I somehow managed to get nominated for three WordPress’ awards. I am thankful that people nominated me. I never got around answering them until today. Again, many thanks to all the beautiful and wonderful people who thought of me. I am nothing without you. ❤


What is your favorite food? I devour everything but if I had to choose its adobo. Adobo anything, I’ll eat it. It’s the Filipino in me. I also love the fact that if you go to a different province, they’d have a different version of adobo.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? Self-employed. I’m really aiming for that since I HATE WITH PASSION working in a corporate setting. I hate the drama, rules, and working hours. I hope I get to pursue a writing career or earn from this blog or get a steady income off of my stocks. Anyone else hates their jobs?

Married, kids, job, etc? I’m about to get married and currently working for an IT company. I like my job. I semi-hate it sometimes.

What are your hobbies? Hobbies include blogging, reading, watching, K-beauty, and K-life. Although I don’t want to visit Korea. I might like it too much and want to move there or something.

If you could have any job in the world what would it be? I’m already twenty-seven but I still don’t know what I want to be. Is that weird? I’d probably want to blog as a legit job. I’m not sure if my content would be profitable though, lol. I did try to add Nuffnang ads on my site. I don’t know what’s going to happen but please visit my site often so I’d get profit, looool. **shameless self plus**

What is the thing you are most proud of? I’d have to be proud of my skin. Ever since being immersed to the K-beauty world, I stepped up my skin care game and I’m proud to say I am confident with or without makeup. (Not that I wasn’t before)

If there is a quote that defines your outlook on life, what would it be? I don’t have a quote I live by. I do, however, have ideas/principles I try my best to live by. It’s minimalism and positivity. Both of these concepts really help me become a better person.

What did you do yesterday?  Yesterday was a weekend (sorry, I answered this question on a Monday) so I spent it with family. My tita, tito, and cousins from Canada are here and we spent it at the mall. They spent a good hour or more at Uniqlo, lol.

What is the worst injury/illness you have sustained? If so, how? OMG. I was always that girl who easily get sprains. There was this one time my brother was playing volleyball and being my cute self, I pretended to block the ball. There I was screaming my lungs off (like how the commentators on TV are) and then BOOM I fell on my ankle. I COULDN’T WALK!

Do you have any pets? My family has tons of dogs but I don’t like them cause I got bitten by one before. I’m scarred for life.

What is your favorite season? We don’t really have seasons where I’m from. But if I had to categorize our weather it would be – hot, hotter, humid, and wet. I personally prefer hot. I’m used to it by now it doesn’t bother me anymore. I hate the hot and humid days the most.


What song best describes your current mood/stage of life?  I Am The Best – 2NE1. This will forever be my anthem. 😛 There’s just something about the song that boosts my confidence. 

What are the things that made you happy recently? I’ve been so successful selling my old books on OLX lately. It makes me happy knowing I got money and my books are getting a new life with another owner.

What are the things that annoyed you recently? My mom, lol. I’m sorry ma but you’re so annoying 90% of the time. I’m obviously not going to elaborate what she did (or didn’t do) here. 

What do you love to write about? I love writing about things related to me, lol. This is a personal blog. I think that much is expected. 🙂

What would you ask for if you had one wish granted? Hugs from my dad.

What would you do if you won the lottery? I’d spend it all. Money is there to be spent and it’s so much easier to spend money you didn’t have to work hard for. 

What talents do you have? Does having an impressive imagination count? Because if it does, then that would be my all-time talent.

Have you ever built a snowman? Yes! But it was a lousy one. We used melting snow cause it was already spring. 

What type of music do you like? I honestly prefer K-Pop over anything. Mostly because I don’t know what they’re singing about. I’m picky with the English songs I listen to because I really have to like the meaning behind the song. 

Do you prefer sunrise or sunset? Why? Neither. I’m mostly indoors anyway. Just as long as there is another day to live, I’m good and thankful.

How long can you balance on one foot? I tried and I stopped at a minute because it was getting silly. 😛

Excluding social media and blogging platforms, is there any other website that you constantly visit? Does YouTube count? If it doesn’t then, I don’t visit any other site. I mostly go online either for my blog or YouTube.

Let’s say I want to start a twee pop band. Raw guitar sound, anti-folkish vibe, and tamad-tamaran school of singing a la Zooey Deschanel—care to suggest a band name? Hahaha, no. Hindi ako corny pero I’m so bad with making up names it took me a year to think of my blog name.

If I were to visit your city, would you meet up with me so we could make chika in person? No, kasi I’m so shy. I actually work with Teesh from Adventures of a Cupcake Girl (I’m not linking her cause she might see this, lol) and I saw her in person. We were in the same room and all I could do was stare, lol. I was trying my best to muster up the courage to say hi but she left before that happened!

Do you identify as a feminist? Why or why not? No, because I hate labels. Also, because there are some feminists who give feminism a bad name and end up ruining the whole thing for me. I do believe in equality, though. I fight for that in any way I can.

Would you ever consider going vegetarian? No, definitely not. I love my porks and beefs so much.

What do you think about President Duterte’s term so far? I voted for this guy. I love that he loves the Philippines. His methods, words, and actions are not what a president should have but I try to look past that because what other choice do I have? We have the next few years with him and instead of hating him, I’ll just do my best to support his cause and do my share to make the Philippines a better country. Hate doesn’t solve anything. The only thing it does is create more discord between Filipino citizens. I’d have the same sentiments if Mar or Binay won. There’s really nothing much I can do with how they run the country. The only thing I could do is support my country and wish for the best.

Favorite book? I’ve read tons of books I’ve lost count. I’m also that girl who reads a book once and forgets all about it, lol. On top of my head, anything by Neil Gaiman. He’s my man, my main squeeze.

What’s the last song that got stuck in your head? Boys by Charlie XCX. 

Do you ever get hit by a sudden feeling of loneliness? How do you deal with it? I especially get sad when I remember my dad. I cry it out and get it out of my system. I let myself feel it then try my best to get over it.

Anything you want to achieve before the year ends? My weight goal of 125lbs. I know I said I only wanted it to be in the lower 130’s but what worries me the most is if I stop taking my pills, my period might not visit me again and that scares me. I’ll just have to follow my doctor. TMI, lol.



About the Author Kat

To keep it short and simple: I'm twenty-nine years old. Still plenty young, but not as young as I used to be.


  1. Same same. I’m in my mid-20s and I still don’t know what to do with my life. It sucks–the not knowing.

    “I’m also that girl who reads a book once and forgets all about it, lol” — This!!! I hate it when this happens. Although there are books that I’ve only read once and still know by heart. But most of them, meeh ano nga ulit kwento nun? Hahaha

    And am I the only Filipino who actually HATES adobo? LOL


    1. I’m honestly just settling with life haha basta may sweldo and blog on the side (which makes me happy) keri na to. Yung what to do with my life will have to wait. Hahaha! Nabasa ko ung post mo about your job. I’m guessing you staying there is you settling until you know what to do with your life? LOL ASSUMERA SORRY. 😛

      That’s the reason why I post book reviews here. Para maalala talaga kasi ang daming books pero walang maalalang kwento! 🙂


  2. HAHAHA I FEEL THE SAME ABOUT MY JOB! Parang everyone I know who’s working for the company we work for only do it for the money, and if everyone wins the lottery, we’d all be gone in a flash hahaha



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