K-Movie Review: The Suspect

I had no expectations when I watched this movie. All I had in mind was Gong Yoo and how fine he was. I was surprisingly surprised by how good this movie was and how great of an actor Gong Yoo is even if he barely spoke all throughout the movie.

A North Korean spy (Gong Yoo), who is abandoned by North Korea, settles down in South Korea. He then becomes a the prime suspect in a murder case. The victim in the murder case is the CEO of a large corporation. The suspect now attempts to uncover the truth. – Asian Wiki

the suspect.jpg

This movie is action packed. I will go ahead and say that it has Hollywood level production. The action never stopped and some scenes were a bit brutal for Korean standards. I was surprised that Gong Yoo even starred in an action movie, I thought he was more of the romantic/easy movie/series type. It was refreshingly good. It definitely showed a different side of him.

The story also has a soft side to it. Besides being a North Korean spy, Gong Yoo’s character is also a father. His family was murdered by a North Korean spy and he has solely focused his life on revenge. This part of the plot really solidified the story for me as the movie did not solely center on a spy wrongly accused of murder. It showed more depth for Gong Yoo’s character.

The other actors perfectly completed the movie. I love to hate Kim Seok Ho. He really plays the role of the antagonist well. This isn’t the first time I’ve watched him do a convincing and annoying performance. I’d also commend the performance of Park Hee Soon and Jo Jae Yun who completed the movie for me. Their characters added the perfect balance to a full-on action movie.

If you’ve watched Train to Busan, this movie has a similar feel to it. Fast-paced and action packed but perfectly mixed with a soft ending. I love it and highly recommend you to watch it! Here’s the trailer.

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3 thoughts on “K-Movie Review: The Suspect

  1. “All I had in mind was Gong Yoo and how fine he was.” hahaha lovette!! Sobrang bagay talaga sa kanya mga ganitong genre ‘no, Ate? Watch ko nga din ‘to this week. 🙂



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