Week #11 Update:

11/27: This week we went to the city hall to get our marriage license. It was easy peasy until we had to schedule our seminars. There aren’t any available schedules until January 5, 2018. We’re supposed to pass the marriage license to the church by December 17 or else (and this was included in the church’s documents) our wedding may be canceled. Of course, we panicked! We asked the city hall if we could have our seminars elsewhere (or have the pre-Cana take its place) and they agreed. Our next problem was where we’d have the seminar in such a short amount of time.

11/29: We called the church near our house and they said they have a pre-Cana scheduled for December 10. We just had to head over to the church office to have it scheduled.

12/2: The boyfriend and I had a short date and we totally forgot to talk about our wedding! I guess we’ll be moving our discussions about it for another day.

Week #10 Update:

12/3: After mass, I went to the office of the church. We scheduled our seminar (it’s a whole day affair from 8-5). I’m not excited about the seminar because they’d probably say that contraception is bad, etc and I don’t believe in that. I hope it’s not going to be that way!!!

12/6: Guys, I had an epiphany. I know what I want for our reception and I don’t plan on compromising on it. I’ll tell you more after I have something concrete to share.

12/7: Early morning, I get a phone call from the church where we scheduled our pre-cana and they told me it was rescheduled to January 14, 2018. We’re screwed. This is so annoying.

12/8: The bad news just keeps on coming! My boyfriend finally fixed our loan papers. We got the biggest surprise of our lives. We just found out we still had to pay the bank to push through with our application. The total fee is pretty big and it’s money we don’t currently have. This morning I was just telling him that I wanted to cancel everything (thanks to family drama) and now we’re seriously considering it. Nothing is final yet. This road to getting married is full of drama and surprise!

12/9: After yesterday’s drama and after computing how much we’ve spent and could potentially save, we decided to just push through with the wedding. We just have to be wiser about everything and not make unplanned decisions. For today we went to the church where we’ll get married and clarified everything. We have good news. They were pretty lenient about our lack of documents and even scheduled us on the December 17th pre-cana at their church. (I swear they say different things everytime we go there.) But, whatever, I’m just thankful none of the issues we were worried about for this week came true. ❤

Week #9 Update:

12/11: Writing this down journal style is the best decision I’ve had in a while! Today’s highlight would be opening a joint account with my boyfriend. It only took us eight months after getting engaged until we finally pushed through with it. I know most couples have joint accounts already but we (or at least I) wasn’t pushing for this because I didn’t want to impose on him. Money is really hard to talk about but we really have to be more open about it to avoid future issues.

12/16: We headed over to SM Makati and registered for SM Gift Registry! The whole experience can’t be explained in words. We were already picking out things for our future home. I wanted to scream “shit’s getting real” the whole time. I loved it but at the same time, it was so difficult to choose things. I hope our guests help us with our dream home! ❤

12/16: We also got our invites! Well, Mike got it last Thursday but I only saw it today. To be honest, the invite looks simple and sad (the color of the paper they used wasn’t the happiest) but it was still something else once I was holding it o my hands. It was special beyond words!

Week #8 Update:

12/17: We attended the pre-cana seminar. I know I was expecting it to be against everything I believed in but it was definitely something else. We mostly were reminded of how important marriage is and what’s expected of us as a Catholic married couple. Of course, the talk of contraceptives and family planning were discussed but I loved how our facilitators didn’t push what the church believed in us. Instead, they just let us know what they believed in and encouraged us to try it. I told you, it was something else. I loved it. But of course, there were still some issues they just couldn’t deal with (specifically LGBT related issues). I just hope they become more understanding of the LGBT community after all our God is a forgiving and understanding god, right?

12/19: I got our Marriage License today!!!! OMG. IT’S REAAAAL!!! I had a mini heart attack when I saw Mike’s age was wrong. Good thing I noticed it immediately and got it changed.

12/23: I was supposed to have my first fitting last week but the designer re-scheduled it to this week. BUT GUESS WHAT, he canceled again. Did I just waste money? Am I getting scammed? Should I be worried at this point?

Hi guys, I decided to write journal-style because it was less of a hassle. I’m getting too busy with work and marriage stuff that writing and posting every week was getting a little tough. I hope you still have fun reading through my experience and if you have tips/ideas on my personal woes, please go right ahead and comment all you want! ❤


About the Author Kat

To keep it short and simple: I'm twenty-nine years old. Still plenty young, but not as young as I used to be.


  1. Planning for a wedding can be stressful but never let that get in the way of appreciating each other. Your new life begins after the wedding and I think that’s where most of the effort has to be spent.

    May all be smooth from hereon. Merry Christmas and happy new year, Kat! X.

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  2. Kat, this comment won’t help pero naiirita ako na nakakapanic yung designer mo ano ba naman! huhuhu pero sana naman pag na-fit mo na eh perfect yung gown and all that. Yung wala na reremedyuhan haha 🙂 Naeexcite ako shettttt!

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