List, Tips and Tricks

It’s the time of the year when everyone, and I mean everyone, gets a pen and paper and starts making lists. A lot of people make resolutions, yearly bucket lists or even challenges for the year to come. I’m personally not a fan but I did make a 30 Things To Do Before 30 list so I will share my personal experience in making lists and how to stick to it.

1 – Be Realistic

It’s so easy to make lists but let’s be honest with ourselves when writing it. What is your real goal? What do you plan to achieve? Think of these simple questions while making lists. Be sure that they are achievable and that you really want to accomplish this.

2 – Start NOW

After making lists, it’s so easy to forget about it. Put it in post-its or stick on your walls to serve as daily reminders. As for me, goals #5, #7, #12, #15 and #27 are my current mains. This means I am personally exerting a lot of effort to make these dreams come true. I am constantly finding ways to make it a reality. I am starting NOW. 

3 – Do it for YOU

Sometimes when you see other people’s list you look at yours and begin to think “Hey, why didn’t I think of that?” Human nature’s natural tendency is to imitate others. And yes, you might be flattering others but it doesn’t really help you! You have to focus on yourself. After all, you are doing this for you!

4 – Don’t pressure yourself

Seeing a list and looking at it all the time sometimes creates unnecessary pressure on yourself. Always remember that although these are your goals, it won’t be the case forever. What I mean is, things change and so does your goals. What goals we write this January won’t necessary be the same goals you’ll want to achieve by December. Be flexible. Be open to experience and just live!

5 – Get amazing support

No man is an island and it’s always best to be victorious with others. Get yourself an amazing support system that would always be there for you through thick and thin. They can also serve as your inspiration to finish what you have started.

You now have all the tools you need to make the best list ever! Do you have resolutions/bucket lists? I’d love to read them!

Again Happy New Year and have an awesome 2016 ahead of you!


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