Japan 2017

Last October 11-18, I was blessed to be given a chance to spend eight days in Japan. In all honesty, I don’t really know anything about their culture or country. I don’t really watch anime or read mangas. It’s such a surprise when I booked the tickets and found myself in the land of the rising sun.

We land and depart at Narita Airport but we also plan to see the Kansai Region. With this plan in mind, we opted to buy the JR Pass for convenience and comfort. Sure it costs a bit more but with hours of travel in between, it’s a price we gladly paid. Our plan was simple – to maximize the JR Pass, we had to go to as many places where we can use it. We ended up with this map and plan for our Japan trip.


Day 1 – Arrival at Narita. Travel to Osaka.

Day 2 – Kyoto

Day 3 – Universal Studios Japan

Day 4 – Nara

Day 5 – Himeji. Travel to Tokyo.

Day 6 – Nikko

Day 7 – Tokyo

Day 8 – Tokyo. Departure at Narita.

It’s like the ultimate Japan trip! We had so many places to see in such a short amount of time. I was worried we’d be so burnt out by the end of each day but surprisingly we weren’t too tired thanks to the comfort of riding the Shinkansen (and the JR line trains).ย The Shinkansen or the bullet train is a network of high-speed railway lines operated by the Japan Railways Group Company. (Thanks, Wiki!) Its top speed can reach 320kph. You can reach Kyoto from Tokyo in under 3 hours. Can you even imagine how fast that is? Riding the shinkansen is already an experience of its own. It was an amazing! You get to see the different landscapes of Japan. Plus, the trains itself were things of beauty.

JR Pass

JR Pass1

This whole trip to Japan covers a lot of places. I won’t be including our detailed itinerary in this post but feel free to contact me if you want to know or see it. As for the rest of the Japan posts, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did seeing it. โค

ps. I hope you enjoy this video of the Shinkansen.





13 thoughts on “Japan 2017”

  1. Ang ganda nung train nila, ang lakas maka-future feels!! At ang laki talaga ng Japan ‘no? I mean… siguro mukhang maliit pero sobrang daming pwedeng puntahan na kahit sobrang tagal mo parang kulang pa rin ang time. Huhu. Sarap siguro tumira d’yan.


  2. Naku Kat, kami ni Kyx super fan na fan ng all things Japanese hahahaha manga, anime, movie, culture lahat lahat na haha sana makapunta din kami. Kapag mayaman na hahahahaha


    1. Diba!!! Pag hinga mo pa lang nung hangin nila ayaw mo na umuwi hahaha. Sinulit kasi namin yung JR Pass namin! Excited na akong bumalik haha. Tuloy ka ba this year or Korea lang?


      1. Sa totoo lang medyo cramped yung itinerary namin dahil sa JR Pass. Pero sulit din kasi ang daming napuntahan. Next time naman isang region/city lang kami para mas slow yung pace! Gusto ko na nga bumalik, pinipilit ko si bf na mag yearly Japan trip! ๐Ÿ˜‚



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