Let’s have coffee

It’s my first weekend in a while where I actually feel motivated to write a let’s have coffee post. I used to write this weekly update religiously but I stopped cause my life seemed so repetitive and boring. Anyway, today I’m just going to write. I do hope you stay for some coffee.

If we were having coffee, I’d have to update you about my lack of posts or interaction on this blog. Life has really just been catching up and I have to put my blog on the back burner for a while because money my job and my boyfriend fiance are more important. I used to work mostly from home but because of some changes, I think I have to report to the office more often. It means I have lesser time to check my blog. I tried using the app but it’s just different when you’re checking on a computer and have a million tabs open.

My boyfriend and I also have tons of things to settle. We have an upcoming trip and we are on beast mode planning. We have to be extremely careful on picking activities, modes of transportation, etc because we have limited funds no thanks to our upcoming wedding. We also have to settle the finer details of our wedding. What table setting do we really want? What colors? Do we have to give gifts to our primary sponsors, entourage, or family? How much are we willing to spend for this or that? How much more money do we have to save and spend? We end up talking for most of our dates. We go sit in coffee shops and plan everything. It’s stressful but I love it at the same time. The teamwork we have is great and I hope it doesn’t change once we get married, have kids, and plan our life together. I also appreciate him very much because he still loves me even if I forgot the exact color of our entourage’s dresses, lol.

If we were having coffee, let me tell you more about this weekend’s activities. We were supposed to go watch the movie It. I hate scary or thriller movies but I wanted to watch this because I could have an excuse of snuggling with him even if there were people around us. lol landi ko Unfortunately, it didn’t push through because there was a group of people in front of us and they bought most of the remaining tickets. I guess my plan for some PDA will have to be moved next week. LOL.

We were also supposed to go to the wedding expo on SMX but ended up canceling because of funds. We were supposed to go check out a supplier but decided not to because the original supplier we found was cheaper by 50%. We ended up going to Makati to check out fabrics for our secondary sponsor’s and parent’s dresses. There were so many choices to choose from and it didn’t help that I forgot the color we chose for our entourage. We ended up choosing these silk fabrics! It’s gorgeous. Although we’re still unsure who exactly will wear it.

Honestly, the only upside of this weekend was us getting tickets to next week’s book fair! I am so excited. My wallet is ready. I also hope to find this book. I regret not buying it last week because I was thinking of the upcoming fair and the discount I could get.

update (3)

If we were having coffee, I’d have to quickly share with you my annoyance and disappointment with my brother and his girlfriend. Remember the trip I was mentioning a few sentences back, we were supposed to go together as a group but no thanks to their desire to save money, we’ll be going our separate ways. It’s annoying because if they were upfront with what kind of experience they wanted out of it, I could have said no with the group travel and skipped the whole trip. It’s official guys! I hate his girlfriend. I hope she drowns in a drum of sulfur. I’m kidding, half kidding. 

That’s it for now. I hope you had a fun and fab weekend. Tell me what you’ve been up to in the comments below! 🙂


14 thoughts on “Let’s have coffee”

  1. Tawang tawa ako sa failed na PDA. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Sana makapunta din ako sa Book Fair, ate! Ang dami kong gastos omg how to budget. I’ll DM you if I’ll go maybe we can meet??? If only you want too. LOL


    1. Next time na yung budget! Books are a priority!! Haha. Sympre ang una kong sagot is I’m too shy to meet but maybe I’ll change my mind as the week goes. DM me ah! 😀


  2. Gusto ko ang scary movies pero in real life takot ako sa multo haha! Si husband naman ayaw ng scary movies, kahit sa Feng Shui afraidy aguilar sya hehe. Gusto ko rin sana magpunta ng book fair kaso may ganap sa weekend. Tagal ko na di nakakabasa ng bagong libro. God bless sa upcoming wedding ❤


  3. Napangiti mo ako dun sa PDA part. Haha parang high school lang? ✌️✌✌ Gustong gusto ko rin manood ng mga scary movies, hindi yung mga nakakadiri huh na parang Saw, yung scary na nakakagulat. Yung parang luluwa na puso mo sa dibdib mo. Ganun. Mukang bet ko rin yung mga books ah, you know me naman and my addiction to crime-thrillers, yan eh kung crime-thrillers nga ba yang mga yan. Gusto ko rin umattend ng mga book fair, pano ba maging updated diyan? Relate din ako dun sa hate mo girlfriend ng bro mo. Good luck sa wedding niyo pala.


    1. Naniniwala kasi ako talaga na minsan need ng landi sa relasyon hahaha! Itong book na to is based on true stories. As in. Kaya nga super interested ako! Finofollow ko lang yung fully booked sa social media bes!


  4. Death by drowning in sulfur – sakto lang yung book na gusto mo bilihin hahaha! Good luck sa trip! Kaya minsan sobrang hirap ako makahanap ng mga tao na gusto ko kasama magtravel kasi hassle pag hindi kayo same ng gusto gawin


  5. Ang sad nung di natuloy na PDA! Sa bahay nalang kayo mag-movie marathon Ate para mas solo n’yo ‘yung place! HAHAHAHA. And nagbabasa ba si girlfriend ni kapatid ng blog mo? Ano kaya reaction n’ya sa sulfur issue? Abangan. Hahahaha


    1. Hahaha naku R-18 dito sa bahay dahil may mga kids dito! Hindi kaya nga pwede ko siya lunurin dito lol. Wala din family ko may alam nung blog ko kaya free ako to write whatever I want 🙂



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