breakfast) tapos kain ka ulit around madaling araw (your lunch) and then yun na yun. Bukas na ulit! Need mo lang talaga ng disiplina lalo na pag gusto mo kumain. Try mo mag water instead! Try ka lang ng try, Odee. Basta ang important mag try ka para mahanap ano magugustuhan ng katawan mo! (Also applicable for exercise and greens! Kaya nga 1 year ang transformation ko kasi lifestyle change ang goal). Ayun lang, hahaha. Basta, just try. Hindi ka pa nagsstart, discouraged ka na! Wag ganunnnnn!!! 😀


  5. Terrific points. I love to exercise so I always try to lose weight with a proper workout, but I have found some really useful tips that can help me drop pounds in addition to the gym. About one year ago I started making blended fruit smoothies and was amazed at how much better I felt. I am always more energetic after drinking a smoothie, especially the green smoothies. It was a little challenging at first, but after a couple of weeks I no longer craved sugary foods. I actually craved the blended fruit smoothies. I started out with largely fruit smoothies. Vegetable smoothies were more challenging. About 4 weeks ago I really forced myself to take on the green smoothie challenge :). I started making vegetable smoothies once a day and forced myself to drink them. I also found this program which helped me tremendously: http://bit.ly/2r6KVDx . Now, it’s actually easy to drink the vegetable smoothies. I usually start my morning off with a green smoothie, then a fruit smoothie in the middle of the day and then a mixed smoothie at the end of the day which includes both vegetables and fruits.


  6. Kat!!! Congratulations and excellent work! I know that this has been one of your goals for a while and I am so happy for you. I admire your persistence and willingness to try new things. I personally know that this is a challenging goal to achieve, but so fulfilling.
    I also have PCOS and know that I need to get my weight down especially since I am turning 30 this year. Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks. At this point I am finally open to being more dedicated to my goal. I think in this past year I was so discouraged because I kept on getting sick and injured and I reached my highest weight ever in 2017. I am ready to turn this around and have noticed a difference ever since I started eating healthier foods.
    Thanks again for your encouragement and sharing your story. And also telling me about your blog post. My reader doesn’t always show me your posts, but when we exchange comments I always stop by.
    Have a Great week!!!

    ❤ Alana

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    1. Thank you so much, Alana. I know both of us have been working on trying to lose weight for a while now. 🙂 I didn’t know you had PCOS too. Have you read the other comments? It’s really disheartening that PCOS causes all this weight gain and at the same time makes it hard to lose it. Plus it’s going to be a life-long battle. 😦 But I know we can do this! We just can’t give up. 🙂

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      1. You give me hope, Kat. Yeah, I found out that I had PCOS back in 2012. I will have to read through some of your other comments. It’s nice to know we are not alone. Of course we got this, Kat ❤ 🙂

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