Menstrual cycle/Hormones is a weakness?

It all started when I told my brother that I was sincerely and wholeheartedly annoyed with my mother. I was on a rant and I was vicious. I told him after that it’s probably because of my hormones. It was that time of the month and I was beyond sensitive.Β 

He then asked me if I think that having menstruation, and everything else that goes along with it, is a sign of weakness. That question hit me hard.


The truth is I do think it is a weakness. I think that having to succumb to your hormones at a certain time of the month is a weakness. The fact that you can’t control your emotions and then all of a sudden turn into an emotional mess is a weakness. I personally have had arguments because of my hormones. It’s awful. Most especially after realizing that it was petty and it wasn’t really because of you.

However, I think that acknowledging it as a weakness is the first step to controlling it. Β I also believe that if you can control it, it doesn’t have to be a weakness. Just like the annoyance I was feeling with my mother. I identified the fact that it was because of my hormones and acted accordingly by staying away from her. That stopped me from causing any fights and kept everyone happy.

I’m throwing the question back at you, do you think that going through your menstrual cycle is a weakness? What are your thoughts on this?


16 thoughts on “Menstrual cycle/Hormones is a weakness?”

  1. I don’t think it’s a weakness. I also experience this. Pre-menstrual ang sa akin. My lady boss knows kapag may topak ako, haha! Let’s try to control it na lang kapag we feel na over na. Not everyone can understand hormones and girl thing πŸ™‚


    1. I have really bad ones since I’m on the pill (for my PCOS) and grabe talaga minsan ang emotional ko over the silliest things! I always try to control it, lalo na pag alam ko na hormones ko nga, pero ang hirap. Effort din talaga. Kaya minsan naiisip ko baka weakness din….


  2. Society certainly thinks it is (a weakness). Woman can’t really get angry without someone accusing us as being ‘hormonal’ (in a negative way).

    It doesn’t make us crazy. It makes the feelings we already have more intense – sometimes at inopportune times – however it may encourage us to deal with our shit better by sparking conflict that was longtime coming anyway.


  3. Parang hindi naman siya weakness Kat kasi normal occurrence ang mens… hindi dahil nagiging grumpy tayo during this period eh weak na tayo, hindi naman ata mapipigilan ang mga pisikal na pangyayari sa katawan natin


    1. Siguro nakalimutan ko din i-acknowledge sa post ko na normal ung monthly chuchu natin. Pero kung iisipin mo, yung mga comeback na “meron kasi yan kaya ganyan” or “meron ka siguro” na ginagamit din nating mga girls minsan sa boys (or kahit sa kapwa girls) parang sign din un na kahinaan natin un. Na parang wala tayong choice kundi tanggapin ung sitwasyon kasi nga resulta ng kakemehan ng katawan natin.

      Hindi siya weakness, oo, pero in a way may keme pa din siya. LOL. Sa totoo lang di ko na po alam ano pinaglalaban ko. Pero I’ll stick with my post and say na I consider it a disadvantage for us girls. 😦


  4. Personally I don’t think it’s a weakness. It’s a normal and biological part of our lives as women. But it’s not an excuse either.
    I have, sadly, in the past (and sometimes still do) excused myself for bad behavior because of it. The pain can cause me to turn my “Hulk mode” on, so harsh words to very “persistent” people are likely, which is then followed by apologies after. πŸ˜€
    To cope, my husband buys chocolate beforehand, which he said he will throw at me when I start turning green.


  5. For me, I don’t think it’s a weakness kasi parang normal naman talaga na mafefeel natin ‘yung mga ‘yun especially during that time of the month. Minsan, nacocontrol, madalas hindi. PMS naman ‘yung akin. Kapag ang bilis ko na lalo maiyak over things tsaka ang bilis ko mayamot, alam ko na. Hahaha


    1. OMG ganyan din ako Amielle! Sobrang emotional and sensitive nakakainis.

      Just because it’s normal doesn’t make it okay though. Diba? I mean think of being in a business setting and you have to make a decision pero you’re an emotional wreck lol. What if mali yung decision mo because of it and then your whole business fails.

      Hahaa, not sure ano pinaglalaban ko. I’m not saying or trying to convince you that it is a weakness but I think it definitely limits us girls in a way – lalo na yung matitindi ang PMS, etc.


  6. I honestly don’t think it’s a weakness. Men also has their urges like yung sinasabi nga nila na ang mga lalaki yung “likas na malibog”. But I don’t see it as their weakness. It’s just how they are (whether we want to accept that or not). Parang yung monthly period lang natin, it’s just how we are.

    Seriously, it’s something that we can control in a way na, like you said, stay away nalang. I have hormonal imbalance so the grumpiness doesn’t actually only happen once a month, it’s an all-around, year-round occurrence for me. If there are men who can control their sexual urges kahit ‘nakatayo na’ at talagang andun na, I truly believe na women can do the same.

    But it’s not something that should be branded as a weakness.


    1. It’s a very good point you raised especially with the comparison. My mind was solely focused on the girl side of things.

      Or siguro weakness is too strong of a word. I think it limits us but not to a point where it is a weakness.


  7. For me, it’s not a weakness. It’s just part of us. Sometimes, I can control my grumpiness, often times I go along with it nalang. haha.


  8. Nagpipills na ako sa lagay kong ito pero yung hormones ko grabe pa rin minsan. Dumating ako sa point na every day galit ako, pissed off, annoyed, irritated lahat na. Ang nega ko talaga, pero ngayon konti konti nalang. Siguro hindi naman siya weakness 😦 pero hindi ko rin alam kung ano siya kung hindi siya weakness.
    Mahirap lang talaga icontrol ang emosyon lalo na kapag raging ang hormones πŸ™‚


    1. Ako din. Dahil sa pills ko minsan uncontrolable siya nakakaiyak. T_T I agree na hindi siya weakness (kahit na sinabi ko na weakness siya sa post ko lol) pero it limits us in a way. Dahil nga hindi natin ma-control. 😦


  9. I just avoid people during my period haha. I stay home, binge eat, and avoid conversations with most people para di ako ma annoy sa kanila. Voila! Problem solved! πŸ˜€



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