Salamat, 2017!

2017 is truly a year to be thankful. It was a year of firsts. The biggest firsts always revolved around my dad – the first New Year without him, the first Father’s Day without one, his 53rd birthday with no actual celebration, the first All Soul’s day celebrated in a memorial park, his first year since passing. This year was a year of firsts – a year without him. This year was all about accepting this painful truth and learning to move on while not forgetting him. It is still a learning process. It is still difficult. It still hurts. I know the pain won’t go away anytime soon but I hope he doesn’t get to feel this pain and he is somewhere peaceful.

This year is also the year that my patience is put to the test. Is, meaning it is still happening. Our family was always dependent on my dad and with his passing a lot of drama is happening. I wish I can write it all down and you guys wouldn’t judge me or my family but I know it’s not wise to post everything on the internet – especially if it’s family drama. Let’s just end it at, some days I just wish I could go home to a different set of people because I can’t handle the stress. Even if this sounds negative, believe me, I’m thankful for this because it’s teaching me the value of patience and family. No matter what happens, no matter how many fights we have, this is my family and IΒ can’t give up on it. I just wish I can do it.

I am thankful for my partner.Β He is truly one of the best things that have happened in my life. This year I really saw his impact on it and oh-my-god, I can’t be any luckier. He has taught me so much and every day he challenges me to be the best person I can be. πŸ™‚ This sounds so cheesy but man, I am just lucky. I can’t wait to start 2018 and count down the days when I can finally call him my husband.

I know I’ve been trying to be a minimalist for the past couple of years but this year is the year when I took a step further. I’ve realized that minimalism isn’t just about our material possessions. We can be minimalists in different aspects of our life. This year I am thankful that I trimmed down my friends list and finally have a close circle who I can run to any time of the day without being judged. There is a lot less drama and just more room for love.

I’m so thankful for losing 25 pounds! OHMYGOD. I DID IT GUYS. I’ll write all about it in a different post but guys, after twelve months of self-discipline, I’m where I need to be. I hope that being at this weight would solve all my PCOS problems but only time will tell. For everyone who is on a weight loss journey, don’t worry, you can do it! Just stick to your plan and focus on the goal.

Lastly, I am thankful for 2017. I couldn’t quite explain or even try to explain 2017 in words. It was just a whirlwind of emotions and unending lessons.Β I have learned and experienced so much this year that writing it all down would take a long time. So trust me when I say that amidst everything, all the ups, downs, twists and turns, I’m still here standing strong, asking 2018 to bring it.

How was your 2017 and what are you thankful for?

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To keep it short and simple: I'm thirty+ years old. Still plenty young, but not as young as I used to be.


  1. Teh! Happy new year!

    I already told you this, but I really like your KatX blog’s theme! Very clean and easy. I also like the sticky sidebar. Hahaha. 10/10 for site design!

    Sounds like you have a mix of ups and downs for 2017 as well. But I can relate to a couple stuff like trimming down socmed friends (I do this regularly haha), trying to live minimalism (i’m failing in every aspect), and having PCOS (though i don’t let that one bother me as much). I’m excited for your weight loss post because i’m aiming to lose 20-30 pounds this year, and while i know everyone’s weight loss journey is different, i’ll be happy to hear some tips. πŸ˜‰

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    1. Happy New Year, Odee. I just read your post a while ago and I really hope 2018 would be better for us! My weight loss post is already scheduled and writing it down made me feel super proud of myself. You should really make PCOS your motivation for weight loss! That’s what I did. Try to scare yourself by reading what it can lead to, lol. Charot, it can lead to cancer and since my dad died of cancer I was really scared. Hay. πŸ™‚ Anyway, let’s kick 2018 in the ass. I’m so excited for our clean slates.

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      1. Honestly hindi na ‘ko nag follow up sa doc, nor did I read any stuff, scary or otherwise, after i first learned that i have PCOS. Maybe you can tell me what weight loss has got to do with it. I’m not taking any meds; it’s pretty much “keber” at this point. 😦 should i be scared, tho?

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      2. Yung weight gain kasi symptom siya ng PCOS. Kadalasan overweight yung mga diagnosed. One way para malabanan yung PCOS is by losing weight. Basically yun connection ng weight sa PCOS. Should you be scared? For me ah (and I’m not a doctor) mas matakot ka sa effect ng pagiging overweight like high blood, diabetes, etc. Kung hindi mo aagapan yung weight mo medyo patay tayo diyan, either way.

        Tapos dalawa pang possible effect ng PCOS is diabetes and cancer. Diabetes kasi nga yung hormonal imbalance natin nakakalead sa insulin resistance and stuff. Cancer dahil kapag hindi ka nagmemens regularly, kakapal yung lining ng uterus which can lead to endometrial cancer.

        Wheew, all in all, nothing wrong with trying to lose weight. Kasi it can lead to a shit storm of problems in the long run. πŸ™‚


  2. Ohh i see! Salamat haha. Alam mo honestly inignore ko talaga PCOS ko even after i was diagnosed. But you’re right about the weight loss thing, whether i have PCOS or not, i should work on it. πŸ™‚

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