Why I have a love/hate relationships with influencers

In a previous post, I opened up about falling out of love with social media. I told you that it was because of personal decisions and society’s current standards. Today, I want to talk to you guys about my love/hate relationship with influencers. 

The term influencers aren’t new to you. Chances are, if you have a blog, you may have been influenced by an influencer too. There’s nothing wrong with that. Influencing you to imitate their lifestyle is their main role. What irks me about them are:

  1. Most of them think they are always right. I’ve had a number of encounters with influencers who always think they are right. Their opinions are the only opinions that matter and you are nothing but a mere speck in the online world while they are more than that. They aren’t very open to new ideas and opinions especially if it’s against what they believe in.
  2. Most of them do it for the money. I wanted to be an influencer too. I heard the pay wasn’t that bad and you’d get free stuff. Who wouldn’t want that? But there are some who just do it for the money and lose their true self along the way and end up selling a part of themselves.
  3. They’re all aesthetics. Some claim to be more than just aesthetics but if you look a little closer, you’d see that everything they claim is real, isn’t. Their lives are perfectly curated to only show the good times. They sell you Instagram-worthy things and all you can do is try to be like them.
  4. Some are too opinionated. There’s nothing wrong with this but being open-minded while having a productive (and peaceful) conversation wouldn’t hurt too. I once tried to communicate with an influencer and she attacked me just because I wasn’t siding with her.
  5. Some are twisted. Let’s be honest, we all have to make a living and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with being an influencer and gaining from doing something you love, selling out your followers for a couple of bucks isn’t the right way to go.

This is the age we live in. Brands readily turn to influencers to market their products or services. Everyday, advertisements are being shoved down our throats by our favorite influencers. That’s why we, as regular people, must learn how to filter through the garbage and see the truth in a webworld full of lies. Do watch out for the following signs of a few gems who do influence you to do the right thing every now and then.

  1. They don’t have too many advertisements on their sites. I love reading through the website Zen Habits. Leo does a great job influencing me to focus in on the things that matter all the while still promoting his online courses.
  2. They are real. They have aesthetics to keep up with. They have numbers to worry about. Amidst this, they don’t forget who they are. They don’t filter themselves and still keep it real. I’ve been watching Joan and Eddy for a long time now and they haven’t changed that much. I hope it stays that way. Much like the Travis family too. They share everything – the good and the bad.
  3. They filter what they share. OG influencer, Tricia, is still my all time fave. One of the things I love about her is she doesn’t voice out everything that pops into her head. She focuses on her expertise and carefully curates what she wants her followers to see. I don’t find this negative at all. I follow her because of her fashion style and not because of anything else.
  4. They influence you to be better. They get real down and dirty with their personal stories to teach or share with us a lesson. I recently watched a video from Weylie wherein she talks about body positivity, fuck boys, and relationships. Despite the sponsored videos on her channel, I find this topic to be refreshing because she reminded me that I deserve better, I shouldn’t settle, and she’s just like me.
  5. They do a good job. I love influencers who are good at what they do. They might not post often but when they do it’s quality content whether it’s sponsored or not. Influencers like Sichen and Cassie and Ricci from to ToThe9s rarely post but their editing skills are so good it’ll make up for it. They definitely influence you to up your game.

At the end of the day, there will always be two sides of a coin. It’s all about learning how to sift through all of the content posted daily like this and see if there’s value in it. If it’s really worth a like or a thumbs up.

Any thoughts on influencers? What is your take on this new line of advertisements? I’d like to know your thoughts!


20 thoughts on “Why I have a love/hate relationships with influencers”

  1. I agree. I’ve read/watched that some influencers do it for the money at first but then they regret it after. Have you seen Michelle Phan’s video about it after her being in hiatus for almost a year? PS: I loooove Weylie so much! She’s my favorite Youtuber and one of the realest ones out there. ❤

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    1. I’ve seen it and I wish everybody would see it. I felt sad for her when she lost her way just because people were pressuring her and she got blinded with the money. 😦 It’s even sadder watching her admit all of it! I’m a new subscriber of Weylie. She’s amazing and produces quality content!

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  2. I’m no influence but I’m one of those bloggers who just post whatever is in her head. Mainly because I have too much going on up there that I just need to put them down in writing. Hahaha. But I agree with you when it comes to doing it for the money. A lot of these people have clearly lost their way. What used to be so real and genuine are now filled with bogus and obviously in-it-for-the-money-and-more-free-stuff type of posts. 😦

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    1. I’m the same way, I just type whatever is stuck in my head and share it with the world. If ever free stuff would come my way I wouldn’t stop doing what I do best. It just sucks to see these so called influencers lose their way. 😦 Pero bahala sila, choice nila yun 😛


  3. I have no strong opinion against most influencers, especially the ones who already amassed a large following and therefore get paid to advertise stuff. I understand that they cannot show anymore ‘realness’ because they have to maintain that beautifully curated feed for the brands — after all, that’s what they’re getting paid for. Thank goodness I never dealt with an influencer who’s stuck on their high horse.

    I do wonder sometimes what’s real in their lives and what isn’t. But mostly, I feel jealous because they have such nice photos with consistent color filters. ^_^

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    1. I beg to disagree with you on this. Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean you can’t be real. It will definitely be hard but it’s still possible.

      And let’s be real, there’s no local influencer out there that can be comparable to celebrities. Huwag silang maginarte. Charot humuhugot lang talaga ako dun sa influencer na may masamang experience ako sa Twitter, lol.

      I just mostly feel annoyed with the whole lot lately. The word influence should not be taken lightly. What exactly are they influencing the youth? Most of them have perfectly curated lives, advertising expensive as fuck products, or basically advertising things we don’t need. I just think I’m losing hope for the Filipino youth when you see influencers and celebrities portraying a fake life and forgetting to share the more important lessons in life.

      What do you think? 🙂


      1. I am not disagreeing with your post at all. These so-called ‘influencers’ are indeed a shady influence of values to the youth. What they’re showing are shallow aesthetics that don’t go beyond #feedgoals. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what they are paid for since that’s what product advertising is all about — sell us stuff and make us believe it’s essential. I can understand that concept to some extent, hence I learned not to expect much from them.

        Also, since we’re on the subject, I think you will find this article interesting:
        It’s basically a story of how a guy sort of ‘faked’ his way on IG. It’s quite entertaining to have some influencer tricks revealed. 🙂

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  4. They are such good points. It has definitely crossed my mind at some point or another to be one of those bloggers who blog for money and who promote various products but ultimately it does seem kind of fake at some level which I think for me personally would be hard to do. Sometimes even blogging with a small audience can make me question why I am blogging in the first place and to re-evaluate whether I’m really being true to myself because at one point I remember trying to figure out what kind of post would get the most likes. I love how this post is so real and down to earth!

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    1. I guess it’s a challenge for everyone who blogs. I also find myself sometimes wondering if a post I am writing will be a hit. Just like this post, I was very hesitant to hit the publish button because it goes against everything and somehow ‘attacks’ influencers. 🙂

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  5. Minsan nakakainggit sila pag titingnan mo yung numbers saka yung kinikita nila at iniisip ko kung paano ba nila nagagawa yun (magparami ng numbers) minsan naman walang laman yung content, puro litrato lang nila

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    1. True. Walang substance yung iba or piling pili lang ang shinashare. Mahirap din naman kasi maging super opinionated dahil ang daling ma-bash online ngayon. Parang “ano na bes, yan na yun?” Hahaha.


  6. I personally would never want to become an influencer if it means curating my blog and social media. I mention this in my About page and I’ve also talked about it in some blog posts before, but my blog, my Instagram, my Twitter, and my Facebook are all extensions of who I really am. Everything I talk about in my blog are things that I’m really interested in; everything on my blog is something I would say out loud, something I would say to the faces of other people. Even if the money was good, I absolutely hate the thought of having to curtail my opinions and feelings to the whims of others. Of course, this doesn’t preclude being polite – you still have to be appropriate and courteous, after all! But being polite is one thing. Being utterly fake is another.

    I’m not saying all influencers are fake, of course! As you’ve mentioned, there are those out there that remain true to themselves despite having sponsors and such. But they’re more the exception than the rule, I find. I understand the need for money, of course. Especially if being an influencer is one’s only source of income. But it’s something I myself could never do.

    Thanks for writing this post, Kat, it really gave me a lot to think about!

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    1. *goes to your about page and enjoys it*

      There’s just this thin line when it comes to influencers. It’s so easy to cross it and the next thing you know, you’re an influencer when all you want to do is be a blogger. I just hope these influencers get to realize that what they show online does influence the youth a lot. I just wish to see more substance. 😀


  7. I get what you mean about influencers, but I still think that for some people, it’s their livelihood. and they busted their ass coming up with creative content to gain those followers, so they sure as hell can monetize it. Blogging/curating/staying relevant takes a lot of work! I don’t think it’s for everyone. It just sucks when everything looks like an ad and not be genuine anymore. 🙂

    However, if we’re going to talk about influencers we’ve had bad experiences with. There’s one that I used to really like until I realized how much of a hypocrite she was. She likes to vilify this other blogger but make excuses for another influencer who does the same. LOL

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    1. That is true, everyone has a right to monetize their sites. What really bothers me though is how they do it, especially for those who rely on it as their sole source of income. 😐

      Who is this chick you’re talking about? Why do I feel like it’s the same person I had a bad experience with??


      1. Wait I looked for your twitter & now follow you. How do I DM you hahaha. This girl has medyo aggressive followers, I don’t wanna get cyberbullied lol



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