Why I fell out of love with social media

I don’t exactly know when it started but I just fell out of love with social media. I started looking at myself and hated that I was always on my phone scrolling through endless posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I couldn’t put my phone down. I had to like that post. 

Falling out of love didn’t happen intentionally. It made its way slowly. It made sure it wasn’t a phase I was going to get over so easily. I was scrolling through Facebook and was up to date with a friend’s life. I liked that she was living her life and I was genuinely happy for her. I saw her once. Our eyes met but she didn’t even say hi. I legitimately got sad. I didn’t know how she could not acknowledge me when I know everything about her.

A turning point.

This was when I started reading more into minimalism, mindfulness, and positivity. It opened my mind to a lot of ideas. Most of it is centered on the idea that you only have one life. It’s better to make it count – spend it with the people you love, put down your phone, and reconnect with nature. I started to reevaluate my life and was shocked with what I saw.

I saw someone who was capable of living her life to the fullest but is stuck on social media. I started to declutter my life. I simplified my Facebook friends list. I removed the Facebook app on my phone. I deleted my Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The first few weeks were liberating. It was exhilarating having all this time and telling your friends you don’t have social media. They gasp in awe then return to their phones. They talk behind your back and slowly forget you because you’re not in the in crowd. You’re there but never really there.

I went back on Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Instagram. I felt like I had to have my social life. The happiness it provided the new me didn’t last long, though. Everything felt superficial. I ended up deleting my Instagram account and Facebook app while I only used my Twitter for my blog. It was the compromise I made. Somehow it satiated my need for social media but filtered the rest of the clutter.

There’s more.

Truth is, another reason why I fell out of love for social media because of people. Social media can be the most beautiful thing in the world but it can also be the worst.

In today’s world, it’s all about aesthetics. You have to keep up with what’s new. You have to know and consume. You have to be the center of attention. I didn’t like that. It didn’t align with my principles.There was always drama, fights, issues, and inconveniences that are times so petty you’d wonder why they even care. Those kinds of things don’t have space in my life.

That’s why I took a step back and started doing things my way. 

I didn’t need other people’s affirmation. I didn’t need to be recognized. My Twitter and blog are reflections of who I really am without the worry of having to be liked and accepted by the in crowd.

I looked at things and social media for what they truly are – spur of the moment. The current trend. There’s a much bigger trend I would like to ride and that’s the waves of kindness, simplicity, and open-mindedness.

I don’t like to keep up with the trend. I make it. I hope you do too.


23 thoughts on “Why I fell out of love with social media”

  1. Bravo!

    If there’s one thing to be picked up from cutting off social media entirely, it is this: your online friends do no exactly translate to real-life ones. In real life, I’ve talked to many people I first made a connection via the Internet, and only a few acknowledge me back and convert it to an offline one. The rest? I can tell you it’s not pretty…bunch of cowards, the whole lot of ’em.

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    1. Out of curiosity, you don’t have ANY social media accounts now? I’ve honestly tried but I had to go back to keep updated with my close friends – see what they’re doing, etc.

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      1. I still do, but it’s limited to Facebook and Instagram nowadays. However, there are caveats;

        * Facebook – mainly used to run my blog’s FB page, and it doesn’t have a lot of contacts aside from a handful of colleagues, acquaintances, a few friends, and relatives.

        * Instagram – also used for the blog, following a lot of familiar faces from my past life (but never getting a follow back), I’m considering deleting the entire thing.

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    1. You’ve never even tried? That’s a little crazy since everyone has it but I think you made the right call to not have it, lol.


  2. Making the trend as opposed to keeping up with it: two cheers to that!

    With social media, it’s important to realize that the lives on the media are typically filtered and are akin to a “highlight reel” of sorts. They don’t show the true behind the scenes lives.

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    1. That’s so true but a lot of people forget that. I rarely see any famous Filipino person who shows it as well that’s why I think a lot of *them* are fooled.

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  3. Nice post! I really hate talking to someone while them looking at their phones, and not paying any attention to what I say. Their system have eaten by social media na. haha.

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  4. Kudos to you, gurl!

    I do have Facebook, IG, and Twitter and I must admit that I scroll through Facebook A LOT. But I’m proud to say that when I’m out with friends, I rarely use my phone. And they know that I hate it when they use their phone while with me so we all set aside our “virtual lives” and actually talk to each other. 🙂

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  5. I don’t scroll that much on Facebook & Instagram, and it’s usually only updated whenever I’m traveling (or baking stuff). Haha! I agree that social media is super tiring. Esp because there are people I know personally who has an entirely different social media personality than the one they have in real life. For example, I have this friend who was struggling with her relationship but still posts the 366 happy days with her boyfriend in it, and I WAS THERE that day when they had a screaming match lol

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    1. Hahaha I had this one friend who did the same but apparently, the guy was cheating on her the whole time! I just stay away from it all. I get affected easily from the things I see 😛


  6. I think i’m addicted to social media 😦 i never let an hour pass without scrolling through the holy trinity, i.e., FB, IG and Twitter. But i find Twitter to be the less toxic among the three, and where i’m mostly active these days. I hate social media but at the same time, i cannot pry my hands away from it. Kudos to you for being brave enough to not let it control you!

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    1. Hahaha grabe Odee. Put down your phone! 😛 Twitter is the most toxic, what are you saying! They are so mean and they do it in 140 chars or less. I got my bad experience with an influencer there. But honestly, to each their own. I’ve learned the skill of scrolling and not putting everything to heart. 🙂

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      1. Hahaha ako naman I’m liking Twitter more these days! I find people there less pretentious than the ones on my FB feed. Seriously tho, I really need to stop living my life in the Internet.

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