Mid Year Thank You’s

Half of the year has already gone by! Time can surely go by quickly that’s why it’s important to take breaks along the way to smell the flowers and be thankful! I’m taking a break from my usual blogging to give thanks for all the things and experiences so far.

2017 is slowly becoming a year of experiences and realizations. Life and time surely are the best teachers. Although I was very hesitant to start the year (with my dad’s passing still fresh), life surely had other plans. It has reminded me that we have to keep going even if it feels like we have to stop. The world will continue to spin with or without you. Go for the ride no matter how much it hurts. I am completely and wholeheartedly thankful for this lesson. The aftereffects of losing someone can be bad but it is still up to us to decide if we will let that affect our life negatively or positively.

I am also thankful for to have the chance to go to Caramoan earlier this year. There are no more awesome travel plans so far because I’m trying to save money. In fact, I had to cancel trips to Cebu and Coron. It sucks but I had to weigh pros and cons – travels or saving money.

I am super thankful for having zero car accidents since I’ve been the family driver. If you’ve ever driven in Metro Manila, you’d know why I am being thankful for this. I am a relatively new driver and driving still scares me but I am so grateful that I have been accident-free! There were some close calls but God is good. ๐Ÿ™‚

This blog continues to be a safe haven for me – a place where I can be myself or try something new. I am thankful for having discovered an outlet that works best for me even if it does take up time and effort. The world can really wear you down so it’s vital that you find an outlet that works well for you. Having said that, I’m also thankful for my blog readers and blog readers turned friends. It’s one thing to have a blog, it’s another to have actual people comment on your posts and have meaningful conversations with. I am still unsure where this blog is headed but I’m liking the journey so far!

My efforts for weight loss shouldn’t also be forgotten. It’s been a tough year so far. The struggle to lose weight and maintain the discipline needed is real! I feel healthier overall thanks to the pounds I’ve shed but the goal is still far from where I am.ย ~*Half cries, half laughs cause I really want to eat all I want again*~

I am eternally grateful that I am at a positive place mentally. With my dad passing last year I can still see the effects of it on my mom and grandmother. As much as I try my best to comfort them, I know they still have issues that need to be sorted out. Don’t get me wrong, I am still not okay but I try. I acknowledge the fact that I’m hurting but I’m also doing my best to make sure that I’m accepting the fact that he’s gone. I still find myself crying and sometimes wishing for him to be back, I think that’s normal but what can I do? He’s gone. T_T

With this, I would also like to be thankful for 2016. It was the year for positivity and minimalism. Both of which are essential to my current mental state. Having learned to filter what I see and just always trying to see the positive in things helps a lot in living in today’s world. If I find something that doesn’t suit well with me I let it go and decide to use my energy for something better. I advise you to do the same too. ๐Ÿ™‚

2017 has been unreal so far. I may not have traveled or done much but life still provides me with experiences and realizations I know I get to keep for the rest of my life. This post is somehow centered on the idea of reminding you, my readers, that there’s more to life. It is important to have amazing memories and experiences but you should never forget the simple things.

Live simply but meaningfully.ย What are you guys thankful for so far?


7 thoughts on “Mid Year Thank You’s”

    1. The other day I thought I was going to hit a motorcycle. It’s crazy here. You should try next time you come haha! It’ll be worth the experience ๐Ÿ˜›

      Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG YES! I live down south and merging from Magallanes Interchange to Ayala sucks big time!!!!!!!!!! Plus the buses T_T

      I still have ten pounds to go, sabi ni Doc, lol. Good luck to us. ๐Ÿ˜€



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