Hey guys! The big day is getting nearer and nearer. In fact, it’ll only be twelve weeks until the BIG DAY. To be honest, I don’t feel excited about the event. I am only excited about getting married and beginning a new chapter in my life. But since I’m literally spending almost all of my savings for this event (don’t ask me why it escalated like that), I plan to change the way I feel about the event by doing this series!

For this week we have some big tasks! The first task is securing a marriage license at the city hall. I am so excited to start this task because things are finally feeling real. Months of planning have flown by so quickly and now we’re at this point of securing this black and white paper from the government. I hope things go smoothly and there will be no major issues once we go to the city hall.

The second major task we have for this week is deciding on what we want to do at the reception. I don’t want to do any of the typical stuff at weddings – no garters, no doves, no dances, etc. If we won’t be doing any of that, what will we be doing? Can I compromise on this? I really don’t like being in front of crowds and having everyone’s eyes on me! What are our other options if we don’t do anything. Do we just eat and go home? Is that an option? ‘Cause I’d be totally down with it if it was, lol! I really hope we can think of some fun and interactive activities to do for the reception! We rented out a beautiful venue and I’d hate for it to go to waste if we don’t maximize it.

Now for the fun stuff, our worries! Worry number 1: I still haven’t had my first fitting for my wedding gown. The designer we’ve decided to work with is being a little tricky. He only replied with an “I’ll let you know when we can have our fitting” when we asked when it’ll be. It’s only twelve weeks before the big day and I don’t know what my dress looks like.

Worry number 2: We’re having a day event and we’re both unsure if we need lights for our reception. We really don’t have the budget and I really don’t want to spend anymore but what if we need lights? What do we need lights for anyway? I asked my friend who works with weddings and he said the lights are for the stage. It’s for when we sit in front so we’ll look great all the time. His answer didn’t really convince me, in fact, it only confused me. DO WE NEED LIGHTS?

Worry number 3: The venue for our reception is plain as heck! It looks great without design but I’m worried that it’ll look too plain and understyled without any styling or drapes. What if it looks like a plain room? I was looking all over Pinterest for some ideas and found some options but if we book an events stylist, that’s another expense that’ll be over budget.

Basically, at this point, I’m just worried about our finances and the overall flow of our reception! We still have things to worry about after our wedding and I hate it that I’m exerting tons of energy for a one-day event. I just feel uneasy.


About the Author Kat

To keep it short and simple: I'm twenty-nine years old. Still plenty young, but not as young as I used to be.


  1. All is well, Kat! Magiging okay din lahat. November 19 kinasal yung friend ko. Maraming hassle nung umaga, as in pero nabawi naman lahat nung nagstart na yung wedding. Soon magpopost ako ng pics about the wedding. Maybe you can talk dun sa mgmt ng reception kung pano malalagyan ng design yung place or look for crafters. Check mo yung group na Crafters Buy n Sell sa FB tapos search ka ng tao or team na pwede magdesign ng place. My friend @fleuristaph sa IG, Aiko ang name nya, gumagawa ng paper flowers and sya yung nagdesign at gumawa ng souvenirs sa bridal shower. Maybe she can help you. Send me an email if you need help 🙂


    1. Awwww thanks Meg! I’ll check ung FB page na yan. Need ko talaga ng ideas and ways para makatipid pa. Pero need muna namin magusap ni BF para on the same page kami if need ba talaga or what! Thanks you, Meg!


  2. It has been awhile since I’ve been to your blog. =)
    During the reception, I remember we had the ninongs and ninangs say their advice to us. =) I think it was great to have them participated in the wedding and not just attend, eat, and look at everything. =) I think it would be nice to involve them in that way. Like having people participate in the activities. Haha at least the eyes won’t be on you but on them. =)

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    1. UPDATE: Wala na pala kaming budget for anything kaya if may gusto pa akong idagdag, DIY na hahaha. Kaloka ikasal. I hope di niyo maexperience ‘to! 😀



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