Review: Sandman Overture by Neil Gaiman

If I haven’t told you before, let me tell you that my favorite writer of all time is Neil Gaiman. I really like the way he tells his stories and how each and every detail is interconnected. One of my dreams is to read his Sandman comic book series but that dream is on hold until I go crazy because last time I checked one volume costs 6,000++ pesos at Fully Booked. Nope, sorry Neil.


My boyfriend is all sorts of amazing and he got me the Sandman Overture instead. It says in the introduction that this volume somehow explains and answers some of the questions in the Sandman but since I haven’t read any of it, I had to read this graphic novel without understanding and expecting anything.

The story itself is pretty simple and talks about how a star is going mad and how it’s threating to destroy everything. Dream is out to save the world, after all, it’s his fault why it’s even happening. It’s basic and straightforward if you ask me. But typical of Gaiman, each and every character and scene makes you think. One of the real things that stuck in my head after reading this is the character names and attitudes of Dream’s siblings – Death, Desire, Despair, Delirium, Destruction, and Destiny. The attention to detail this guy has! I’m always amazed.

Another thing I want to rave about is the artwork itself. It is my first time to read a graphic novel and I am blown away by the attention to detail on each page. Each page looked like a masterpiece and it surely captured my eyes. The typography/fonts were also amazing. I liked how some were regular, while some were in bold. I think that was to give more emphasis to certain lines/words. It sounds basic that I’m fascinated over fonts and artwork! Honestly, though, I just can’t get over the graphic novel itself! As a first-time reader of this type of work, I am in awe.



Reading this graphic novel makes me want to read the whole Sandman series. Have you read it? I’ve read online that you shouldn’t read the Sandman Overture first but what’s a poor girl got to do! Do any of you have copies of it? I’d love to read it!!!


2 thoughts on “Review: Sandman Overture by Neil Gaiman”

  1. I have an incomplete set of Sandman (you can get one for around 900 which is just one part and not hardbound, the 6000+ ones are the compiled version, glossy and hardbound right?)! It’s great!!!



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