I am not a stranger to Shipping Cart. In fact, I even have a review of my experience with them last year. After my experience with them, I know that Shipping Cart has great service and it’s the best way to ship your items from the US. That’s why when my brother, boyfriend, and I wanted to do a little shopping, we knew the only way to go was with Shipping Cart!

If you’re new to shipping cart, their service is really simple. They basically give you a US address. You can have items delivered to this address and when all of your items are in their warehouse, you can send these items to the Philippines. It’s really the only way to go when online shopping in the US because, let’s be honest, international shipping to the Philippines is slow, expensive, and a hassle. (READ LBC Shipping Cart Experience + Review)

Here’s a little timeline for this year’s Shipping Cart experience.

November 5 – We ordered our items off of Amazon. We had Amazon Prime which promised to deliver seven items by November 7th, US time.

November 6 – Some (5/7) items got shipped by Amazon.

November 7 – The items arrived at the warehouse! Shipping Cart will still have to process these items before I will be able to see it on their site.

November 7 – Last two items got shipped by Amazon.

November 8 – I get an e-mail saying the first set of items are ready to be shipped.

November 8 – The second batch of items arrived!

November 9 – I got an e-mail saying the second batch of items are ready to be shipped.

With all my items in the warehouse already, I check my Shipping Cart account to see if it’s all there and in the right condition. Upon checking, everything was and I calculated to see how much shipping to the Philippines will cost us.

shipping cart

November 19 – My brother tells me he wants more things! Good thing I didn’t ship the items yet.

November 20 – Everything is finally in the warehouse. I plan to wait for a couple of more days before having the items shipped.

November 24 – Just in time for Black Friday (and all the other sales for the week) I decided to get our items shipped. I also added the actual value of the items for insurance just so if anything happens to the package it’s insured. Shipping Cart says that my package will arrive by December 6, 2017.

shipping cart

November 26 – I got an e-mail update saying my package has already shipped and it’s estimated arrival is still on December 6. Now the waiting begins!

November 29 – SURPRISE! When I arrived home from work, I see our package waiting for me. Compared to last year’s experience, this was faster! There was also no issues with the products we received since it was packed properly.

shipping cart image1

I was quite excited to try Shipping Cart’s service again because after my previous review, there were some people who shared about their negative experiences. I was quite apprehensive to try again but Shipping Cart definitely did not disappoint! It came as no surprise that their service is still A+. I also still stand by my previous review that Shipping Cart is the best service out there when it comes to having your items shipped from the US to the Philippines. Remember if you have items to ship from the USA to the Philippines, Shipping Cart is the best way to go!


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To keep it short and simple: I'm twenty-nine years old. Still plenty young, but not as young as I used to be.



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