I blog for fun. I’ll be honest though, I do get jealous of all the other people who blog for fun and actually earn from it. That’s the real reason I moved my whole site to WordPress.org. I wanted to try with all my heart and soul to gain from my hobby.

I moved my blog to WordPress.org last July. I was serious about trying to earn money. At first, I was very optimistic about it and thought that it would be a piece of cake. With average views of 100 daily, I was confident that it was possible but boy was I wrong. I joined Nuffnang first. According to Nuffnang, I only had an average of 30 views a day. It was a lot lower than what my WordPress stats were showing. Investigating a little deeper, I found out that Nuffnang has a different way of checking and counting my stats. It’s not just simply a person viewing it – it has to be unique and organic. In other words, it was a whole lot harder than what I thought.

Nuffnang stats
My Nuffnang stats. 1,000 less than my WordPress stats.

I gave Nuffnang a chance. I stayed with it for 4 months. I consistently tried to grow my blog by posting content every week. I also tried all my tested methods to gain more views. Even if my stats are consistent and impressive (for me, at least), Nuffnang wasn’t impressed enough to give me a chance to earn from their platform.

Late November, I chanced upon Google AdSense. I knew they were going to disapprove my application but a part of me still wanted to try. I did and they disapproved me, lol! Alongside my rejection e-mail was a list of things on why they I wasn’t able to pass. Even if I expected the rejection, I didn’t expect to get hurt and sensitive about it.

Google Adsense Rejection

I spent hours and days wondering about my rejection. Then it hit me. Google is right! My personal blog would never earn. I am an anonymous personal blogger. I don’t post personal pictures on my blog. I am just a voice without a face or proper representation. That’s the biggest problem I had. A personal blogger without a face is just another blog on the internet. That person will never earn from her personal blog.

Which is why after consideration, I’ve finally decided on something. I still want to try and earn from my blog but I still want to blog. I now have two sites, thekatalogue.net and katx.blog. If you want to see me try and earn money go over to The Katalogue but if you’re more interested in the personal side of things, stay here. I hope to still see you guys around! ❤


About the Author Kat

To keep it short and simple: I'm twenty-nine years old. Still plenty young, but not as young as I used to be.


  1. I’ve been told that earning from blogs is notoriously difficult, especially if you don’t have a ‘niche’ because there are already so many bloggers out there! I recently subscribed to WordAds but the clickthrough rate is so low I might as well not have it lol. Like many, I’m blogging mostly for fun but it would be nice to earn some on the side.
    That being said, I like your new skincare blog! It looks really professional and has good content. Best of luck!

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    1. Some people make it look so easy though! I hate to sound like a jealous person but sometimes (especially for local blogs here in the Philippines) some companies would work with you based on your looks and not your content. It’s sad but I’m still going to try haha!

      I was just wondering if I should even try WordAds! 😛 I honestly thought some of your content are sponsored. I really enjoy your travel posts since they’re all so thorough! 🙂

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      1. Sad but true. Some bloggers/influencers are just like ‘celebrities’ so companies bank on their looks to sell or market a brand.
        I actually work full-time as a travel/lifestyle writer so most of my content is stuff that I do for work that has already been published. I wish someone would sponsor me too 😛
        But thanks for reading !


  2. I want to see your face, Kat! Hehe. The bride-to-be. I was anxious about earning from my blog, ang kapal ko no e naka WP.com pa ko! Haha! Kahit mga sponsored posts. Sometimes I feel bad when I get rejected pero I just think na ang priority ko sa blogging is to write and bonus na lang yung matanggap sa mga sponsorship. Baka sa future karirin ko to hehe. More power to your blog and I am sure kikita ka jan dahil magaling ka magsulat 🙂

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    1. Ako kasi Meg ang problema ko gusto ko all or nothing wahahaha un din ang narealize ko after ilang months of trying na mag-earn. Parang determined ako pero alam ko parang binebenta ko yung sarili ko at ‘di ako yun. Kaya nagdecide ako na paghiwalayin. Oo ang arte pero alam mo yun, hahahaha, hindi ko kasi magawa na pagsamahin, parang nawawala yung self ko? Wahahaha.. blogging lang ‘to ah, na over think ko na :p Pano ka ba nagkakaron ng sponsored posts? May sinasalihan ka din ba? I wanna know!! Gusto ko din magshow ng pics. Promise magppost ako soon magugulat na lang kayo lol

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      1. I think that’s better na magkahiwaly kasi mahirap talaga kapag magksama llo kapag marami ka ng kinikita or sponsors, puro ad na yung blog mo. Mawawala na talga yung personal side mo. Mommy Bloggers Philippines yung community na meron ako. Jan ako nakakakuha ng sponsorship hehe. Sana nga more to come this 2018. Maraming blogging community sa FB.

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    1. Wahahahaha what a joke talaga lahat ng mga ganyan. Talagang di ka naman kumikita unless siguro super ganda mo (ng sinusulat mo hahaha) . Maghanda kayo ah! Sa mga pasabog ko na pictures charot hahahaha

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  3. I used to earn while writing blogs but I can’t balance it with med school so I quit. I do miss writing especially during school days but I know I have to make sacrifices in order to achieve my dreams in life. 🙂 However, if writing is really your passion then you must not give up because in the long run, you’ll reap a harvest! 🙂

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  4. Bakit ngayon ko lang nakita ‘tong KatX blog??? Anyway. I hope you do get to earn from blogging, teh! I’ll be sticking around here at KatX because I like the personal side of you hah.

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  5. Hi Kat, thanks for sharing your story. Monetizing a blog certainly isn’t as easy as it looks. If it’s any consolation, you’ve got a great thing going here. I hope to hear more about your journey as I start my new poetry/writing blog, too.

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